Saturday, July 30, 2011

Creative Friday

We had Creative Friday at Jill's house again yesterday. It's awesome when Eva and Whitney go off to play and we hardly see them for the rest of the day!

It feels almost tragic that now that we're hitting a great C.F. groove, Jill has to go back to work soon. That's just plain wrong if you ask me.

Anyway. I worked on some felt barrettes for Eva and some book page flowers for me.

I may use some of these for gift toppers and I would like to make a wreath out of them as well. But I'll have to make a lot more. A lot.

Jill discovered that these fun size packs contain between 6-8 peanut m&ms. How's that for portion control??

Jill made quite a bit of progress with her correspondence!

I went in to give Eva a warning that we were about to leave and found this game set-up. She told me that they needed about an hour to finish. (I always wish we could stay longer, too.) I'm so happy that they come up with games they both seem to enjoy.

When we were leaving, Whitney presented this bag of Hello Kitty toys for Eva! She was thrilled, of course. (It only served to reinforce her idea that Whitney is her best friend.)

Well. You would think that after years of taking self-portraits together, we would really have our technique down, but then we get one like this. Yikes. (Incidentally, sometimes I wear my hair in a ponytail. I generally think it looks kind of cute when I see it in the mirror, but when I see it in a picture, I am horrified. What the? Maybe I shouldn't be allowed to wear ponytails?)

I'm trying to focus on the positive with Creative Friday. At least we've had quite a few this summer, and we can (hopefully) squeeze in a few more. But I still dread the start of school. Eva will be going to first grade and we could have actually had a block of kid-free time together! So sad.


Jill said...

It really is tragic that you're finally going to have all 3 kids in school but we can't enjoy the quiet together for Creative Friday! I must not dwell on this or I will spiral into the blues...I feel good, I feel great, I feel wonderful.

Anne said...

I love all of your projects. They are darling!

The m&m's that I've seen here (they're rare) are about 4 dollars and somewhere between a fun and original sized. The portion control for me then becomes the ridiculous price tag!!

Oh, and Eva's costume in the previous post is so darling! Costumes have come a long way since I was in ballet!!

Neighbor Jane Payne said...

Those flowers are darling. Will you give us a tutorial? I can't wait to see what you do with them in a wreath.

I think you look great, and I like your pony tail . . . and now you have my two cents on that. I think your self-control on carbs is so admirable and obviously working. said...

Linda coerced me into watching "Mean Girls" in the car on the way to Philadelphia last week. It's a silly movie about high school humor and clicks. The popular crowd, or "plastic girls" have a rule that allows pony tails once a week!

And I hope you're saving a few of those book flowers for me!

Anonymous said...

I love your banner...I love the way Eva is holding those flowers; it brought tears to my eyes, it reminded me of when I used to bring flowers to my mother when I was a little girl.

Charlotte said...

That is a cruel hoax that you're finally getting back into a Creative Friday groove! I guess the most you can do is fully enjoy the Fridays you do have, right?

And I'm dying over those book-page flowers. Dying.

jenn said...

I want to learn how to make those flowers!!!

I told Jill, I've been blog stalking and it's time to get back to commenting.

Feels like forever since I've seen you! That's when I love blogs for keeping us up to date.

I have the same feelings about ponytails. I like it in the mirror, when I can see the hair falling down the back of my head and give it a bit of a swish. But then the photos from head on are never flattering. Lame- because it's all I have time for these days.

Miss you friend!

Erin said...

Love the book page flowers!!! Maybe a tutorial should follow!

Rebekah said...

Dude, what are you going to do with yourself?! Kid-free days! How long, how long this has been coming...

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