Thursday, March 11, 2010

blog banner retrospective

I've been wanting to post about all of my blog banners so that if (when) I do a Blurb book(s) I'll have a record of them all.

It was fun to look back, although I actually thought there would be more!

I kept this first one for almost two years. I knew nothing about Photoshop, so Marc helped me figure out how to do it. I liked it, so I didn't see the need to change.

Suddenly, I felt the need to change. (September 2007)

(December 2007)

(January 2008)

(February 2008)

My birthday month, thus the all-about-me theme. (March 2008)

(April 2008)

(May 2008)

(June 2008)

(September 2008)

(November 2008)

(December 2008)

(January 2009)
Inspired by a Real Simple cover. Probably my all-time favorite.

(March 2009)

This was taken from inside the car wash. (April 2009)

(June 2009)

(July 2009)

(August 2009)

(November 2009)

(December 2009)

(December 2009)

(January 2010)

(February 2010)

(March 2010)

Obviously, I don't get around to making a new one each month, either because I'm too busy, out of ideas, or I just like the one I have and want to keep it around awhile longer.

How many of these do you remember?
Any favorites?


Elizabeth said...

They are all great but my fav is definitely the d'orsay clock shot!

rebekah said...

I love the original. It makes me feel wistfully nostalgic.

Jan 08, March 08, April 08 (love, love), June 08, Nov 09, and March 2010.

I wish, I wish, I wish I knew had this ability. These are all so beautiful.

Jill said...

Oh this is so pleasing! You always have such beautiful banners, and you've got serious skills.

I love your first banner, and feel great affection for it.

I tend to favor the banners that use a photo, even though the others are very cool, those feel more real to me and like I'm glimpsing details of your world (and mine, that's why I always use them).

I adore the Real Simple inspired banner, the photo collage banner, the chalk...and on and on.

charlotte said...

I just love all your banners. Love them. I think my favorites are the sidewalk chalk one and the Real Simple one.

Kelly said...

You always do such a great job with these. I love them all, but I remember gasping with delight at your sidewalk chalk summer time one. I don't think I've saved all my banners, which now makes me sad! A very cool look back!

Hannah said...

Car wash and autumn in Paris are my favorites! I really wanted to do this this year- a new one each month-ish. But alas...had a lot on my plate!

Robyn said...

They are all amazing. I seriously love every one of your banners. I could never choose just one that was great. They are so unique, have great design, and totally express who you are.

2 Green Eyed Girls said...

June 2008 is my favorite - it was about that time that I found your blog. The angles and colors just make me happy. I'm easy to please that way.
I have several others that I really like, but this is my most favorite.

TX Girl said...

My favorite is the chalk from July 2008. But, really I love all of them. I need to change mine. It is so boring.

linda said...

I like them all as well, but if I had to pick a favortie or two or three they would be April, June and December 2008 and June and December of 2009, I love the moss and berries. But then I really thought this month's was great as well!

Neighbor Jane Payne said...

I remember each one of your banners. There is NO way I could pick a favorite. Each one is unique and has its own feel. You are so talented in the visual arts...I love the fonts/types.

Susan said...

Well, this is like asking me to pick my favorite pair of shoes!!!

I love them all and I would be hard pressed to choose a favorite. I am reinspired with each new banner. You are indeed the Banner Miester!

I REALLY like this month's-chartreuse and graphic, sweet!

Claudissima said...

Oh my, I think I am smitten by the Autumn in Paris one!

amyfm said...

Your banners sicken me, they are so fantastic. I used to do this more and seeing your's makes me want to start up again. Loving your current one.

jenn said...

I remember most of them, but it is funny how a couple of them seem unfamiliar because I loved coming to and reading your blog.

Can't pick a favorite. Envy your skill.

Denise said...

Banners? I don't want to talk about it, as my blog still sports one from a year ago. (I have been seriously tempted to whine to you about designing a new one for me, but have restrained myself from doing so).

I love ALL of your banners and am always pleasantly surprised when a new one surfaces. The only ones that aren't familiar to me are the ones from January and February, as those are the costuming months which push me out of the blogging world for a time.

Becky said...

Oooo...I love all of these too much to pick a favorite. I always enjoy seeing a new blog banner up on your blog and have been inspired many times by them.

I was shocked as I recognized so many of them to realize that I have been reading your blog for over two years! Wow. Makes me feel even more guilty that I haven't mailed you a birthday card...

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