Wednesday, April 21, 2010

a day in the life

An afternoon in my life, to be more accurate.

A crazy, crazy afternoon.

{the gear in the front seat of my car today}

12:30 – dropped Eva off at preschool
12:45 – wrapped gift for her to take to a birthday party
1:00 – grabbed lunch at Wendy's
1:15 – took my car in for safety/emissions testing (failed)
2:15 – picked Max up from school
2:30 – orthodontist appointment for Max
2:45 – picked Eva up from preschool
2:55 – dressed Eva in princess garb in the car, trying to avoid getting soaked by pouring rain
3:00 – Eva to birthday party
3:15 – rejoined Max at the orthodontist's office
3:30 – picked up Lucas from school so he didn't have to walk home in the rain
3:40 – stopped at home to get Max's music
3:50 – left to get Eva from birthday party
4:00 – drove Max to cello lesson
4:15 – took Eva to Michael's to look for foam dinosaur stickers
4:45 – returned to pick up Max
5:15 – HOME!

I was overjoyed to come home and see that Marc had cleaned up the kitchen and vacuumed, that so made my day.

p.s. I only have 3 kids, and this is not a typical day for me. I couldn't do it every day. How do mothers with more kids do it??

p.p.s. The weather today was totally whacked. Sunny and bright, then rainy, then sunny, then torrential rains and hail. The rains knocked most of our lovely blossoms off the trees. (At least we got to enjoy them for 3 days...) I guess it was just an all-around crazy day here.


lelly said...

i just remarked to someone that i have no idea how my mother got all four of us girls to the four million places we needed to be each day!

Natasha said...

I like this post-- lets me know we aren't the only family with crazy afternoon schedules!

Melinda said...

I will be running like that today. Thursdays are my most crazy day with piano for the 4 oldest, scouts, play practice, and tonight pack night. Days like this make it really hard not to go out to dinner, something I am trying to avoid.

I got caught in the down pour yesterday, walking to my car. It was not fun and I got so wet.

Jill said...

I really don't know how people with more kids than this manage everything either, they must feel frazzled all the time!

Hooray for Marc helping out!!!!!

jenn said...

It's amazing what can fit into just a couple of hours, isn't it. I have many days like this. Luckily- today isn't one of them. I get to be home, watch it snow from the "warmth" of my home with fuzzy socks on and no real agenda. delightful.

LOVE the cuteness on your front seat and that Marc vacuumed!

Michelle said...

Ahhh...the romance of vacuuming.

Believe me, I also wonder on a regular basis how I would be able to keep up with more than 2!

Claudissima said...

I love the first photo and the last with all the flowers.....ohhhhhhh there is nothing like feeling accomplished, and what a sweet joy to see that your loved one helps you out....that is a double treat I think.....

Susan said...

Sounds like a busy and productive day! I remember the days...

Hip hip hooray for Marc's contribution! Now that's what I call a gift of love.

Three kids was always enough to keep me going as well, twice as many as two! How do those women with 6,7, and 8 do it? What the do women with 4 do it?!

Quite the day.

Christine said...

Hey, that's my house in the background (the one on the left). Someday all the curbside cars will be gone and your picture will be not so cluttered!

rebekah said...

'Only' three kids?

Every evening that I walk through my door I want to yell, 'HOME!'

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