Saturday, October 30, 2010

Charlotte's wedding!

Last weekend, I was able to go to Denver for Charlotte's wedding. It was a most enjoyable, happy, emotional time.

Shortly after my plane got in, we went to the temple to go with Charlotte as she took out her endowment. It has been a long time since I had attended a session like that, and I was a bit taken aback by how meaningful it was to me. The crying had started not two hours after my plane landed! Being in the temple with loved ones is a wonderful experience.

The adorable gift basket that Denise left for me in my room!

Denise, whipping her hand around in the sign meaning, "Wedding week! Don't ask me to do anything else."

On Thursday night, we had a dinner catered by Senor Burrito, a local Mexican restaurant loved by us all. Good call.

As we drove to the temple on Friday morning, it started to rain. As the wedding photographer, I was in distress. Fortunately, it stopped before we went outside for photos!

There was an empty chair next to my grandpa in the sealing room. He later told me that he knew Grandma was there sitting beside him. More tears.

Bouquets for the bridesmaids. My mom did all the flowers – she has such a way. For the life of me, I can't figure out how she has such a magic touch with so many things.

The happy couple emerges!

Charlotte with her immediate family. (Denise made all of the dresses except for the bridal gown. She is a wonder.)

Charlotte with her sisters Sarah and Emily and best friend Rachelle, who stepped into the Sneelock role during wedding week.

Charlotte with her two new darling sisters-in-law, Estee and Nicole.

Denise and Mom, examples of sisters who love and support each other in everything they do. (Denise also made Mom's skirt!)

Check out Charlotte's fabulous shoes!

I just love how happy Charlotte looks.

It was a real challenge to get photos without cars, houses, stop signs, etc. in the background, but we got a few.

After the temple festivities, we all went back to Denise's house for lunch.

provisions for the crowd

And after lunch, it was time to decorate the reception hall! It took a lot of man-hours – good thing there were so many on hand to help!

Mom made about 20 different centerpieces. I've never seen floral arrangements that I like better than hers.

my darling parents

Charlotte and Josh had their own table. Charlotte tucked a napkin in her dress, because, "There's no way I'm getting barbecue on this!"

Possibly the most beautiful wedding cake ever. Definitely wins my vote for best cake topper!

Sign in area with the cutest book that Jessie made. Seriously, a guest book with photos and the story of their courtship in their words – brilliant. A guest book that they will actually want to look at again and again!

Cutting and feeding each other the first piece of cake.

Miranda and Nate with Z-cakes. I love that girl! (Miranda, as well.)

When Charlotte and Josh left, I felt stunned for those left behind. As the oldest child, I was never really in that situation. John, Sarah, Emily, and her parents are feeling the loss keenly. Of course, they are incredibly happy for her, but also realizing that she's not their little girl anymore. She'll never live at home again. At that moment, as well as in the temple, I found myself wondering how it would be to be the mother of the bride or groom. I'm so not ready for that!

Funny side note: when Charlotte was modeling her going away dress for Emily, John asked what that was for. Emily whispered to him that it was Charlotte's "sex dress," to his mortification. Hilarious.

Just a few of the hundreds of tea lights providing ambience.

another of Mom's vignettes (incidentally, she brought all of the glassware and candles with her on the plane!)

As things started to wind down, Denise and Mark took a few turns around the dance floor. Here, she models the twirl factor of her stunning dress. Impressive!

Mom's princess shoes. I'm sure Eva will be painfully jealous.

Mark danced with Sarah as well, which I found adorable.

Josh's cute family came back later to help take all the decorations down, so nice. I think Charlotte scored big-time with her in-laws!

On Saturday, we washed all of the glassware for shipping back to Pennsylvania and my dad packed it up (a nasty job).

I had really wanted to visit my grandma's grave, and my dad suggested we take Charlotte's bouquet to place there. We all wondered why we hadn't thought of it!

Charlotte's flowers on her namesake's grave. It was really the perfect way to end wedding week.

Since the newlyweds had already departed for their honeymoon cruise, we opened their presents for them. Did you know that Bed, Bath & Beyond will take the gifts you received from their store, re-stock them, and assemble the whole lot at the store nearest your home? Brilliant.

Mom's fingers sustained some damage from all the floral work. They were cut up, swollen, and pulsing with pain. I hope that neosporin did the trick, because she was going right back home to set up all of the Christmas decorations in her store!

It was so fun to be a part of the celebrations. I'm so happy for Charlotte & Josh, and wish them every happiness in their new life together!


Natasha said...


Jill said...

It looks like you did a fabulous job with the photos! Everything turned out so beautifully! Your mom is a wonder! I can't imagine having to pack and transport all of that glass across the country like that or do all those flowers! What a gift she gave Denise and Charlotte! (I'm using a lot of exclamation points here.)

I love how teary and happy Charlotte looks in these photos.

These new guest books are painfully awesome to me. What a great idea and keepsake.

