Thursday, September 02, 2010

first day of school

This year's return to school was a bit strange because it reminds me that we weren't here at this time last year. We missed the whole back-to-school thing. And, let's face it, it's a happy time for us all. We enjoyed summer, we enjoyed spending lots and lots of time together, but now we're ready for school to start. (I'm not positive that I speak for the boys on that, but I know for sure that Eva and I were definitely ready.)

Max is in tenth grade! He's a high-schooler! Unbelievable.

I got a shot of him walking off to the bus stop. This is the first year he lives far enough away from his school to get a bus. I was slightly mortified to take the bus in high school, but he doesn't seem to mind (yet).

Lucas is in 6th grade and excited to be in the oldest grade at his school.

riding his scooter to the bike rack

But that's all old news. The boys started last Wednesday. The big news is that Eva started kindergarten yesterday! And boy, was it hard for her to wait.

It cracks me up how huge the backpacks are on the little kindergartners! (Especially her. I took her for her immunizations and found out that she is in the 13th percentile for weight and the 6th for height.)

I made her a new skirt for the first day of school. She loves it.

I took her to McDonald's for a Happy Meal before her first day. She was thrilled.

I got her settled, took some pictures, and headed for the door. Then I noticed that the whole perimeter of the classroom was occupied by parents, making no move to leave. I asked the teacher if she wanted the parents to stay. No, she did not. So of course, I was out of there. No tears here.

Lucas picks her up at her classroom and walks her out to the car. I just love this picture. It's too sad that she will only go to the same school as her brother for one small year.

We got home and took a self-portrait together. And then we went to Heidi's house so she could tell her all about her first day.

I have a high-schooler, a sixth-grader, and a kindergartner. Wild.


lelly said...

Hooray for back to school! i love that you are all feeling good about it!!

Price Cream Parlor said...

I love all your candid photos of Eva going off to school! She looks adorable (I love the skirt!!)

Glad the transition wasn't hard for either of you!

How is high school going?

Liz said...

Love all the pictures you were able to get of Eva and her classroom. She is tiny! I thought Jared was small, but he's 26th percentile for height. Maybe Eva's just waiting on a growth spurt?

Jared took the bus on his first day, and they don't really like parents to even come in the classroom (except when volunteering), so no pictures here. In a way, I think it's good they don't let us go in for drop off, it would just make it harder for the kids I think.

Jill said...

Woohoo for the first day of kindergarten! This has been A LONG TIME COMING!!! I know she's ready and I know you are too, so what a great mix!

Leave it to Lucas to wear a long sleeved shirt on the first day of school!

jenn said...

I'm glad it was a happy day for all involved. I guess Ethan was not as challenging as Eva because there are still tears here.

Love the photo of Lucas walking Eva out!

Claudissima said...

what a wonderful day, I am not Sooooo staying in the classroom...I ammmmmmmm sooo ready to leave....go go go go go I have faith in you! bye......adorable. Good for you. You've done good.

Rebekah said...

Oh Happy Day! Oh Happy Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!

You've made it.

Susan said...

Yes, I'm afraid all of the percentiles are from Grandma Susan's genes....sorry.

That backpack looks as big as her!

Very cute of everyone.Highschool. *sigh*

Charlotte said...

She looks so big! (Especially next to that huge backpack.) I can't believe how grown-up your kids are getting!

Denise said...

"No tears here." That sum-up will leave me smiling all day!

Life with Kaishon said...

I cried.
She is adorable.
Don't they grow up so flippin' fast? I can't really handle it!

Rachel Bagley Wurtz said...

I think she is in the same class as my fletch...graham, afternoon? And preston is in the same class as lucas. :)

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