Monday, October 04, 2010

Conference weekend bliss

(Yep. I totally copied Jill's post title. It's just too perfect.)

After two times in a row of not being able to watch Conference, I was so very excited for last weekend. Not only were we able to watch every session as a family, but we didn't have to go anywhere! No other plans. Just Conference weekend bliss.

On Friday night, I made the raspberry rolls from the recipe that Jill posted. I took some to visiting teachees, and kept the rest for us. They were good, but a tad underbaked. I found the hot pink filling (caused by my homemade raspberry jam) to be quite humorous.

Eva helped me assemble the conference baskets on Saturday morning. For some reason, the kids are excited about using their Easter baskets. Who am I to question? I'll do whatever it takes to make Conference weekend something to look forward to. My goal is that one day they'll be as excited about it as I am.

The kids all worked on their Conference packets, taking notes and drawing pictures.

Emily and I took notes.

(and knitted)

Marc is not a note-taker, just a listener. I just love it when we're all together, laughing at the jokes, commenting on the hymn arrangements, asking the others if we've missed something, and expressing surprise over things we hadn't known, or agreeing on really good statements.

Jill, Lori, and Whitney came over to join us for donut night. (We have a family tradition of making donuts while the men are at the priesthood session.) The dough wasn't rising as fast as I expected, but they didn't seem to mind just hanging out and chatting.

Lucas and Whitney talked and played video games.

Eva helped me roll and cut out the donuts.

I was the fryer and Emily was the glazer. We tried a chocolate glaze for the first time, but Marc shocked me by shunning the chocolate, even going so far as to call it an abomination! I thought it was pretty good, but had to agree that the plain glazed was the clear winner.

Marc and Max told us some of the highlights (they both really loved President Uchtdorf's talk). Marc was typing in a favorite quote as his Facebook status as soon as he got home.

It's good to have extra people around to help eat the donuts.

This little aberration was a donut hole that stuck to the cookie sheet. I fried it anyway, just for fun, and decided that it looks like Ming Ming from The Wonder Pets. Emily thought it looked like a penguin. What do you see?

We played Bananagrams after Eva went to bed. Good times.

Sunday was more of the same, with donuts for breakfast and relaxing in our jammies.

Lucas and Eva got out the Legos on Sunday and did a pretty good job of playing quietly and whispering. I noticed that Lucas was still reacting to the talks, so he was still listening, at least somewhat.

There was one part of the weekend that was not blissful. During the Sunday morning session, I suddenly realized that I had promised to make a birthday cake for one of the young women in our ward. Her birthday was on Friday! I was mortified, and I just felt horrible. I don't know how I managed to forget, as it never entered my mind even once.

As soon as Conference was over, I called her to apologize and offered to make the cake immediately. So, stomach churning, I spent the in-between hours baking and caking a birthday cake. I finished frosting it just as the afternoon session was starting, so I decided to hold off on delivery.

We ate popcorn and m&ms for lunch!

When Conference ended, I went on my walk of shame to take the cake over. Boy did I ever feel humble! I still can't believe I forgot. I asked their forgiveness and hope we can still be friends.

On Sunday night I made this delectable dinner. Try it!

I'll have to post my notes when I have more time to type them in. Did you have a blissful weekend as well?


Miranda said...

Wow. I love the conference is such an event! My doughnuts were...not awesome. Oh well. Maybe in April.

Denise said...

My weekend was blissful, as well. I made major wedding sewing progress while watching Conference with the family. I love it that Emily can be part of a family for Conference weekend!

A "walk of shame" indeed! I hate it when that happens.

Denise said...

P.S.: Your donuts look wonderful! Ours turned out really well, too. I've known for a long time that plain glazed can't be beat!

Charlotte said...

It was a blissful weekend for me as well! And seeing Emily's stupid Santa Claus socks made me homesick for her.

I didn't even try to make donuts. Perhaps in October I'll have the guts. (Plus, I don't have a KitchenAid and neither does my MIL.)

Your weekend sounds perfectly delightful!

Neighbor Jane Payne said...

What a great weekend Michelle. It's so fun to read about your day to day happenings. I appreciate you keeping such a detailed blog. Thank you.

Walk of shame. I'll remember that phrase. I hate it when I let people down, too.

Now spelling in code now. Eva will be able to decipher everything soon. That's the only part about the kids reading that made me sad.

Jill said...

The hot pinkness of the raspberry filling is quite funny; mine turned out almost lavender after being cooked...weird.

That's funny that the kids wanted their conference stuff in baskets. I've been surprised by how excited my kids are just to get a Conference packet to work on. I was surprised by how much Whitney listened to even though she was busy coloring or playing Legos, but she definitely listened.

Thanks for letting Lori and I be part of donut night!

I am so sorry about your walk of shame! It is so incredibly disconcerting to forget something big like that, and it's hard to shake it off. Next time an obligation like that comes up perhaps big signs around the kitchen may be helpful. Hee.

jenn said...

I always hope for a conference weekend like this, but even when I'm in town- it doesn't really happen. I still love conference and look forward to listening to it when I get caught up on laundry!

Charlotte said...

Um, I meant April.

melanie said...

I must watch too much Nick Jr also because I definitely see Ming Ming in the doughnut.

I've forgotten so much this past month it's crazy. I've taken many a walk of shame.

I loved Larry Lawrence's talk.

Dana said...

The flatbread recipe looks DIVINE! I bet pomegranates on top would add a special crunch and sweetness! ;)

emily said...

I loved loved loved last weekend. It was true bliss. I loved spending it with you and your family! I even started enjoying Jack! Who knew?

Rebekah said...

This may sound weird, but I have always loved the way the dough for these donuts looks. One day, one day...

That is my favorite pen! It writes like a dream.

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