Saturday, August 14, 2010


Lucas turned eleven today. My little boy isn't looking so little anymore.

He has definite opinions about how his hair should be, what clothes he will wear, etc. (Even making an eleven with his fingers has to be done his own way.) Sometimes I wish he would just go along with what I want him to wear and such, but I guess he's got to grow up and express himself sometime. Sigh.

Lately I feel like he's surprising me at every turn – trying new things (but not foods yet) and jumping into new experiences that have me wondering if I even know him at all! As his uncle Timm said recently, "He's a long way from kittens and butterflies!" (both of which he was afraid of as a small boy).

I guess he's teaching me that he won't be put in a box. What a happy thing!

Marc was out of town for a wedding and returned around 1:00, but Lucas could not wait that long to open his presents. (Pay no attention to the c on that gift bag...)

He continued his tradition of opening gifts with his eyes closed. He likes to be surprised until the last possible second.

gifts received:

peanut butter m&ms from Eva
Heroscape expansion set from Max
new Heroscape master set from Mom & Dad
Super Mario Galaxy 2 from Mom & Dad
new headphones from Mom & Dad

He also received money from Grandma Mim & Grandpa Bob, Aunt Michelle, and Aunt Lisa, to his delight. I took him shopping and he bought another Heroscape expansion set and StarCraft II for the computer.

I corralled him for a quick birthday self-portrait. I love his freckles.

And then he was done.

When Marc came home, he took the kids to Nickel City (a nickel arcade). I stayed home and worked on my Primary lesson.

Then we had Little Caesar's and corn on the cob for dinner (Lucas's favorites).

I made homemade donuts for his birthday treat because he's not a big fan of cake. Max was my glazer.

After Eva went to bed, we stayed up late playing the Cities & Knights of Catan. Max won.

I hope you had a fabulous birthday, Lucas! I love you.


Michelle said...

I adore the picture of you and Lucas - he is such a good looking kid! (Or should I say young man?)

I always love talking to Lucas - you can tell right away not only how intelligent he is, but how creative he is as well!

P.S. It was so great to see you on Friday...I missed you!

Miranda said...

That is a rad hat that 11 year old is wearing. And doughnuts for a birthday? My mouth is watering. I might need to make some even though there is no occasion for them. :)

patsy said...

I think Lucas is aWESome!
I wish he was one of my scouts- I bet we would get along famously...

Love the hat- and those freckles- not to mention those eyes... watch out- you've got yourself a heartbreaker here!!!

Happy birthday lucas :)

Kelly said...

Cute boy!! I love the freckles, too.

Your homemade doughnuts look amazing. Happy 11 to Lucas!

Jill said...

Oh Lucas, what a character he is! I don't know how I can be surprised that he's turning 11, but I am!

Neighbor Jane Payne said...

That self-portrait is the greatest! I love that you top the donuts with the donut holes. I'm going to remember that.

Happy day after your birthday Lucas!

Barb said...

I love his self-created tradition of opening his gifts with his eyes closed. (I'm going to have to google Heroscape, I have no clue.)

TX Girl said...

I love that he has opinions about his hair. Although I have to admit, I always chuckle whenever you comment on his hair, because I think of the comment Max made after finding him in a giant sea of kids. Something about it looking like a helmet and that his was the most egregious of the lot.

jenn said...

I love those freckles too! He has a great smile too- when you can catch it!

It's hard to let them grow into their own person. You do a beautiful job of it.

Tasha said...

Those donuts look AMAZING and Lucas is a totaly cutie!

Rebekah said...

Boys get the most interesting presents. I have no idea was a Heroscape is, but it sounds fascinating.

You can tell Lucas has a sweet heart. What a cutie.

Jill said...

This post popped up under your most current post and it just hurts my heart. He looks like such a baby back then!

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