Friday, March 13, 2009

five for Friday

1. Marc's home teaching companion told him that packing your nose with black tea bags helps with bloody noses. He went and got me some late Monday night. We didn't exactly know where to go from there, so we steeped a couple in hot water, squeezed them out, and I put them up my nose. I couldn't really say if it made a difference, but it did feel strangely soothing...

2. Max had a school orchestra concert last night. His teacher is over the orchestra at two neighboring junior highs, and they combined for this concert. Max was the first cellist from both schools! He even had a small solo, which I missed due to Eva being noisy and crawling all over me. Not my proudest parenting moment. Also, his teacher announced at the end of the concert that all parents were required to take their students out for ice cream. I didn't feel like I could do that right then, as I was already late to book club, so I gave him a rain check. Thanks a lot, Ms. J.! Again, I was not feeling like a very good mother.

3. The blue sky has returned and it is really feeling like spring here. (Well, spring in the high 40's, anyway. And it should hit 60 next week!) I was really interested to notice how much my spirits rose when the sun came out. I hadn't realized that I was feeling particularly down, but suddenly I was just -- happy. And energetic. Welcome back, sun.

4. I discovered this blog today and it is way cool. Not a ton of posts yet, but some very cute free downloads!

5. Hooray for haircut day! I always have to wrangle Lucas into it, as he wants to grow his hair out and I don't like it when it covers his ears. He also can't stand to have his picture taken. (before)

Eva, however, was begging for a haircut, and since her hair was getting quite long and they were having a $6.99 sale, I obliged. She is so short, the stylist found it easier to just have her stand while getting her cut... Of course, Eva talked everyone's ears off the entire time.

(after) Eva's hair still doesn't look like she got 2 inches cut off! But the boys, oh, the boys. Now they're cute again. And I could tell that even Lucas liked it.


rebekah said...

i love that marc bought you premium black tea instead of a junky generic brand.

i used to think that i loved winter and overcast skies, but after this winter i'm reassessing that opinion. the sun came out last week and i experienced the same mood lightening phenomenon that you did. unfortunately, we're back to gray, oppressive skies again. i promise i won't complain about the scorching heat of summer and the stifling humidity, i just want the sun back!

patsy said...

You TAKE FABULous pictures!!

I completely understand the happiness that comes from some sun... & next week in the sixties!!!!! WOO HOO- I may actually get something done around here- I have been dragging all winter.

That EVa I love chatty kids- probaby since I used to be one

GORGeous boys- you may need to get a whip/sword to fight off the girls that are coming your way!

Melinda said...

Happy Birthday! I hope you have a great day and get spoiled.

shannon said...

First of all--Happy Birthday! I'm so excited to see your post on what you got for your birthday (I was privy to some information on what your mom and dad got you)--can't wait for your reaction!

It's amazing what a little sunshine can do to improve a mood!

I checked out the blog that you recommended--it's great! I'm going to put it under my "what inspires me" sidebar--

It's so funny about the haircuts...
I actually find myself being much nicer to my kids (and husband) after a fresh new haircut...
I hate the unkempt look!

melanie said...

Happy, Happy Birthday Michelle!

The sunshine does wonders for me. I'm missing it today after a beautiful day yesterday. I can't wait until it's here everyday again!

I love how Eva is trying to coax Lucas into getting his photo taken. She is adorable and the new haircuts look great.

Elizabeth said...

the tea bags work on sty's also.

Denise said...

I love haircut day! Lucas looks especially cute.

The teabag trick is good to know--especially the tip from Elizabeth above.

Denver Nasal Ointment coming your way!

Barb said...

How cute is Lucas' guitar shirt???
How cute are all your kids!
I imagine the jr high girls are swooning over Max.

Robyn said...

Happy Birthday! Hope you had fun with Jill today.

Eva's hair is so long- my poor girls have about half of that. She's got lovely locks. The boys look nice too. I cut Austin's today- yay for haircut day!

Way to go Max being 1st cellist at both schools. He is a talented young man, you must be so proud. I hope that my kids can gain some talents like that. I think it gives them identity and confidence.

Jill said...

What no self-portrait of you with tea bags up your nose?? Where's your dedication to self-portraiture? Ha.

I think the cello concert situation was an example of not having enough of yourself to go around, so don't beat yourself up about it.

I feel the same way about blue skies, warmer temperatures and sunshine!

It's so frustrating that boys seems to need haircuts every 3 weeks! I'm just glad Randy takes Landon so that I don't have to mess with it.

I can't believe Eva got 2 inches cut, I can't even tell!

rmt said...

Oh dear, I'm so behind on blogs. Have you been getting bloody noses? I'm sorry. Good luck with the tea bags...and nosebleeds is a side effect of a new med I'm starting, so I soon may be very thankful for the tip...

I love it when Daniel has a fresh haircut. Your kids look so cute!

Oh, and what's with the teacher promising ice cream? Sheesh! I don't think that's okay.

Susan said...

Those are three dang cute kids!

Hope you had a good day.

Kelly said...

I never would have guessed that about the tea bags in the nose! I do remember putting tea bags in my mouth when I got my wisdom teeth out. That tea is in such a lovely package!

Hooray for Max being first chair cello! He's looking so grown up! All the kids look so cute with their haircuts. One of my Primary kids told me that he thought Phoebe needed a haircut yesterday -- cracked me up!

Anonymous said...

Tea bags up your nose? I drink a lot of tea, I even cook with it, but I have never heard of this one. Tea is just so good for you, I will have to remember this one!

The haircuts look great. I can't even tell Eva got that much cut off. Her hair is so thick and pretty!

It does feel like spring here!

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