Monday, June 29, 2009


Max's birthday wish list:

a mortar and pestle
sealing wax and a monogrammed seal
dark chocolate
computer games
Killer Bunnies
fish for dinner

What he actually got...

reacting to his main gift:

A hard cello case in a very stylin metallic orange color. Grandma Susan & Grandpa Fred made a downpayment on it when they were here at Christmas time, and we've been making payments on it since.

Monogrammed seal and wax from Mom & Dad.
Also a bike tune-up, two t-shirts, and several kinds of chocolate.

A Target gift card from Jill.

An iTunes gift card from Aunt Michelle & Co.

A Borders gift card from Gr. Susan & Gr. Fred.

cool sheets from Jessie & Co.:

He loves them! He put them on his bed right away.

Chocolate from Lucas and Eva.

Chocolate and CDs from Grandma Mim & Grandpa Bob.

He registered one of his computer games with money from Grandpa Lou.

Wii Points from lifelong friend/cousin Andrew.

This book from friend Nathan (he was so excited).

For his party with friends, he requested an ice cream cake from Cold Stone (peanut butter/chocolate). It was pretty good, but...

For the family party, Max requested this cake. I think it turned out delightfully well this time! A seriously delicious cake. A cake to convert people who don't love cake. (Of course, all the glory on this one goes to my grandma, who gave me the recipe.)

And fish for dinner.

I think he had a pretty great birthday!


Nikki said...

I hope my sons are this sophisticated when they are 14 years old.

I think boys like your son help others to see how it is possible that a young 14 year old boy (i.e. Joseph Smith) could have been wise enough and spiritual enough to do what he did.

Happy BIrthday to Max. :)

Jill said...

Wow, what a great birthday for Max! He scored some seriously great gifts and amazing cakes! That cello case is awesome!

Susan said...

That sounds like a perfectly wonderful birthday! I'm glad to see the documentation of everything and happy that the gift was a success!

But, he is looking entirely too old...

Kim Sue said...

wow...he seems to be an amazingly mature 14 year old! that cello case is rocking.

Amy said...

Great birthday haul! What a cutie! I love that he wanted chocolate. That just cracks me up. Do you think that's genetic or simply a learned passion?

You know, I just don't get ice cream cakes. Not at all. They are my least favorite cake in the world. I'll take a nice piece of made from scratch cake always! Thanks for posting the recipe on your other blog. I think I'll make it for myself for my birthday! I know, I know, but when you have a husband with a broken leg, that's just the reality!

Robyn said...

Wow, that case looks expensive! I am sure he was happy with everything he got. It's so impressive that he asked for a mortar and pestle. I want a good one too! I love those sheets. The cake looks amazing. Hope it was a good one Max. Happy Bday!

crystal said...

Killer bunnies, ha! "They've got fangs!"

crystal said...

(and who doesn't love cake? Seriously.)

crystal said...

oh, i LOVE nikki's comment! sniff. what insight :)

rebekah said...

max always has the best birthday lists. i always love reading what he asks for.

Claudissima said...

oh my i need that recipe....looks delicious!

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