Friday, October 01, 2010

five for Friday

1. It's so weird to think that we were living in Paris this time last year. It keeps coming up, every time I do something that I didn't do last year because we were gone. Starting school, school pictures, book fair, fall yard work, picking grapes and making juice, putting up Halloween decorations – all things we didn't do last fall, and somehow it all seems fresh. I enjoy that.

2. I've been having fun doing Eva's hair for school. If she had her way, she would wear it long and loose every day, but somehow I convinced her that we need to fix it for school. (Victory!) But the first thing she does when she comes home is to rip it all out. Weirdo.

3. We heard what sounded like a woodpecker in our tree, but when we tracked him down, it was this guy here. Now I'll be the first to admit that I don't know my birds, but this looks like a bluejay to me... Is he having an identity crisis? Or am I way off base?

4. The other day, Eva asked what the white thing was under the couch. I told her it is my portable crafts table. I guess it's been a long time since I used it, because she didn't recognize it. She immediately wanted to use it to work on a project while watching a movie. But not just any project. A project she'd never done before. Hmmm. I finally found some plastic beads and she got to work stringing them. She made 3 necklaces and a bracelet!

It was such a success, I think I may have to come up with some new projects!

5. I am so excited for General Conference this weekend, even more so than usual, because I haven't been able to watch the whole thing since April 2009! We will be hanging out at home in our jammies, eating good food, making homemade donuts, taking notes, knitting (me), drawing (Eva), and just soaking it all in. (This week has been so busy that I haven't put together baskets for my kids or anything to take to my visiting teachees! I know what I'm doing today. You can print out Conference packets for different ages here.)


Charlotte said...

I love Eva's hair like that.

I love Conference.

And I can't believe Eva is learning to read. I mean, awesome.

Jill said...

Oh that first photo gave me such a pang! I have been thinking about Paris all week because I was in a frenzy of money stress (what's new?) and preparations to come visit you at this time last year. I'd like to think it was enough that I got to visit you there twice, but it isn't, I want to be there now!

Oh Eva's hair looks so cute like that, I'm so glad you convinced her she needs it done for school!

I don't know my birds either.

Score on a time-consuming project for Eva...hopefully it isn't one that needs much help from you.

I'm excited for Conference weekend too!

Hannah said...

I have made the same deal with Mya and her hair for school. So far so good!

My girls could do beads for hours...I LOVE IT!

Yay for new readers! It still shocks me sometimes to hear how they just get it and then they are on their way!

Susan said...

I love Eva's hair too!

I was just missing Paris myself, as I read my 2009 event list, which announced my trip to be followed on my blog...*sigh*

That looks like a blue jay , except I'm not sure that I can see the crest...what else would it be. I think they're noisy, was it?

I too, am looking forward to a cozy conference day on Sunday. I have to work on Saturday. I'll be watching for your recap!

Anonymous said...

The bird is a scrub jay. We get them in Centerville and they make a racket. If you leave peanuts-in-the-shell out you will be a hit - they love them.
This is Brett, Patsy's husband. I enjoy your photos, etc.

Claudissima said...

wow, that little thing can make a racket? wow. I love love love that fall photo...I am glad to hear you can enjoy regular things with a new freshness, that is always good to be renewed I think that is what travel magic does. I love her hair, so cute. This year for the first time, we will have to be out on Sat, soccer games and stuff, but look forward to Sunday's and watching saturday off the internet (at night).

Kelly said...

I'm glad you're enjoying your autumn rituals and traditions! It's always nice to kind of have a refreshed gratitude for the everyday.

I love Eva's hair! I might have to try that with Phoebe, although her curl gives her the illusion of volume, but her hair is actually quite thin. I'm not sure it would look as cute as Eva's.

I'll also have to try beading with Phoebe. She loves to do fuse beads, and will spend hours putting all those little beads on the pegs. I find ironing them really annoying, but well worth having her occupied happily for that long!

jenn said...

I'm playing catch-up after my trip and blogger is seriously making that difficult by not posting my comments when I try. That leaves me with one comment for many wonderful posts and a hope that I won't have to retype it again!!

The peaches are so delicious looking!
The scope of the your fall festival blows my mind.
I wish I could embrace the role of chauffeur, but I haven't yet.
I hope conference weekend was delightful- I can't wait to download the sessions!
I don't understand people who don't like cake.

Melinda said...

Jewelery making for kids is the best. My girls love doing it.

That picture of Paris is so beautiful.

Rebekah said...

A man commenter! Huzzah!

Why can't all cities be as thoughtfully planned and created and Paris? The photo of that park makes me swoon.

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