Saturday, January 23, 2010

Creative Friday

Last week, Jill took my custom order for new good mail labels, and this week she cut them out for me. What service!

I love them! I'm completely smitten with gray.

Jill brought the rest of the Christmas Cadbury chocolates for us to finish off. I enjoy seeing her postal scale in the background.

Marc stopped on his way to the Sundance film festival to read us a snarky email he got from a student and his response. We thought he should tone it down just a bit. I am repeatedly amazed by the way students address their professors these days, I never would have done that!

I love this picture that Jill took of me writing thank you notes. I looked closely at another picture like this, and I was writing a note to Jill, which cracked me up.

Aerial view for maximum chin reduction. I keep wondering if I'm going to have to abandon self-portraits altogether...

We had crockpot potato soup and wheat bread for lunch. I love leftovers!

Max came home and immediately opened up his algebra book. He said that his homework about functions and parabolas was easy. I think he's mocking us.

At the end of the day, Jill was looking at this wonderful book about correspondence that she bought awhile ago. It's darling and has a lot of good information, to boot.

She also took time to color with Eva. Eva absolutely loves doing whatever she is doing with someone else, so she was thrilled.

I decided I needed to include some documentation of Jill making the post office run for both of us -- I love that she does this! She disclosed to me that she has taken to chasing down mail trucks of late in her determination to get her correspondence out that very day. What a funny visual! I'm usually content to put my stuff in the mailbox and wait for the mailman to pick it up, but then I'm not the good mail queen...


Jill said...

I'm so glad you like your new labels, I'm rather smitten by them as well.

I can't believe we made that bag of Cadbury eggs last for 2 Creative Fridays, good for us! Now if only I had a stash of them for back-up like I did last year we'd be in business.

It always cracks me up when you end up writing a note to me when I'm sitting across from you. I tend to save my note-writing for you for another day.

I enjoy coloring in small doses like this with Eva, otherwise my lack of creativity begins to show and it frustrates me.

linda said...

Your potato soup looks yummy, did you post the recipe? You and Jill should sell your Creative Friday "results", I am always wishing they were mine!

Miranda said...

Don't you dare give up on self portraits. Also, my jaw just about fell off when I saw that polka-dot bowl.

Michelle said...

The potato soup looks divine...I don't suppose it's low fat?

I love how much care and consideration you both put into your correspondence:)!

Neighbor Jane Payne said...

Ahhhh, Michelle, there is so much more to self-portraits than straight lined chins! I love the way so much feeling comes out of your eyes in photos, I foresee YEARS of successful self portraits in your future :)

I love your labels, too.

I know it's not appropriate to know or for you to share, but I do wish I knew exactly how snarky is snarky.

Here's to another successful Creative Friday....and algebra. I'm telling you, Max's paper intimidates me.

patsy said...

Eva in dance! I love it :) this will be so fun for her.

I am loving those good mail labels wow- so cool- love the shape & the colors. the thank you cards- really cute too!

what a fun day- I wish I liked leftovers. I used to... I don't know what happened?

Price Cream Parlor said...

I think it would be fantastic to make a coffee table book with the photos of your creative fridays! So magical and fun!
I love that you both get together so often and share a meal, great conversations and creative goodness. I love that you can write Jill a note and she has no idea that you are doing while she is sitting across from you! So funny.
I am the recipient of some of those notes and just have to say that the art of letter writing is just that - an artform. With email and facebooking, etc...many people just don't WRITE letters anymore. I think that you two are onto something! :-)

amy m said...

everything looks delightful; the food, the cards, the chocolate, the mail labels, the productivity, and you to. nicely done.

shannon said...

Love your new labels...would you have ever guessed 10 years ago that brown was going to be such a hot color someday? I think it was your mom that first turned me onto it as an accent with other colors...I totally adore it!

You have such a knack for capturing in pictures these creative days spent with Jill--

I'm behind again on my postings and commentings...but I wanted to pop in to tell you hi...

rebekah said...

Michelle, a million thanks for the Christmas card, the shut-your-mouth package, and the thank you card. It's just been so awesome to receive each and everyone one.

Isn't funny how colors fall in and out of the trends? Who knew that gray could be such an appealing color?

Well, you can finish off that bag of eggs because I saw the Easter eggs in CVS last week. ?!?! It's not even Valentine's yet!

That bowl of soup looks divine. High marks for presentation, of course!

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