Tuesday, July 21, 2009


Outside my window...I have tomato plants in pots. I see tiny green tomatoes and I can't wait for them to ripen!

I am thinking... that I wish I could stay home tonight. (I pretty much always think that when I have plans at night. I'm weird.)

I am thankful for...friendship. Mine and those of my children. Landon slept over here last night, and Jill just picked him up and took Lucas to her house for a sleepover tonight -- it's the ultimate switch! (We have a policy of no sleepovers except with cousins, but the boys asked last week, and we decided we didn't mind because we consider each other to practically be family.) The look on Lucas's face was priceless -- he could not believe his good fortune.

From the kitchen...whole wheat bread. And carrot pasta if I have time. Tomorrow I'm going to make the watermelon lemonade I saw on Miranda's blog!

I am wearing... my black capri lounge pants with white trim and a black t-shirt. The ultimate in comfort (I've been cleaning all day). Also my new black flip-flops with jewels, ooh la la.

I am creating... a clean house! Also still working on my ruffled scarf with my beloved bamboo yarn...

I am going...miniature golfing for Young Women's. It's 95 degrees, yikes!

I am reading...The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society. Loving it.

I am hoping...I can find my lost keys! They have been lost since Saturday and I am starting to lose hope. I'm also hoping that Eva and Bella get along great and that we don't have to have a reprise of sharing boot camp.

I am hearing...SpongeBob. Not my favorite sound, but so preferable to the whining I was hearing before.

Around the house...the fan is on, so delightful (Marc is downstairs so he can't be annoyed by it). And I finally, finally finished my paint touch-up today, whew! (man, I really hate standing on the top rung of a ladder)

One of my favorite things... the way Eva is happy when she wakes up in the morning. Yesterday when I woke her early to go to tennis lessons, she groaned and I feared the worst. Then she wrapped her arms around my neck and said, "Mom, I just love you!" Last week when I had to wake her, she immediately sat up, made the "rock on" symbol with her fingers and said, "Yeah, wakin' up early!!"

A few plans for the rest of the week... tomorrow: Creative Wednesday and then picking up Jessie and her family from the airport! YES!!

A picture to share... I took this at the park a few days ago and I just like it:


Miranda said...

I'm praying that someday my little girl will make the rock on sign and say "yeah! Wakin' up early!) I love it!

(P.S. Who doesn't love seeing their name on other people's blogs?! Hope you enjoy the lemonade!)

Jill said...

This was a rather fun post to read. I'm excited for you to have a clean house with a newly painted basement and front door, and your van door fixed.

Mini golfing in 95 degree weather does not sound fun, but I'm sure it will end up being better than you think it will.

I can't imagine Eva making the rock-on symbol, what in the world?!

Great picture!

patsy said...

this is a great post- It sounds like you are getting a ton of great stuff done this summer.

I love the thought of the "rock on" Eva... :)

Hooray for jesse coming~ I bet they are so excited!!

wende said...

i love this kind of post.

i just finished the guernsey book and thought it was just delightful. it felt sort of like a book about good mail. :)

Anonymous said...

So I stole this idea and posted it :)

I love the picture. LOVED Guernsey. Can't wait to see your ruffled scarf and that lemonade sounds delightful.

kelly said...

what a great post and a reminder of what your life was like!

Anonymous said...

That's an amazing post. I love it. I always like a real look into bloggy pals lives.

Kelly said...

Oh my, I laughed out loud about Eva being happy when she wakes up. PQ is the same way. She usually goes to sleep saying, "I promise next time not to oversleep." I don't know where she gets that because she never oversleeps, and we never talk about anybody oversleeping. But the rock on symbol and "Yeah, wakin' up early!" cracked me up!

Enjoy your time with Jessie!

lelly said...

we have a similar sleepover arrangement with some close family friends. it has saved me on many a Sunday morning when mat was already off to work and i needed a few more moments of sleep!

Shawna B. said...

I loved reading this post, Michelle! The park photograph is delightful. I think I would frame it.

I just finished the Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society, and every page of that book was a treat. It made me happy to hear that you are reading it.

I love the color of your front door. It's so bright and cheery, and you can never go wrong with green.

Having good friends is the best thing in the world. You and Jill are so fortunate to have each other, and it's a huge bonus your boys are such good buddies, too.

Watermelon lemonade?! Yes, please! Sounds delicious. So does the pasta and wheat bread you are whipping up. Impressive.

Don't blame you a bit for not wanting to do the miniature golf thing in 95 degree heat. Really, does ANYONE want to mini golf in that temperature?

Good luck finding your keys. My sister-in-law lost hers today, and it has been a source of great distress.

I think I'm going to try Eva's "rock on" wake up. My boys would get a kick out of that.

Finally, I really like the picture of you and Jill from a few posts ago. You look lovely. You both do!

Liz said...

Loved this list. Eva is a character. Waking up is hard sometimes, isn't it? I love it when they wake up happy. Lindsey, my oldest used to always wake up singing when she was younger. I miss that!

charlotte said...

I love this post! The mental picture of Eva making the "rock on" symbol is hilarious. And yay!! for Jessie come tomorrow!!

Elizabeth said...

I guess Eva is a morning person. Have fun with your sister!

rebekah said...

This was a great post, and such a delight to read. So many things here that I'd like to be enjoying (not mini golfing though).

Claudissima said...

great post michelle...keep going because I am not caught up with yoU, but I love the way you described things...such is life, such are miracles...such are blessings

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