Tuesday, November 02, 2010

the end of an era

Last week, we had our last official (weekly) Creative Friday. We will have Creative Friday again, it will just have to be on school holidays and during the summer.

I'm not sure exactly how long we've had this tradition, but it's been a loooong time. We started when Landon was a baby and I was pregnant with Lucas. Jill would bring her baby swing over to try and buy some more uninterrupted time. We had some lapses, especially during the Eagle Mountain years, but there were many, many Fridays when baby Whitney was toddling around as we worked. (I seem to remember her entertaining herself well even then.)

We continued throughout my pregnancy with Eva and after she was born. I put her in the swing, and wore her in a front pack. We always had children with us, and we did whatever we could to keep them entertained so we could create, share ideas, eat, and just talk about everything under the sun.

We started out scrapbooking, stamping, and making cards. Our projects have changed over the years. We've made gifts of all sorts, shadow boxes, composition books, Christmas ornaments, and gift tags. We still make cards (especially Jill).

Last week she pulled out some of these adorable baby cards she had made way back when. We both had a pang, remembering those days. These ones are almost too cute to use.

These days, it's mostly photo or computer-generated cards, for ease and speed. She's got a lot of correspondence to keep up with!

I'm not sure how my week will ever feel complete when I don't spend a chunk of time looking at this.

Or this. (Here, Jill is showing me her white man dance moves. I think.) Every week, she made me laugh.

Or this. I never think to stop and get myself a drink from Sonic! Such a treat.

Or seeing this at the end of a satisfying, productive day.

It seemed like every week I would end up feeling like Creative Friday came not a moment too soon, like I really needed it this time. Every time. I loved having that to look forward to every week. I loved that we would have it on a different day if Friday had conflicts. I loved that it was important, and seemed necessary, to both of us.

I'm just not sure what I'm going to do with my Fridays now. I don't think I can bear to sit at my kitchen table and work on a project. It wouldn't be the same.

No more weekly self-portraits, I guess, which comes as kind of a relief, but I will also miss that ongoing documentation of our friendship.

We did one with fake crying, but I look ridiculous. Apparently I can't do fake crying. Jill does it well. But the real tears came as Jill pulled away, and I realized that that was it.

(I think I had been in denial about it being the last time. I served her leftover chili on a baked potato! I should have made an awesome lunch.)

It really does feel like the end of an era. A really great one.


Charlotte said...

I'm this close to tearing up myself. The end of this era makes my heart ache more than a little for you and Jill.

However, I do know that you and Jill will find new and more ways to nurture your friendship. You both are so good at such things.

patsy said...

I don't even know what to say...

there are a lot Fridays off of school- I think- I hope those days can be creative days together.


Susan said...

Not surprised at the bronchitis.

I think everyone will miss the creative Friday accounting-s and inspiration...sad, sad, sad, Very sad. So sad. SAD!

Goodbye, Creative Fridays.

Miranda said...

What? No! Why? I'm crying.

jenn said...

How did I not know the Jill wears two silver bands until the photo with her red coat? I seriously wondered whose hands those were until I scrolled down to see Jill in the same coat. You think you know a person...

I feel devastated for you both. I know you will find new ways to maintain and strengthen your friendship, but the consistency of Creative Friday will be a terrible loss. I'm sorry.

everything pink! said...

your creative fridays have been so fun for all of us.
we will miss them to.

Ashley said...

THis makes me want to cry too. I hate ends of eras. Hopefully this will just be a shift or a blip and Creative Friday can re-emerge in some form. You and Jill are the model of true friendship.

Jill said...

I haven't been able to post about this yet, and of course you did it so much better than the draft I have going.

My "dance moves" look like I'm trying to go to the bathroom! Specifically I was recreating John Candy's moves from Uncle Buck thank you very much.

Robyn said...

This is so sad! Can't you guys add a late night somewhere to get your creative time in? Surely it doesn't have to be completely shut down, does it?

Claudissima said...

I think you should pack up your bags and go to lunch with Jill once a week. This is truly something spectacular for friendships. I've been doing it for years, with Esther...and when we get together more HOURS is just glorious....it will be nice just to talk and cheer each other up!

Petey said...

I'm sorry. :(

Denise said...

This makes me sad! I feel Jill's pain at having to return to work when there are so many other things she/I would rather be doing. Your Creative Fridays have been an inspiration to us all.

Rebekah said...

I keep telling myself that it's an evolution, not an end.

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