Tuesday, January 12, 2010


* I have just discovered this week that Eva gets really cranky when she's hungry. You might wonder why I am only just now figuring this out when she is quickly approaching her 5th birthday. All I can say is that she doesn't eat a lot. She is picky and quite often says she is not hungry. I am learning not to trust what she says in that regard. Several times she has been on the verge of a breakdown and then ate something and was instantly quite chipper. Perhaps she tends toward hypoglycemia like her dad?

* Max auditioned for the Utah Valley Youth Symphony on Tuesday. His cello teacher had warned him that he might be held back in the Sinfonia level (even though she feels he should advance) because the Youth Symphony already had 10 cellists. He was advanced to the next level!

* Lucas stayed home sick on Friday. You read that right. He couldn't even make it through the first week back at school without getting sick. And so it begins.

* After feeling really blah on Friday evening and Saturday, I got my period. Duh. I wonder if I'll figure out this body of mine before menopause hits and everything changes.

* I am still finding things in my house. When someone else lives in your house, they sometimes put things in different places. Just last night I found my 9x13 pan. I was convinced that it got thrown out or taken to someone who was sick or something. Nope, just under the stove!

* Today I finished putting away the Christmas decorations. Yes, that's right, I finished on January 12th. That's definitely a record late date for us, by at least a week. But I just didn't feel any pressure or stress about it, so I rolled with it.

* Even though I absolutely love cute aprons -- LOVE them! -- I hardly ever remember to put one on. What's up with that?

* Reading NieNie's blog makes me cry. Like, almost every time. Either tears of sadness and sympathy for all that pain and frustration, or tears of joy over all that beauty and love. You should know that I am not a crier, so it takes me surprise each and every time. She is having surgeries this week and her husband is blogging for her. Tears, still.


Neighbor Jane Payne said...

Yay Max. Cellos enrich everything around them.

Good luck figuring out your body. It is a work in progress, don't you think?

Good idea not to trust Eva's interpretation of her stomach. I guess it doesn't matter whether we're 5 or 35 or 65, we're still hard to figure out because . . . we're a work in progress, don't you think? :)

crystal said...

I love that Max plays the cello--my favorite instrument.

He's a regular Yo-Yo-Max.

Har har.

crystal said...

And. I am still puttering with putting away Christmas--a little each day. No pressure is RIGHT! Mike put down both the trees while I was in Idaho, so I'm just doing the garlands, etc.

Last year I gave myself an ambitious deadline to have it all put away, and it made me tense. So this year I'm just ambling along, getting it done slowly. I like January to be low-key, anyways. (i read Jill's blog today and jumped for joy that somebody else feels that way too!)

Natasha said...

I recently started reading Nie Nie and I enjoy her new blog Nie and You also. The whole family seems amazing.

Interesting about Eva. It's so hard to figure it all out sometimes, isn't it? Griffin has been really sick and not eating well lately, which turns into a downward spiral because then he can't sleep well because he is hungry, which then makes him crabby the next day, and on and on. We have been going through 2 weeks of this and just today the lightbulb came on and Kim decided we should give him Ensure before bedtime. Duh! He gulped TWO bottles and the extra 700 calories (I gave him Ensure Plus) filled his belly and oput him right to sleep. I can't believe that with both of us in healthcare we did not think of this sooner.

That is great news about Max-- you must be so proud.

Susan said...

Oh yes, I love Yo-yo Max! Congrats!

I am hoping that I can start to take my decos down next week....how's that for a record?!

Jill said...

I get really cranky when I get hungry too and yet I still manage to go for hours without eating and then wonder why I'm suddenly so grumpy...duh. I guess you'll just need to keep a steady stream of little snacks going in her, like maybe A bite of toast, A bite of cheese and so on.

Congratulations to Max!!!!!!

I feel the same way about PMS every month!

We still have our Christmas decorations up too, what in the world?

I'm going to have to mentally prepare to read posts from Nie Nie's husband because the two of them are already so lovey dovey it hurts my heart.

Amy said...

Congratulations to Max! What an accomplishment!

My Christmas tree is still up. I just can't bear the thought of having to pack up all of my ornaments. And it's in my library which is not in my direct line of sight. So. Maybe next week.

jt said...

Okay last night I spent over an hour catching up on Nie Nie's blog and it also resulting in several episodes of tears- Not an easy feat for my anti-depressant-deadened self. Thanks a lot.
But really, thanks a lot.

wende said...

yay for max, that kid is so awesome!

you must be a very clean cook because i'm not and that is what helps me to remember to put my apron on. and i'm officially obsessed because i have about ten to choose from. love aprons.

and really, the whole working the body thing out, if it makes you feel any better, you're not the only one.

April said...

As one who tends toward blood sugar issues I can only say that even when my blood sugar is low and I'm emotional and David says "Let's make you a sandwich." I always say "I'm not hungry." It is the curse of blood sugar problems. Sometimes it gets so low you can't think, can't figure out what to eat, can't even figure out that you're hungry. David has taken to force feeding me...I always thank him afterward.

patsy said...

Hooray for max!! that is so exciting- I love it!

I can understand the eating thing with Eva- totally makes sense.

I can't understand the sick thing-- dang! that stinks, poor kid. Maybe it's the dry climate? nah... I feel for you! I NEED my home alone time so badly. I hope it doesn't spread through the family.

Michelle said...

Congratulations to Max! Fabulous! I still have my tree up...no ornaments or other decorations - but it's just so darn hard to move by myself!

amy m said...

It's crazy how a little discovery can make such a big difference. Glad you were able to figure it out.

Congrats to Max. How old do they have to be to audition?

Hate winter and sick, hope no one else gets it.

I never remember to put my apron on too. Crazy.

I agree, stephanie's blog is such an inspiration. Makes me teary too.

amy m said...

ps I love my crockpot.

shannon said...

I am a BEAST when I'm hungry...I can't go more than an hour or so without eating something...

Kudos to Max!!

I am ALWAYS forgetting to put my apron on! and I have a really cute collection of vintage aprons, too!

NieNie's blog is something quite extraordinary...I am inspired by her strength...

charlotte said...

Congratulations to Max! That's so exciting! I always wanted to audition for those community/regional youth orchestras growing up and never did.

However, poor Lucas.

rebekah said...

I was going to comment on this post, but then I read Jessie's comment --

'Not an easy feat for my anti-depressant-deadened self.'

Oh, I hate this feeling.

Denise said...

I agree with the hunger thing. Sometimes I think that's what happens to Sarah and I'm just too dense to realize it.

Sorry to hear about Lucas! Sarah has been sick (again) this week. She had strep throat over Christmas and was diagnosed with it AGAIN this week. What the?

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