Friday, February 19, 2010

five for friday, photoless edition

I seem to have taken amazingly few photos this week. I can't explain it.

1. On Sunday evening we went to see Marc sing in the Young Ambassadors' 40th anniversary fireside. It was held in the small theater of the Conference Center and was open to the performers' families. The fireside was recorded for broadcast and DVD, and thus we opted not to bring Eva. I could just hear her yelling, "This is too long!" or "I want to go home!" in between numbers... (Thanks, Aunt Michelle & Uncle Bob, for staying with Eva.)

When I told her she wouldn't be coming with us to the performance, she said, "That's okay. I just like listening to Daddy sing downstairs." He had been rehearsing all week to learn the songs, and it was like a continual serenade for the rest of us. The boys agreed that they had enjoyed hearing his practices, and so did I.

At the conclusion of the fireside, we were informed that they needed to redo two of the numbers (I hadn't noticed anything amiss), so it ran longer than expected. We didn't get home until after 11:00! But Eva did have a 3 hour nap on Monday...

2. I took Lucas and Eva to the dentist this week for their 6-month checkups. Lucas has 2 cavities; Eva has none. She is gloating quite a bit and keeps telling Lucas, "I told you you should brush your teeth!" Needless to say, Lucas is not enjoying that.

Also, the dentist's office is now selling Sonicare toothbrushes (at a discounted rate), and they said that someone like Lucas (teeth prone to decay and a lazy brusher) could really benefit from one. Lucas told me he wishes he could have one. Well, so do I! Do you think he'll save up $125 of his allowance? (it should only take a year or so...)

3. Last night I had a hard time getting Eva to get ready for bed. She was too busy making up songs on the piano about Mr. Ickle Dickles, her latest drawing creation. (He's a creepy guy with spikes who has minions of crocodile-like creatures.) Most of the lyrics are along the lines of, "he is creepy, he is scary," but there are some other details about what makes him so creepy/scary. Max was accompanying her, fleshing out the songs with appropriately eerie chords and runs, while Lucas was actually drawing his own staff paper and notating the repetitive chorus.

Can you blame me for moving bedtime a little later?? I only wish I had thought to grab my camera and get some video before the whole thing ended.

4. Yesterday I was vacuuming, and I noticed that the dirt cup was not filling up. With Jack around, it's just not possible that the carpet isn't covered with dog hair, so I knew something was up. I looked online for some troubleshooting possibilities and then downloaded the manual for our model. I diagnosed the problem, took apart the hoses, and discovered what was clogging up the works! I felt like a super hero: DIY Woman.

5. Wednesday's second-to-last meeting of our organization class was unexpectedly emotional for me. It was about teaching children to work, but ended up being a lot about parenting. It really got me thinking. And worrying that I've made too many mistakes already, and what if it's too late to salvage things?

And then, Jill and I ended up going and talking to the teacher for a few minutes afterward. The conversation took an unexpected turn which left me practically sobbing. I did not see that coming. I've been feeling emotionally fragile ever since, like I could start crying at any moment. I am not used to this! As Jill would say, "what is this salty discharge?!"

Jill mentioned that this class appears to be a defining event in my life -- perhaps down the road we will think in terms of before the class and after the class. I think she may be right.

p.s. I made some double chocolate banana bread last night to use up all of my overripe bananas. This morning I had a piece with a smear of peanut butter (a new innovation). Oh. my. gosh. As my aunt Denise says, "That is sure to make my pants fit better!" Yikes. I fear they may never fit again.


Elizabeth said...

Oh my, a stalking student. That was an enjoyable 5 for Friday even sans photos.

Elisa said...

I generally skip posts without pictures but I am so glad I stopped to read! I love so much about this post..Mr. Ikle Dickles, all the great catch phrases, the chocolate banana bread with peanut butter tip, and especially the parenting fears.

I took a parenting class last summer, and cried almost EVERY SINGLE CLASS. Fragile is the perfect word for how I feel when I inventory my parenting.

Melinda said...

HOw creepy to know it was a student? What the heck? That just gives me the chills.

Way to go on fixing the vacuum. I love when I can fix things on my own.

I hate feeling on the verge of tears. I feel like that has been my life for the last month or so and it is overwhelming. I think if I had to take a really good look at some parenting things I would be bawling like a baby too.

That double chocolate banana bread with peanut butter sounds so good. I love the comment about your pants fitting better. That is a good one.

Neighbor Jane Payne said...

Michelle, you know how I love your photography. I just so admire and appreciate it. But I've got to say, I just loved the details you painted with your words in this post. What a gift to be able to communicate so well both ways. I just loved your words.

