Sunday, March 06, 2011

Sunday thoughts

We had a truly wonderful stake conference today.

It started with a talk by an amazing, very young girl, and she was followed by six other great talks. I was wiping away tears through the entire meeting. (Note to self: put a package of tissues in your church bag!)

I can't include all of my notes in one post, so I'm just going to focus on one thing today.

The youth were all invited to stand, wherever they were in the three buildings in our stake, and sing the original song that was written for their handcart trek last summer.

Max was sitting by me, there were two young men immediately behind me, a young woman next to Marc. I loved their voices united in song, and at one point I looked around the room to see who else was singing (we were sitting on the front row).

When I saw all the youth that were standing and singing together, I was so touched. They looked and sounded so strong, and I just knew they were singing their testimonies.

Here is an excerpt from the song:

The storms will come
And sin will rage and enemies deride
Hold on thy way,
Be not afraid,
For God is on thy side.

We are the youth of the great and final days
Armed with truth and a legacy of faith.
And we will rise up and shine the light He gives,
And with the Saints we will testify: He lives, He lives!

The fire of the covenants we make
Burns in our hearts like a flame.
Unwavering, unquenchable, undimmed by the night,
The fire of the covenant burns bright.
We'll keep the fire burning bright.

It was a day not to be missed! How I love that feeling of being spiritually uplifted, and utterly filled.


patsy said...

wow~ what amazing words to the song. I can just imagine the spirit of those youth.

Miranda said...

I thought of you today while I was sitting in church. I thought about how cool it is that you write down your thoughts from church and how frequently I forget the wonderful lessons we have as soon as I walk out the door. So, you've inspired me. I'm taking a notebook with me to church from now on. Especially right now while I get to go to RS AND Sunday school sans kids!

Susan said...

I can imagine your feelings and feel touched with the report. I wish I could have been there. I'm really looking forward to going to Womens Conference to feel as uplifted.

I loved the report.

jt said...

Your ward seems to be exceptional- would you agree? Who wrote the song? Max is getting disturbingly old, and I'm sure you would agree.

Neighbor Jane Payne said...

That song is a rally cry! That would have been a powerful moment for me as well. I'm so glad you had such a great day.

Melinda said...

Music always touches me the most so I am sure I would have been a crying mess. Its sounds awesome.

Tasha said...

Wonderful post!

I know, mean girls in kindy, it breaks my heart. Evie has a frenemie who will often tell her that her clothes are ugly...For the love...

I love your new header!

Diane said...

It was a wonderful meeting and I took copious notes. I always feel so blessed to be where I am and for the inspired leadership that we have. I loved President Judd's prayers for diversity! COuldn't make Saturday's meeting would yoube willing to share your notes?

Jill said...

I would be a huge mess if I didn't have tissue with me at church! I currently have 3 mini packages in my church bag because every week I put more in.

How cool to hear Max and those other youth sing that song!

Denise said...

You can always count on me to have tissues in my church bag--it's a necessity, not just for weepy moments, but for kids who suffer with allergies.

What a great meeting! We had our Stake Conference today and I especially enjoyed our Stake President's closing remarks. I'm thinking of doing a Sunday Thoughts post myself.

Rebekah said...

A strong youth program must be such a blessing to your ward. The youth are capable of so much faith and determination.

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