Tuesday, February 22, 2011


We woke up to snow on Sunday and it snowed the whole time we were in church. Eva went right out to make a snowman after we got home. (On Monday it got sunny and the snowman started to melt. She said he was fainting.)

Michelle and her girls came to spend the night on Sunday since Monday was a school holiday. We made pizzas and played games. I had a batch of sugar cookie dough in the fridge, and the girls were eager bakers.

They let Eva help, too. Making rolled cookies is one of her favorite things in life, and it's a project that I don't tackle all that often. It cracked me up that they made stars, dinosaurs, elephants, crocodiles, feet, dogs, fleur de lys... you don't have to stick to a theme when you make them just because!

Marc and Max had an impromptu duet session on Sunday night (their first). It was fun to see them get so excited about a piece of music that they had to try it right away, sight reading on both counts.

Michelle brought two new word games to try, Zip It and Appletters. Max kicked butt at Zip It and is currently undefeated. (Lucas has sworn never to play with him again.) Appletters is a game for many players, and even Eva played with a little help.

I was somewhat limited by these letters. (Aren't these tiles pleasing? I love the red, and I love the way they feel.)

We had leftover frosting from our cookies, so I made graham cracker cookies. I'm not sure, but I might love these even more than sugar cookies...

The Denneys went home in the afternoon, but we continued celebrating and had take-out for dinner and more games for family night! A long weekend of fun was just what I needed.


Charlotte said...

What a fun holiday weekend! I love snow and wish we'd have more of it up here in the Northwest. And yes, graham cracker cookies are oh so delicious. I might like them better than real sugar cookies too!

And I always loved running through duet pieces with Emily. I love seeing Marc and Max do the same!

Neighbor Jane Payne said...

I think those tiles are beautiful, too.

Of course! A fainting snowman. Why have we never seen it that way?

What fun to have a real concert in your house. Did you hum along?

shannon said...

what are fleur de lys?

that orange rolling pin is very pleasing!

the game weekend sounds like fun...I wish we were more of a game family, but sadly, we just don't make the time for it...plus, Ellie is pretty annoying, so if we have tried to attempt to play something, it usually ends in yelling.

jt said...

Shannon's comment about Ellie is cracking me up. I hear ya.
I am jealous of all the gaming and baking and wish I were there too.
And now *both* of Michelle's girls look so old! It really has been a long time since I saw them, I guess.
Add me to the ranks you love the graham cracker cookies the best, and you are torturing me because I am on day 4 of no sugar. ZERO.
love the tiles.

Susan said...

Count me and Dad in on the graham cracker cookie love as well...I should make some soon!

I don't believe I have ever heard or seen Marc playing the piano, in fact, I'm not sure I even knew he played! Max looks too old, and Eva's hair is sooooo long! I love it.
Oh, is that about the former post? Well, it is 12:30am or maybe a little later...

Jill said...

I don't think we had enough snow for a snowman on Sunday, weird.

It looks like you all had a good time with Michelle and the girls, it must be fun to have more females in the house.

I've never heard of either of those games.

I'm shocked about your statement of liking graham cracker cookies MORE than sugar cookies, whoa.

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