Thursday, June 02, 2011


Eva's birthday was on April 30, and I still haven't posted about it. This is indicative of the state of my life lately – behind.

Eva has been planning a puppy party for her sixth birthday almost since her last birthday. I had some ideas for parties that I thought would be really cute, but she would not be dissuaded, so a puppy party it was! She had some very definite ideas, too, so this event was not as fun for me as it might have been, had I had free reign. Oh well. It's all about the birthday girl.

The picture that she drew for the front of the invitations. That's a fancy poodle (as if you didn't know!).

When the guests arrived, we showed them to their dog bowls filled with puppy chow (Cocoa Puffs). Eva wanted them to eat like dogs, but not all of her friends were willing to comply with that request.

Some did, to her delight.

It totally cracked me up that Eva left the "No Dogs Allowed" sign on the door to the bathroom... er, grooming station. (She made it awhile ago in an attempt to keep Jack out. He pays no attention.)

We used dollar store headbands as collars, and the girls wrote names on their tags. Some wrote their real names, while others selected puppy names.

I used mascara to give them black puppy noses and whiskers, and handed out the felt puppy ear headbands that Eva and I made together (by far the most time-consuming task).

(Puppy Adoption Center, for the uninitiated.) (Also, no smoking, obviously.)

The only puppies we could find at the dollar store. We decided to spin them as obedience school graduates. I had a selection of ribbons for the girls to choose as a leash. I thought it was funny that no one seemed fazed by the fact that they were puppies and they were also adopting puppies...

I put Lucas in charge of making a puppy obstacle course in the yard. He used boxes headed for the recycling, a laundry basket, a jump rope, and our little slide. The girls all loved this activity, and kept going back to get in line and do it again.

We had a barking contest to see who could bark the loudest or the highest. Eight little girls can bark really loudly, and really high. Wow. They loved this, but Eva was plugging her ears.

We baked dog bone sugar cookies, and I gave each girl a ramekin of frosting and a bunch of sprinkles. They loved decorating them, and then they ate them! I can't believe I talked Eva into not having a cake or cupcakes (although I did make her a cake on her actual birthday).

We barked the happy birthday song, which delighted the girls to no end.

For favors, we had bandannas, brightly colored nail polish, tennis balls, and a couple of treats for good measure.

I tried to take a picture of Eva with each of her guests, but then their mothers started arriving to pick them up. Next time I think I'll have more of a photo booth set-up and make it a definite part of the party.

Incidentally, this was the first birthday party we've had where I was the only adult present, and I was totally impressed with how well-behaved the children were!

Eva had a wonderful time, and everything was just as she wanted it.

But now she's talking about having a kitty party, and then an anaconda party! No way.


Neighbor Jane Payne said...

I am blown away with the ideas in this puppy party. Who would have thought you could do so many things around puppies? The puppy chow was plain clever. I wish I had someone to use this idea on.

shannon said... really conquered the challenge! This is another glowing example of how you successfully picked your battle.
When I saw that she chose a puppy party, my mind went blank when I thought of what I might do with that theme.

I cracked up when I read that Eva wanted the kids to eat like dogs, but that not everyone complied. I'm actually still giggling about that! But cocoa puffs are so kibble-ish looking and who WOULD'NT want to knosh on those, even if it meant eating doggy style.

I also had to laugh about the favors...another great idea! And again, how funny that no one noticed that they were puppies adopting puppies...

You've got mad puppy party planning skills, girl!

P.S. Is your window header current? Did it really SNOW recently? Good hell

Susan said...

I guess I am sooo happy that party planning days are over for me...I guess until retirement, at least! After reading yours and Jessie's account, I'm bushed at the thought of it.

Looks like a good time was had by all the breeds who attended!

Jill said...

Speaking of a cold house, we woke up to 64 degrees this morning...brrr!!

Eva's vision for this party is impressive! You're a good sport for allowing the barking contest, that would have been a deal breaker for me.

{natalie} said...

haha jill your comments always crack me up.

the puppy party looked awesome. i love that eva thought of everything she wanted and it worked out. the puppy chow was cute and the pic of the girl face down in the bowl is hilarious.

Claire said...

OK, I could see how you might be against having a kitty party. But who would want to miss out on an anaconda party?!

Kelly said...

The party details are just delightful! I am so impressed with your ability to put Eva's vision into reality. And oh, I really wish Phoebe and Eva could get to know each other! They are so alike in so many ways.

Sorry about the furnace -- both the need for it, and the brokenness of it. That's got to be maddening on both accounts.

patsy said...

Impressive puppy party!
RIght now I am so sick of princess crap everywhere (I don't even have little girls??) that I am thrilled to see another non-princess party! woo hoo!!
I must admit- I don't know if I would have had so much patience!? eating like dogs & barking... I have a niece that acted like a dog (only at home) for a full six months. She was seven. Licking & "walking" on all fours. ya fun times- umm no. Luckily she grew out of that & has two beautiful kids of her own now.


jenn said...

An anaconda party?! She is a unique and interesting girl. I would have to draw the line too, though I know how to make a very long snake cake if you ever give in.

Price Cream Parlor said...

This is one of the best party ideas! I love it!

Charlotte said...

I love how involved Eva wanted to be in the planning! And an anaconda party? No way.

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