Friday, May 20, 2011

school plays, part II

Eva's kindergarten play was on Wednesday night. She has been looking forward to it for ages.

Over the weekend, I decided we had better practice her part, just to make sure that she really knew it, knew her cues, wasn't speaking too quickly, etc. She informed me that it was too embarrassing to practice with me. Okay, then. I suggested Lucas as a script partner. She latched onto that idea and wouldn't practice with anyone else.

Bob and Mim came with us, which made it a bigger deal and more of a celebratory event. Yay, grandparents!

{Eva is the chick on the far left.}

Her class sang this song, which I had never heard before - Read Me a Memory. While I was recording it (with a rather shaky-cam, sorry), I thought it was lovely. But yesterday, Eva's friend Savannah was here playing and they were coloring at the table and singing the song together. Sitting here, just listening, it brought a tear to my eye and a catch in my throat. I think the lyrics are so bittersweet, and the melody is very pretty, too.

Read Me a Memory
Music and Lyrics by Jay Richards

Read me a mem'ry, tell me a tale.
Speak of wondrous adventures,
together we'll sail off to forests enchanted and lands far away.
Fairies and kings, and magical wings,
My heart has wings
When I sit at your knee and you read to me.
Years turn like pages, soon I'll be grown.
Maybe someday I'll read to a child of my own.
Though I may not remember the stories we shared,
I always knew, through time spent with you
That you loved me, too;
For I sat at your knee and you read to me.
Childhood like summer days; dews on the grass
Soon will be yesterdays. Don't let it pass
Til you read me a mem'ry, tell me a tale,
Speak of wondrous adventures.
Together we'll sail off to forests enchanted and lands far away.
Fairies and kings, and magical rings.
My heart has wings!
When I sit at your knee and you read to me.


*Edited to add: yay! I found free printable sheet music! Eva and I have been singing it together, oh rapture.

**Edited to add: Eva decided to play the xylophone along with the piano. Rapture slightly diminishing.

***Edited to add: Eva spent half an hour writing out "music" for her xylophone part. Then when we tried our duet again, she kept crying and telling me to start over because she couldn't keep up with her "music." Rapture gone.


patsy said...

this is absolutely darling!!
Hooray for Eva- she really came through with her lines perfectly.

That song- wow!

Neighbor Jane Payne said...

Oh Michelle, this has got to be one of the funniest posts I've read/heard in a long time.

That play was so darling. I loved Eva starting the congratulatory bow at the end. She knows her star stuff.

I forgot how cute a bunch of kindergarteners are together.

I also thought the song was so sweet. But your commentary at the end made it just the funniest thing ever. Rapture indeed.

Jill said...

It looks like the show was a smashing success, so cute!

The song is definitely one that hurts the heart!

Susan said...

If Grandma Susan cannot be there in person, this is the perfect way to witness it! Please tell Eva I particularly loved her part and feel that she is certainly the star!

I loved the song too, and I loved that I could read the words as they sang. I couldn't help but think how fun it will be for Eva to have this recording when she is your age...and wish I had something like this of you singing "Really Rosie"!

Good work. I love it.

jt said...

Ah, your edits had me laughing out loud so I had to read the whole post to Timm. It is a sweet song and I am going to print the sheet music. It really is sweet, and a good reminder.
Eva didn't look like she was too thrilled with the constant tugging during the play, but she sure read her parts well! Good thing she could practice with Lucas.

Denise said...

I, too, was thinking how fun it will be for Eva to have this recording. We've been watching old family videos lately and it's pretty hilarious.

Sweet song! Even better are your "edited to add" remarks :).

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