Thank you for each entry. It was such enjoyable reading. (I love the comraderie you have built between your kids [Thank you Paris!] --the composing, accompanying, singing act is quite a feat.)

Amy said...

Oh, Michelle! I hope you're feeling a little less fragile. I think you're a fantastic parent, and the wonderfulness of your children is proof of that. I do regret that it didn't work out for me to go to this class. I can see that it has been life changing for you. I could use a little life changing right now, myself. Have a great weekend!

Miranda said...

My jaw dropped open when I read #3! The thought of children in a family collaborating like that gives me chills. Heaven at home.

emily said...

So it was a student! Creepy, creepy, kid.

I love that Lucas and Max collaborated with Eva on her Ickle Dickle songs. I took a video of some of Eva's singing last week, but the lyrics hadn't progressed beyond "he's scary," over and over.

love you!

jenn said...

I could NOT figure out what people were talking about with the stalking student- I hate that the comment box is at the bottom! I seriously wondered if I had read the wrong post! And when did this happen?!! I hate trying to catch up after a trip.

And I'm even more sad that I missed two great classes. Do I get to borrow your notes? Or better yet- did you want to catch me up? I could bring lunch and you could fill me in...

Love the childhood collaboration!

Amy said...

FYI, you can get a great deal on a Sonicare 2 handle brush set @ Costco! The set usually $149 is now $119 and the older design is $99 for 2 handles! I bought Sonicare a couple of year ago and LOVE it...a great investment that will pay off in less dental problems. Make the splurge.

Jill said...

What's up with not taking many photos this week?

Your dentist has probably bought a 2nd house from your family's co-pays alone! I hope he thanks you a lot.

Oh to have video of Eva's bedtime serenade! I'll have to email you the picture she drew me of Mr. Ickle Dickles so it can accompany this post.

Way to go with your vacuum repair!

I will be sad to have this organizing class end this week, who knew it would end up being so epiphany filled, emotional and life changing??

Price Cream Parlor said...

I, too, was confused with the nutty student comment until I read the comment post. That is scary actually!!! I hope he looked directly at that person when he said that! Yikes!

I am really interested in this class you guys have been taking. Your comment about parenting hit me as well. I seriously freaked out last summer knowing that our son just graduated and was moving out to college and I KNEW I hadn't prepared him the way I knew he should. I seriously felt as if I had failed him. I am going to do so much better know that I know what I NEED to do differently. And, the funny thing is, my # 1 is just fine and had a great college experience and ready to leave on his mission a week from Tues. SOB!

Your banana bread sounds heavenly with pb on it as well! BTW, I love your recipes and use them all the time!

Natasha said...

Lucas and the Sonicare reminds me of Luci and Uggs. She wants a pair and I had to say sorry, I don't pay $139 for winter boots in Louisiana for a child who will have outgrown them by the time it's winter again.

And the cavities.... Luci has never had one but apparently Griffin's teeth are filled with pits, or what the dentist described to me as "pre-cavities." I don't get it-- I brush both of their teeth twice a day, floss daily, etc and one has tons of cavities and the other has none.

I'm a chronic worrier but I do worry all the time that I've scarred my kids for life and that I'm not doing it all right.

Kelly said...

Okay, so it appears that I missed the resolution of the creeper taking pictures -- it was a student? Did you find out why? Weirdo!

According to Keith, one of the big advantages to Sonicare (or those types of brushes) is that it runs for 2 minutes, so people generally brush their teeth for a longer time than they do with a regular brush. Maybe an egg timer would be a cheaper alternative.

I loved the part about Eva's Mr. Ickle Dickles songs. What a fun sibling collaboration!

I'm glad for you that this class has been so meaningful! I had a friend who took her class a few years ago at education week and it totally changed her life. It was amazing to see the transformation from the outside.

Michelle said...

I love the Mr. Ickle Dickles stuff. It was one of the highlights of tending her last Sunday...that and the cpr she gave to dying animals.

I completely understand the no photo thing...sometimes it just doesn't happen.

I hope this emotional time will lead to you feeling refreshed...feeling like you've turned a corner and grown - then all that "salty discharge" is well worth it!

rebekah said...

Ok, hold the phone, I need the explanation about the stalker to be put up again. Are you kidding me? Awk-ward town! Wow. Stalking a boy is one thing. I mean, that's expected of college students. Driving to a professor's house and taking photos of his backyard?! Huh?! What?!

'He is creepy, he is scary.' Fantastic. Absolutely brilliant.

I love DIY triumphs! I know how to take apart a garbage disposal, and it makes me feel like Wonder Woman. One simple fix, and I think I rule the universe. It's so empowering!

Again, I feel a new energy coming through in this post, and it makes me happy. :)

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