Denise's dress is fantastic, great twirl factor! And your mom's shoes are sparklicious!

The photo of your mom's bandaged hands speaks volumes!

Marie said...

Jill has said everything I wanted to say!

jenn said...

Beautiful post Michelle.

The photos. The dresses. The flowers. The jewelry. The smiles. The monogram. The dancing. The colors. The lighting. The bouquet on the grave... what an amazing weekend!

Thank you for sharing it with us.

DeeAnn said...

What a lovely post Michelle. I love the Wood family so much! Denise did my bridal shower and it was just as beautiful. I think everything she and your mom do turns to gold.

As I look at your photos I see that you have inherited that magic touch too!

Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful pics! Your mom is so talented. Loved the flowers.

Rebekah said...

You did a wonderful job as the wedding photographer, and your mother went to her normal extraordinary lengths and it paid off in spades. Everything is so beautiful!

Leaving Charlotte's gorgeous bouquet on your grandmother's grave was a wonderful touch.

Neighbor Jane Payne said...

You always teach me that it is in the details. I just love each detail you shared with us.

Your dad was brilliant to suggest the flowers on your grandma's grave. That picture is incredible. They all are. Your family has such talent.

Price Cream Parlor said...

Oh, I hope you are feeling better! That is horrible!!!

Michelle - these photos are stunning! What a wonderful family you have! I loved the color theme of the wedding, all the details...the photo of the flowers at your Grandmother's grave made me tear up! That is SO special to do that!

How luck you are to have such an amazing, loving family!

crystal said...

No words.

Well--just a few. I'll be back to comment in detail. There are just TOO many things to take note of & compliment upon!

I will say, however, that the drinks table made my heart go pitter-pat. You know why :)

Ashley said...

Michelle your family is so, so incredible! You have such fantastic style and talents and are so willing to give them to each other. This looks like the most beautiful wedding. Your mom did such a gorgeous job with the flowers. I love that she brought all that glass on the plane--what a truly devoted sister and aunt! Love the bouquet on your grandma's grave--that is so touching and just perfect. This post made me want to be part of your family.

m.estelle said...

the photos are fantastic! i'm sure speak for the whole wilson/snow clan when i say that our time in denver with charlotte's family was fabulous!
(the only thing that could have made it better was an original number from eva...)


Claudissima said...

ohhhhhh MY what a beautiful event. I was taken aback by the flowers on your grandmothers, what a fine mum left my bouquet in the truck of a rental car......argh....sooo beautiful, the empty chair in the temple....not soo empty! and how happy she looks and the picture of your mom and sister....oh my my my the flowers are super amazing, and your parents are just PERFECT! i CAN totally see lucas in your dad, and see some of my relatives in him....take care and feel better.
ohhh wow.
warm feelings inside.

Kathy B. said...

Michelle, this is Kathy, Mark's sister and Charlotte's aunt. Thank you sooo much for the beautiful pictures. We couldn't go to Denver for the wedding and I have been dying to see photos. Charlotte and Josh look so happy! Thank you again!!

Denise said...

Oh--Michelle! I just arrived home from PA and am about ready to collapse, but Charlotte texted me that you had posted about the wedding so I had to make a quick stop at the computer before heading to bed. LOVE LOVE LOVE all of your photos! "Thank you" doesn't begin to convey the depths of my gratitude.

Thanks for the lovely wedding weekend recap. It's just what I needed tonight.

shannon said...

Your photos are so wonderful, Michelle...

I can't believe how beautiful everything looked! The color combination is so electric and fresh and cheerful and just well...perfect!

I love all of the details! Denise did an amazing job on those dresses! And how cute is that picture of her spinning on the dance floor!

Your poor mom's fingers....and to think of the week that was to follow!

So sweet and fitting to have those flowers put on your grandmother's grave in memory...

I am seriously in awe of everything about your family....

And you, by the way, have the same gosh darn golden touch as your mom!

Nikki said...

Your family should just go into the wedding planning business. I am insanely jealous of the talents you all have. You all have such an eye for making things absolutley beautiful. What a gift!

Miranda said...

Where do I even start? I'm SO happy I got to be there. It makes these pictures all the more wonderful. I can't believe your mom took all that stuff WITH HER ON THE PLANE! Also, the story about the going away dress? Hilarious. Holy crap.

Absolutely gorgeous, the wedding and your pictures, as I knew they would be.

Charlotte said...

This post made me tear up a little. I can't adequately express my gratitude for everyone involved in wedding festivities. Really. The flowers were simply amazing, the photos are perfect, everything was perfectly lovely.

I hope Susan's fingers recovered--they did beautiful, beautiful work. I'm currently processing all the post-wedding emotions, some of which are bittersweet. That photo of Dad and Sarah warms my heart.

And I totally scored with in-laws. Really.

Thank you so much for taking the pictures and more importantly, for being there. I love you lots!

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