Tuesday, July 26, 2011

a little white lie

Eva had her second dance recital in June.

We missed the first day of our Snowbird vacation so she could go to the dance pictures, and the last day of the vacation so she could be at the dress rehearsal. The performances were on Friday and Saturday nights.

Both nights, she got home late and didn't get to bed until close to midnight. She was exhausted, and she didn't understand why they had to have two performances. She felt totally done after Friday night.

On Saturday night, her teacher entered the green room and asked the dancers to raise their hands if they liked recitals.

Eva was very concerned when she recounted this to me on the way home, because she knows it's wrong to lie. (What?!)

Mom: So, you don't like recitals?

Eva: Well, not really.

M: Most people think it's the reward at the end of practicing all year. You don't like being on stage and all the applause from the audience?

E: It's okay.

M: How about playing with the other dancers in the green room?

E: Yeah, that's kind of fun.

M: Do you like wearing a costume and makeup?


M: How about watching the other dancers when you're onstage?

E: I LOVE that. But Mom, I basically only do recitals because it's a step to becoming a "big ballerina" (i.e., en pointe).

M: I see. Well, I don't think you need to worry about telling a lie. There are at least some things you like about dance recitals.

Then I verified that she enjoys going to her weekly class. I certainly don't want her to continue if this is all a waste of time and money! Good grief.

The back of her costume kills me.

Her class got to sit on stage during several numbers and watch the "big ballerinas." She can't get enough of that.

This year's show was called "It's a Seussical Life." The principal dancer in the role of the Cat in the Hat was simply magnetic – I could not take my eyes off of her.

I would love to do a dance like this hip hop one!

These teeny tiny girls are always such a hit. One girl fell out of her flowerpot one night, and never emerged from it the next. So funny.

her tap routine

I am so curious to see if age and practice will help Eva to remember her steps and actually stay with the music. Time will tell!

This number with yoga balls as props was seriously creative and impressive!

Two dancers were inside each giant pair of pants and they did a dance to Pants on the Ground. Eva could not stop giggling about that.

I enjoyed this number with masks and black lights.

her ballet routine

The bottom line: it's a means to an end, but as long as being in a recital involves wearing bright red lipstick, blush, and mascara, she's willing to bite the bullet.


Neighbor Jane Payne said...

So many photos to love in this post! The back of the dress is so darling, you were right. And the green background with the red dress is striking. And it was positively brilliant to have those little girls sit on the stage watching the older ones. And the flower pot scene -- oh how cute.

I do love the way you document.

Neighbor Jane Payne said...

Oh, and the new header! How did I forget that? It's wonderful, too.

Barb said...

She's adorable, and I'm so impressed with your whole dance school!

Jill said...

She looks darling in that costume! The story of her lie is so funny, she's such a thinker.

Nicole said...

I love the back of her costume! And all of the pictures by the door... Those are great!

Denise said...

Your final summation kills me.

jt said...

Oh my gosh! That costume is killer. And so many lovely photos, for sure. I wish I could have attended. Kind of like a local SYTYCD. Which I haven't even watched this season. What?

linda said...

Love the costumes, so cute!I'm with Eva, what is better than getting all dressed up and being the cutest thing ever!

I can recall when Sophia was 5 and telling me she didn't want to go to dance practice one day. I promptly told her that she could either get in the car and go or sit in the garage for the 30 minutes of practice. She simply replied "well can I take this tutu off first?" Needless to say, a dancer she was not!

Tasha said...

She is beautiful! And looks SOOO grown up!

Susan@besusan.com said...

What a doll she is!! Those hats are cuter than cute! And, the costume is adorable...better with her in it!

She looks like she loves it. Lipstick and mascara, tap shoes and a full skirt! Good combo.

I love the video, it's priceless. I wish I could be there...someday when she's on the big stage, I'll be around.

Rebekah said...

She's cute and confident, that is what I love about her! And very focused, apparently!

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