Friday, August 13, 2010

12 on the 12th | August

1. After driving Max to Salt Lake so he could go to Lagoon with his grandparents/cousins, I stopped to get bagels at Einsteins, a family favorite. (This is not documented in photos, but I spent over 4 hours in the car!)
2. I finished the embroidery project I was making to give to Amanda L.
3. my favorite lunch
4. a bowl of peaches ripening on the counter – almost ready!
5. I took a photo for the first time during a piano lesson. I felt a little sheepish about it, but my student didn't mind.
6. Eva got a happy meal and was thrilled to get the armadillo Littlest Pet Shop.
7. I actually ironed, a rarity for me.
8. I moved the sprinkler around for most of the day.
9. Jill and I met Amanda L. at a Mexican restaurant for dinner. I love meeting blogging friends! Here, she was fielding a phone call from her daughter who didn't want to go to bed without her.
10. The man who serenaded us at dinner.
11. Gifts! Amanda brought us these darling earrings. Jill had made her good mail labels in her favorite color combos.
12. I took a picture of the mirror as Amanda took a self-portrait of the three of us.


Jill said...

I just love how this 12 on the 12th project captures the day, no matter how basic or eventful it is!

jenn said...

The mirror photo is KILLING me with it's genius!

Lindsay said...

Four hours in the car does not sound fun.
Your embroidery project is darling.
Your favorite lunch looks delicious. I must try it.
I think its awesome that you took a picture during your piano lesson.
Dinner with friends is always a delight.

Miranda said...

My jaw dropped over your embroidery! I'm going to need more details about that project. Also, I'm coveting those earrings.

Kelly said...

I think you need a whole separate post on your embroidery! Lovely!

I also like the mirror self portrait. 4 hours in the car makes any day seem terrible, but this one looks pretty sweet despite that!

everything pink! said...

you got to see AMANDA!!

amazing huh?

Susan said...

Can you teach me this?!

amyfm said...

Were you embarrassed to be serenaded? It embarrasses me.

your embroidery projects are just beautiful.

Rebekah said...

How do you know how to do so many wonderful things?!

I thought your family loved to iron?!

Wow, awesome shirt on the balladeer. A little Ed Hardy action, no doubt.

Oh, I want those earrings!

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