Saturday, August 29, 2009

in case you didn't know

1. Several of you asked about the crockpot recipe I made the other day. I posted it here. It's so dumb, it's almost not a recipe. You asked for it!

2. My home teacher told me about a free app for the iPhone/iTouch: Stanza. It is so cool! You can download ebooks to it, and there are libraries of free ones (mostly classics). You can also purchase new ones if you wish. I have 10 books loaded onto mine that I really want to read and now I have that many more books to take to Paris without taking up any room in my suitcase!

3. I want to win a Blendtec blender! Sure, the odds are slim, but please take a second and go vote for my recipe! You can vote once a day and the contest ends on Monday. Thanks!

That's all, peeps.


Jill said...

I love the new banner! I almost said something about the tomatoes yesterday and then gave myself a mental smack instead.

That chicken taco recipe is totally my kind of recipe! (Except for the chicken of course.)

Jill said...

I just voted for your recipe, but was very surprised to see that some of your competitors have thousands of votes...what's up with that? You're holding strong with 7.

Natasha said...

I voted and now you are up to 52!

I enjoy my Kindle for the same reasons - easy to travel with.

"The Activist" said...

There is a (free) Kindle app for the iPhone too.
It takes you right to amazon to purchase. There
are free classics and no book is more than $9.99
It will save your purchases and transfer to a Kindle
if you ever buy one.

I stalk your blog and think it's great. Three reasons:
1. You love books.
2. You have great style and you are amazingly
3. I have a Max too. He's 2. I hope he has the "eye"
your Max has someday. It's Fantastic.
4. You have amazing recipes!
Oh that's 4...I could probably write 20 more!

I hopey blog stalking isn't creepy. Just wanted to say hi.

Good luck in Paris!

"The Activist" said...

Argh! Not hopey, hope my. And I voted too.

TX Girl said...

There is also an app called Classics. You can get 10 or 12 books. Obviously they are all classics (hence the name), but they are great classics.

crystal said...

I refuse to make another of your recipes until I summon enough energy for the Heavenly Bread.

crystal said...

And the Stanza app sounds delightful! So far Pandora is my favorite. What other cool ones have you found? Oh and HEY! That reminds me: I was listening to some random travel show the other day (I am an AM radio nerd) and the host was discussing how amazing the iPhone was on his trip to Paris! I totally thought of you! Have you looked into how to use it internationally? I wish I could remember the particulars; he had really good advice concerning how to keep your service bill low for calls. But he did say it was worth the G3 cost for the GPS. Oh, the possibilities of GPS in Paris!

Kim Sue said...

yeah for all your productiveness and the feeling of calm it brings!

everything pink! said...

i voted!

Claudissima said...

that is amazing all the information that you can hold in that little tine vessel. I hope you win, I will send my votes away to you! There is never a quest that is not worth trying for.

Robyn said...

I voted for your recipe. I hope you win!

melanie said...

I hope you won, I love all the food you post! Yeah for free books that take up no space.

rebekah said...

That is a big breakthrough for your Paris sanity! Books would take up so much room in your luggage. Score!

amy m said...

i love crockpot recipes. thanks.

apps are so delightful. There is seriously one for anything you can think of.

i hope you win the blender.

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