Sunday, January 30, 2011

Sunday thoughts

My Sunday thoughts today have to do with two things that I have been thinking about/wanting to do for some time, but only finally began during the last week or so.

1. At last year's Women's Conference at BYU, Sister Beck challenged us to buy a new copy of the Book of Mormon and write these questions in the front:

Shortly after the conference, I bought the new copy, but that's as far as it went. It's been sitting in the basket of books under my side table, mocking me. This week, I finally got it out and wrote in the front. I started reading the book anew, with a pretty little notebook at hand (thanks, Patsy!).

The first night of reading, I didn't get past the first verse! I was looking up cross-references and writing in my notebook. This is a new way of studying the scriptures for me (I'm normally more of just a reader, I guess), and I am already finding answers and being blessed by following her counsel. Why did I wait so long?

2. I have committed to going to the temple once a month this year. On Wednesday, I realized that the month was fast coming to a close, and that Friday would be the only day I would have to keep my commitment.

Last year when Eva was in preschool, I went to the temple one day and was quite late picking her up, so I have been hesitant to try again now that she is in kindergarten. I changed into my Sunday clothes so that I could drive to the Provo temple as soon as I dropped her off at school. I followed a huge group of missionaries from the MTC into the temple, and just seeing them all and hearing the elders sing a hymn as they walked totally lifted my spirits.

I went in and discovered that a session was starting in 20 minutes, perfect timing! When I later left the temple and drove back to the school for afternoon pick-up, I pulled into the parking lot exactly at 3:30, when school gets out. I had just enough time, to the minute! This is a very happy discovery.

This week definitely had its challenges, but it was a good week as well. I know that I am blessed and strengthened when I focus on what is truly essential.


Jill said...

I'm so excited that your temple outing worked out so well for you so that you can do this monthly without major stress, what a blessing!

Kudos to you for taking Sister Beck's advice and starting to study the scriptures that way.

When I am really focused spiritually I feel like everything is possible and like that is all I should ever be focusing on. But when my focus shifts away from it to more natural-man type tendencies everything feels overwhelming...clearly I know where my focus should be!

Amy said...

Good for you! Don't forget about initiatories--in and out of the temple in an hour! Great for those days when you want to serve and only have a little time. I love initiatories (and not just because they're fast)! They are so personal and lovely.

patsy said...

This is just the inspiration i needed to start a new week!

I love it!
and I love that you are using the notebook I sent you--

Marie said...

I was going to suggest initiatory for days when you are short on time. I do initiatory with my grandma twice a month and I love it!

Neighbor Jane Payne said...

What fun to follow a singing band of missionaries into the temple. Their enthusiasm, desire, and energy can't be beat.

jt said...

I am jealous (in a good way, I think) of your proximity to the temple. I haven't been to ours since we moved here because there are so many hurdles! I have a goal for this summer though.

Charlotte said...

I think that idea of reading the BoM in such a specific context is a wonderful idea. I did that a couple years ago but reading it in conjunction with my patriarchal blessing. Josh and I try to go to the temple once a month as well. I want to really take advantage of the kid-less time we have to regularly attend the temple.

It really is amazing how focusing on the essential enables us to accomplish so much else.

Susan said...

My heart sings in having a righteous daughter. I love you.

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