Friday, April 23, 2010

five for Friday

1. I dropped off season 2 of Chuck at the library drive-through. Later they called me to say that disc 3 was missing. Bummer. I had to make another trip over, but was rewarded with this view:

So, not too bad! I just love spring.

2. Max had two classmates over to work on a group project. They were here for four hours! But they seemed to be having fun, chatting, laughing, and eating homemade bread.

When Max asked Eva to come and meet his friends, she said, "Hi! I'm Eva. I'm really nice." She did not appreciate it when we started cracking up.

the finished product

3. Lucas's drum kit for Guitar Hero arrived this week. I had no idea what we were in for – the thing is huge and LOUD! He loves it, of course.

4. Eva wore the leg warmers that she got from Aunt Michelle for Christmas to dance this week. They were a huge hit. This photo taken through a window is terrible, but I love it anyway.

5. I went to BYU this week to register for Women's Conference. (Why must I always procrastinate?) Gotta love the rows of trees in blossom with snow-covered mountains at the same time.

I stopped at the Cocoa Bean Cafe to pick up a double vanilla cupcake on my way home. Worth the splurge. But now I want to learn how to make these at home!


Melinda said...

I love that picture of the trees and the mountains!!! I am sad those cars and the street light had to be in the picture. I love spring also.

I haven't tried that bakery. Is it better than the sweet tooth fairy in south provo?

We love playing rock band as a family. It is a total crack up and I am ashamed at how many FHE's we have had playing it for our activity/lesson.

Jill said...

I love those trees, are the Magnolias? I love it that the blossoms are such huge flowers. Did you find disc 3?

I think it's time (and maybe has been for awhile now) to move the game system to down to the Man Cave! It is already loud, how are you handling the drumming? This makes me afraid for summer-time Creative Fridays.

Eva looks darling in her leg warmers!

I want to try one of those cupcakes!

crystal said...

Why must you taunt me (or as Mimi says, "haunt me") with a huge close-up of that cupcake confetion? So evil of you.

crystal said...

And. I think I will swipe Eva's introduction as my own.

"Hi, I'm Crystal and I'm really nice."

Calvin Family said...

I LOVE Cocoa Bean Cafe!

Claudissima said...

ohhhhh my that cute cute cupcake....i want one too@!!!!! nice picture of the mountains, it has been a while since I visited.

Natasha said...

Beautiful pics, as usual!

Esther said...

LOVE the scenery to BYU ...its absolutely beautiful...we just got some some in the near by mountains but no were as beautiful as you picture.

You got to love leg warmers....Olivia Newton John....the memorires....GO EVA!!!!!!!

Susan said...

I'm definitely going to try that intro with my new clients! Love the high self esteem.

I love the blossoming time of year, and the snow on the mountains is delightful.

I sure wish I could be there for women's conference. Let's plan that for next year with Denise. It could be our birthday gift to each other!

Wish I were there...

Michelle said...

I love Eva's confidence...I'm trying to gain that myself.

Magnolia blossoms are my favorite! My neighbor has one in his yard and I love it :).

I can't imagine Marc allowing the Wii downstairs...but I love the idea.

rebekah said...

I love Spring in Utah! Tulip Magnolias...I never recognized them until I moved out to the East Coast. So very pretty.

Hmm, does Rock Band come with earphone jacks??

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