Saturday, September 04, 2010

Creative Friday x2

Last week's Creative Friday was a momentous one because it was our first one since Eva started kindergarten!! That means that for all the years we've been getting together, this was (I believe) the very first C.F. with no children. I felt like we needed a moment of silence to appreciate the enormity of that. Of course, Eva was still there for the first hour or so.

Eva has been making recent strides toward becoming more independent. She buckles her own seat belt, finally, and now she enjoys making her own toast. I applaud any and all efforts in this direction! Jill was full of praise as well.

While she was eating, she stopped and said, "Wait. Is this lunch?!" She knows that she gets to go to school after lunch. When she realized that the time was nigh, she broke into the Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy song and dance. All I can say is amen, sister.

I dropped her off and then made some Tex Mex Nachos for lunch. If you haven't made these, you should. They are super fast and easy and tasty to boot.

Jill worked on some birthday good mail, cut out many sets of labels, and made these chore sticks for a deserving friend.

I finished up some projects and worked on some more Paris colors cards.

No one was around to swipe our treats!

It was a very, very good day.

The week before, Creative Friday was full of visitors!

Claudia was in town and was able to join us for Creative Friday!

We had burgers with grilled onions and guac.

I worked on an embroidery project.

Claudia, showing the print I had made for her. Isn't she sickeningly photogenic?

Jill brought some of her fabulous cookies. I cannot resist homemade cookies.

Denise and Emily and their friend Linda stopped by! (They were in town getting Emily settled at BYU again.) Denise and Claudia got to meet each other. I kind of love the way blogging creates this kind of overlap.

We had a crowd at Creative Friday (but only for a little while).

Max came home from school when we were all on the stairs trying to get a photo.

Lucas came home and had to practice piano before he could go play. Max was practicing cello downstairs at the same time.

Claudia didn't seem too fazed by the craziness. This was her message to us.

But by the end of the day, the chaos was weighing heavily. Between the kids going in and out and the dog going in and out and all the noise... Jill was ready to leave. Having 6 kids there was just too much to handle. (Which made us all the more excited for the next week!)


Natasha said...

I love your hair in the photo with Claudia. It's beautiful!

Your Paris color cards were one of my favorite birthday gifts so I'm glad to hear you are still doing them. I'd love to get them AGAIN next June, hint hint!

And Jill's chore sticks-- that is a lucky recipient. She has brilliant ideas for teaching children responsibility.

Those nachos look yummy.

Jill said...

Way to go with the two week catch-up. It's kind of great that you had two weeks to catch up at all considering how little we were able to get together this summer!

This week's gathering was a blessed contrast to the previous week!

patsy said...

I love your creative days...
it's so hard for me to even think of a creative day without kids around.
I know it's hard to get stuff done- but I just love having little one around & I seriously miss that time in my life.
I am so so SO proud to be one of the lucky ones to have some paris card!!!! I love them & fear I will NEVEr be able to give them away :)

Susan said...

Yum on the nachos...any idea how many WW points they have?

Looks like a fun time and I'm totally jealous that you got to see Denise an Emily....not to mention Claudia! could it be?

Charlotte said...

Yay for a kindergarten girl!! My heart sings for you!

Denise said...

That last picture of Jill totally cracks me up. That's how I would feel, given the same set of circumstances. It sure was fun to crash CF and to get to meet Claudia in the bargain, too. She is, in fact, "sickeningly photogenic!"

Hooray for kindergarten! A long-awaited milestone, indeed.

Claudissima said...

Ohhh my my my , that pose from jiLL is actually quite irritating to a sensible person. Poor thing. I guess i am impervious to noise and was soo fun, especially those cookies. YUMMY and the burger was sooo tasty! especially your company and meeting Denise was the cherry on top! I think I will die the day i meet your mum! Good thing, I did not show up that next friday. I did try to go BMS *BY MY SELF* but REALLY couldn't make it. BUMMER. I was coercing my little brother to lend me his Beemer again, but two days in a row, proved no likely--plus baby sitting nope.

wende said...

ok seriously? our creative days have multiple kids running around playing and i have to admit, for me, it's part of the fun of the whole day. i love that ethan looks forward to creative thursday as much as i do.

and p.s. i have a high schooler (11th grade) and a pre-schooler, and i agree, kind of trippy. even weirder to think that next year, i will have a senior and a kindergartner. very very weird. but also, kind of awesome.

Life with Kaishon said...

I love your friendship! What a great idea! A weekly creative day. My best friend Jen moved away after Christmas and I miss her so. Sometimes I think about her and I feel overwhelmingly sad. : (

Rebekah said...

Doesn't Jill look beautiful in that blue shirt? That really is her color!

I love the blurry shot of Lucas playing the piano and how it represents the blurring chaos that you were enduring. Hee, hee.

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