Thursday, July 23, 2009

tennis lessons

Max and Lucas have been taking tennis lessons all month and loving it. I signed them up for the 8:00 and 9:00 times so they could beat the heat a little bit.

On the first day, we showed up at 8:00 and the parking lot was almost empty. I could see the teacher and one student standing on the far side of the court. Imagine our surprise when Max went in and discovered that the other student was his cousin and longtime friend Andrew! We had no idea Andrew and his siblings had signed up as well. They ended up being the only two in the class and so it was like private lessons for them.

They didn't really want to pose for me, but I caught them walking in together, ha!

There is a playground adjacent to the courts, and Eva was over the moon that we were going to play at the park twice a week first thing in the morning.

Lucas, not being such a morning person, played his DS on the playground equipment more often than not.

Eva cracked me up by running around pretending to be chased by dinosaurs, learning how to pump her legs on the swing, befriending anyone who happened by the park, petting many dogs, and going to the top of the big slide, only to say, "I just don't have the courage." (She finally got the courage during our last week there.)

Yesterday she convinced me to climb up the twisty slide and sit with her under the "tent" at the top. Then she wanted to tell ghost stories. What the? Oh well, at least I felt like a fun mom for a little while.

When I wasn't pushing her on the swing or pretending to be the dinosaur's mom, I worked on my knitting or read my magazine. This one is Seeing the Everyday, a gorgeous publication filled with fabulous photos and great layout. (It is dedicated to finding beauty in everyday life, and pretty much makes my heart sing.)

This is the view from the swings. Finally after a couple of weeks of looking at it, I got to wondering about that hill. What was on the other side? Eva and I went to investigate, and there was a track and a soccer field on the other side. It was a big, lovely hill, perfect for rolling down. I can't remember the last time I rolled down a hill. Turns out, there's a good reason -- I was so dizzy afterwards I couldn't stand up! (What is it about childbirth and not being able to do stuff without getting dizzy and/or nauseous?? It's a cruel twist of fate.) Eva and Lucas, however, found they could roll with impunity.

Max is really loving tennis, he has been riding his bike to the nearest school to practice at least once a day. I think we've discovered a great new thing!


patsy said...

wow- to getting up that early... I am TRYing to get trent to sleep in, at least until 8:30, with mostly no luck-- except today!

What a wonderful time to be at the park- I wish I was a morning person- sometimes...

I tried a long time a go to roll down a hill & nearly lost my lunch- yes some things are for childhood!

The photos in this post are beautiful- I love those Eva quotes!!

Anonymous said...

Is this cascade park? If so- it is around the corner from my moms!

I love beating the heat but wonder if my kids didn't wake me up so early if I would have the same attitude!

I am not, nor was I ever equipped to roll down hills, ride on loopy roller coasters, or be the passenger on winding trips up the canyon.

Great photos as usual :)

rebekah said...

I think you are awesome for rolling down that hill! That is so cool!

I remember when I learned how to pump my legs. It works so much better than begging someone to push.

Miranda said...

Seeing the Everyday = WAAAAAANT!

Jill said...

I love it that Andrew ended up being the only other kid in Max's class! Those two are such a pair together.

It's fun to think of Eva loving those early mornings at the park. It's a whole different experience for the mom when you HAVE to be there for a certain amount of time. It must have been liberating for you to feel like you were getting something done at the same time as being the fun mom!

Kudos to you for investigating the other side of the hill and for rolling down it!! My capacity for dizziness is so tiny since having kids, it's rather frustrating.

jenn said...

I get motion sick since having babies too- making it really hard to be the fun mom when you take your kids to lagoon and can't stomach the flip rides (not that I ever liked them but now- I can NOT handle them)!

I'm jealous about your positive tennis experience- ours was not so inspiring!

Amy said...

Yeah, remember when you used to like feeling dizzy, too? I remember spinning around and around so much that I would be dizzy enough to fall down. For fun. Childhood is magical.

Jen said...

shhh! the baby is sleeping! i can comment!! HOORAY! :)

what a great park!!! i used to LOVE rolling down hills. and really- i thought i was the only one who now gets dizzy and nauseous post-childbirth! it is cruel. but i'm glad i'm not just the weird one out!

eva cracks me up. she knows the word courage?!

Kelly said...

Sometimes I get dizzy just by turning around too fast. Hooray for you for braving the hill!

I think this sounds like a great situation. You get the lessons over and done with early, and the park has to be more empty and cooler that time of day, than it would have been later.

We so need to get Eva and PQ together. PQ sits at the top and says, "I can do this. I can do this," to psych herself up.

Michelle said...

How cool about Andrew! I love when the kids find something they enjoy - go Max! I'm totally on board with Eva - sometimes I just don't have the courage.

Denise said...

At no time in my life have I ever been able to roll down a hill without feeling sick and dizzy afterward.

Amie said...

I've been wishing all summer that I had put the kids in tennis lessons... seeing your pictures REALLY makes me wish I had.

Claudissima said...

Oh my, I love outings like this. I think it is awesome that Max is doing the finer things in life. CELLO, TENNIS, PHOTOGRAPHY, SEALING WAX ON ENVELOPES...oh, My I could go on and on and on....and living in Paris, what more those a BOY need? You are awesome parents, and he is turning out to be a jewel! Great job!

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