Monday, November 01, 2010

costume parade

Max decided to be Octomom for Halloween this year. He borrowed a front pack and some dolls, and we bought some more at Savers.

This is Max's reaction at seeing himself in makeup and a wig. Mine was similar. It was so weird putting lipstick, eyeliner, and mascara on my son. (Also, what is the deal with boys having super long, curly eyelashes that any girl would envy? Sheesh.)

Close-up of the creepiest clown doll!

Lucas was Justin Bieber, "because what's creepier than that?" I have to agree. We found his gold lamé and purple iridescent shirts at Savers as well. I guess they really are our Halloween headquarters. I was disappointed that he couldn't find his big dollar sign ring that he got one time at Nickel City...

I straightened his hair, and lots of people thought he was wearing a wig! He likes it that way. He kept flipping his hair in the Bieber trademark fashion. (Incidentally, he won the best costume contest in his class.)

Not surprisingly, Eva went as a princess. Would you believe I bought this dress when she was a baby? I got it at T.J.Maxx because it was so detailed and beautiful, and I just knew it would make the perfect costume someday. We were both thrilled that she finally fits into it. (She didn't even mind having to wear a t-shirt underneath.)

She had very definite ideas about how her hair had to be. She was very excited to be able to wear blush and lipstick.

And, of course, her dress up gloves as "the finishing touch".

It was raining really hard on Saturday evening, and Eva insisted that a raincoat or umbrella would simply ruin her princess persona. Happily, the rain stopped just before Marc took the two younger kids trick-or-treating. (Max went to a party.) After Marc brought Eva home, Lucas went back out with some friends. This was the first Halloween where Marc and I were waiting for our kids to come home. We watched a scary movie after Eva was in bed. Good times.


jenn said...

We waited on kids too. I quite liked the arrangement.

What is it with teenage boys wanting to be women?!

Lucas totally has the hair to be Beiber. Bet the girls went crazy!

Marie said...

OH . MY . GOSH!! That is hysterical! Max & Lucas! Holy Cow! Eva was just beautiful!

patsy said...

the octo mom has never been scarier to me!! eeeK!!

great great costumes!

Price Cream Parlor said...

Seriously - your boys costumes were the best! So clever! I was totally taken back at first when I saw your little with that wig and lipstick! HA!

Eva is a princess! Love the dress (and the way she is holding her hands!)

Rebekah said...

{Shive}...I can't look Octomom in the eyes! Talk about scary. Well done, Max (and mom the makeup artist).

I was hoping, for you, that Lucas's stint as Justin Bieber might turn him off of the long, shaggy hair style. Sigh, oh well!

Michelle said...

Max's costume is incredibly frightening. Ditto for Lucas's. Eva's dress is fabulous. What a find!!

Jill said...

Max's costumes consistently freak me out! I'm still not over the time he dressed up as a monk, and I can tell there will be scarring from this year's choice as well!

The kids thought it was hilarious when I told them that Lucas chose to be Justin Bieber "because what's scarier than that?" But after seeing him I think he likes it! Please tell me he's not asking you to straighten his hair on a daily basis!

Eva looks beautiful! How fun that she finally got to wear the costume you bought oh so long ago.

Charlotte said...

Max's costume really creeps me out.

Lucas's really makes me laugh.

And Eva's really makes me smile.

Love it! And no, to bronchitis!

Bugg's mama said...

hahahahahaaa! Oh, my goodness, Octomom is so funny!

Love, Bree

Susan said...

Dad asked me in a strange manner last night if I had checked your blog! I said, "no,I just don't have time, what is it?" He wouldn't say, only that I needed to check it for myself! I guess he was a little taken back.

Max truly does creep me out like that! But so funny....

Lucas looks way too cool.

Eva, perfectly princess-prone. Perfect.

Good work, mom. Nice night at home too.

everything pink! said...

ok seriously who makes a clown doll!! that is just freaky.

Way to go on the costumes. So great and that dress from TJ Maxx - what! it is fabulous!!!

Claudissima said...

sooooo creative! always a fine surprise and controversial for sure. I just love love love the last picture with her hands crossed and sooo oh lady like! Lucas looks pretty cool! and Max, well, very creative! for sure!

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