Saturday, January 16, 2010

Creative Friday

Jill remembered to do a self-portrait at the beginning of the day. All I can say is, I'm glad we did it early, because it could only get worse over the course of the day, and I'm horrified enough as it is. I'm seriously wondering when I started to look this old. I've never had a problem with my age, but that may be starting to change...

I was telling Jill that for the next two months, the 12th falls on a Friday, and that it might be a challenge to come up with photos that are different enough. She said, "well, the treats and the lunch change...," which is true, but m&ms are a common sight at Creative Friday.

Eva had an exceptional Friday preschool day, which was nice, but it also involved 20 minutes of whining as I brushed her hair and got her shoes on. Getting her ready has the unfortunate effect of making me hot, sweaty, and exasperated.

Also, she has taken to dressing herself lately. I am thrilled with her newfound independence, and so I am loathe to do anything to thwart it -- still, I feel compelled to tell people that she dressed herself...

After I took her to school, we had lunch: barbecue beef sandwiches and roasted red pepper/cheese dip. No, I don't regularly eat lunches like this. I try to make more of an effort on Friday, and these were Thursday's leftovers.

I love love love these tiny bell peppers from Costco. I made the dip so I would have an excuse to dip the peppers in something. Jill doesn't seem to care for them, nor does anyone in my family, but I adore them. Carrots aren't bad, either.

It's funny, but with no kids around, it was so quiet I almost couldn't get used to it! I've had all the kids home for seven months, and I'm much more accustomed to the steady noise they create.

I'm sad that this picture of Jill's colorful good mail labels didn't turn out. It was such a pleasing stack.

I love this picture Jill took of the thank you notes I was working on. She has the best angles!

Max came home from school at 2:30 and joined us at the table to do his homework. Looking at this sheet, it's hard to remember that I used to be really good at math! Now, I don't remember how to do any of this algebra.

Jack was mercifully calm and only required a minimum of trips out back to run around and bark at the birds.

Jill wore her new darling necklace. I love it.

She brought me this cute bookmark -- a picture of me, Kristi, and Jill from last year's Women's Conference, and one of my very favorite quotes. Something I want to remember, to make sure that I don't belittle someone else's ambitions. I want to be the kind of person that rejoices in others' successes.

Jill didn't have to leave early, so it felt like we got a good chunk of time in, and I finished a stack of thank you notes. I don't know why I never do stuff like that on any other day, but it's how I roll, and makes Creative Friday indispensable!


patsy said...

I LOVE THOSE TINY PEPPERs TOO! we eat them all the time & I feel ripped off if costco is ever out of them-

I love all these photos- such a great day!

Neighbor Jane Payne said...

I've always wondered if people really eat those peppers or simply use them as garnish. Now I know. Michelle eats them, most use them as garnish.

Ohhhhh, you do not look old, Michelle. No wrinkles above your lip. No wrinkles around your eyes. No, you do not look old.

Good dog, Jack. Nothing like a dog that will lay on his bed and not chew on it.

Hmmmm. I have to take an online college math class soon. Max's paper confirms my fears. (I didn't have to take math because my ACT scores were high enough back in the day. Somebody changed the rules and now I do. Oh, but what I need the old rules.)

Natasha said...

Those peppers are so adorable. Luci and I both love red bell peppers so I need to try out this tiny version.

That is great that you were able to get Eva into preschool mid-year. I was wondering how that would work.

I always think your creative Fridays are so inspiring!

Kelly said...

I'm always tempted to buy those peppers but I'm never sure of what I would do with them. Snacking on them is a great idea, though!

Oh, that math! Brynlee has algebra this year, and it scares me how much I've forgotten. Of course it was 22 years ago that I took algebra, but still.

PQ likes to dress herself lately, too, and I also find myself explaining that. Her favorite combo is a hot pink pair of pants and a hot pink v-neck t-shirt. It looks like scrubs. My big girls call it "Phoebe's pink scrubs", and it's really not cute. But, when I tried to explain that it didn't really match ... well, you know, what matches hot pink better than hot pink? I lost that battle.

Lovely thoughts on Jill's bookmark quote!

Denise said...

I love the tiny peppers, too, but am the only one in my whole family who does so I don't often get them. I like to saute them with sweet onions and make quesadilas.

Someday. . . someday, my ambition is to have a Creative Friday with someone I love!

Jill said...

I didn't have a problem with aging before I started looking old either dang it!

Oh how I love that stack of colorful envelopes!

Eva's ensemble is rather funny, but anyone who knows you guys would know she dressed herself.

Creative Friday lunches are always my best meal of the week!

I had no idea I had the best angles!

That shot of Max's homework is enough to give me a panic attack!

Barb said...

Just think how great it is going to be to have Max around for homework help for Lucas and Eva!

jenn said...

I'm excited that your Take 12 will fall on Creative Fridays- it will be so interesting to see if you document it differently or what else you notice about your day...

happy day.

Susan said...

I think I just live vicariously through your creative Fridays. I have my own kind of "creative Fridays", but it ususally involved being at my store until midnight or so...this week, Dad helped me until the end! That was bliss.

I love your reports.

I want to try to peppers. Not sure I've seen them at our Costco. Are they sweet or hot?

I don't recall giving in to the "dress yourself" issue until you were much older! (Probably a generational thing...)!

charlotte said...

That looks like such a great Creative Friday!

Amie said...

Excellent pictures. I don't have much left to say about Creative Friday... it always looks fabulous.

rebekah said...

Eva always makes me laugh, always. Hee, hee.

I'm interested in trying these tiny peppers now. Very cute.

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