Sunday, February 01, 2009

Six for Sunday

Just a few things that happened this week that I wanted to document:

1. I finally was able to do my visiting teaching this week. I managed to find a time to visit one woman that I haven't seen since October. (She works two jobs, is extremely busy, and doesn't return phone calls.) We were catching up, and I discovered that they had an unexpected financial problem in November which resulted in them not having anything at all for Christmas. My heart sank. Here is a woman under my stewardship with a problem like that, and I didn't know anything about it! Have I mentioned she lives right down the street?

The Relief Society president had called her and happened to find out about their troubles. The ward provided Christmas for them, and they were very grateful. And all this happened without my knowledge (or my companion's). Oh the guilt. I am much more determined now to make sure that we keep in contact. I will try to get her email or cell number. Or I will drop by more frequently. Somehow, I have to do better. I hate knowing that I've fallen down on the job.

2. I took the boys to get their hair cut on Wednesday. Since then, Lucas has taken to fashioning his hair into a fauxhawk. I'm not opposed to this in theory, but I think his methods need a little work. It cracks me up that the boy who used to resist getting his hair combed with all his might now voluntarily goes into the bathroom upon waking to get busy styling.

Oh, and he told us he wants to watch the SuperBowl today! What the? I don't think we've ever had a football game on at our house. He sure knows how to surprise me.

3. Eva has been pretending to be various dogs this week (she is a huge fan of Martha Speaks). On Thursday, I found her lying on one of the stairs. (I confess I didn't know it was possible to stretch out on a step like that.) Apparently, that's where Miranda sleeps in her pretend dog world.

4. Marc and I went to a matinée of Slumdog Millionaire yesterday. Oh my. I loved it so much.

It doesn't have any explicit sex, but it does have some disturbing violence related to being an orphan and living in the slums. Despite that, it has an overwhelmingly buoyant, soaring, and upbeat feel. I loved the casting, the cinematography, the soundtrack, everything!

A movie that can make you want to sit and watch the credits has really accomplished something in my book. And going to a matinée makes me feel like I'm getting away with something! Truly enjoyable.

5. Last night, Eva woke up with croup. I already had her vaporizer going, and I rocked her for awhile so she could be upright, but she was still struggling to breathe, so we bundled up and went out into the cold. We were sitting outside shivering and she suddenly became very still. I followed her gaze and saw three deer walking down our street. They saw us and froze. Eva was completely enthralled and whispered, "they're white-tailed deer, Mama!" Eventually they decided we were not a threat and we watched them forage for awhile.

The cold air must have done the trick because she was able to go back to sleep and didn't wake up until after 9:00! This is so unusual for my kids that I actually went in to make sure she was breathing.

6. So now I'm home from church, again. We got a call this morning telling us that Max is going to be the new Deacon's quorum president (he was at church early setting up chairs). I wonder if his new calling will make him any more inclined to go on the Klondike campout this weekend? And I hope they don't set him apart today while I'm at home...


Neighbor Jane Payne said...

Michelle, I love reading what is rolling around in your brain. I felt despair in your visiting teaching situation and thrill at your seeing the deer. Thanks for capturing so much of the ordinary and making them extraordinary.

carlo said...

wow, that is a lot going on.

i love the deer pic and hearing about eva's reaction. oh the little things

your visiting teaching story tugged my heart

Jill said...

I think this visiting teaching incident will be helpful to everyone who reads it. You had been trying to contact this sister, so it's not like you had slacked off or anything. We had a visiting teaching conference at church today and I kept thinking of this story and how beneficial it would be for everyone to hear.

I'm not too keen on the faux hawk, but can appreciate his desire to be adventurous with his hair.

It looks like Eva only has a very small amount of time that she'll be able to fit across the stair like that.

I've only heard great things about that movie.

What a cool croup story!

patsy said...

I really enjoyed this post-

I can completely relate to the renewing commitment to V.T.- it doesn't come easy for me & I continually have to tell myself- it is important.

The super bowl & fawhawk?- he is a boy & he is growing up! my boys seemed to spend more time on their hair than my girls ever did- funny-but oh so serious.;)

that deer story- wow
My boys did the klondike- he's gotta go- it's not easy to get into that. A lot of boys/leaders want to go but they can only take so many. HOpe you can get him there-
song & dance- do you ever feel like you are doing a song & dance to get your kids to do things? I swear I'm always doin' a song & dance :)

Barb said...

Oh, dear! You probably aren't prepared with Superbowl party food for today :-0 it coming as such a surprise and all. Any chicken wings in the freezer?

Doodle Bugs Paper said...

Oh My My!! I love your blog header and the quote is just awesome!

The picture of Eva on the steps is adorable. I love those stripe tights on little girls.

Susan said...

Way to go, Lucas! I'm not a fan at all (and in fact, dislike the look), but I suppose it could grow on me, being on Lucas and all! I do love that he is taking interest in style!

Eva on the steps is just too cute and I'm very proud of Max's new calling. I know he will take it seriously, (as he does his whole life)! It's a good thing to be serious about.
, and in Pa. there are many. I have mentioned the wild turkeys in my blog, but Saturday on the way into work, right on our street, there were 4 huge wild turkeys! Usually they scatter instantly when approached, but as I slowly drove closer to them I stopped. I was deciding if my camera were within reach without getting out of the car, as my last attempt at
photographing them proved to send them running. I stopped the car
and they came right up to the car! They surrouwnded the car and just stood there craning their necks! The ground was snow covered and we have had an intense subzero spell for several weeks. My guess is that they were starving and thought that I might offer relief! They were so interesting and quite pretty, but no camera in sight.

I am sad that we did not know of your friend's plight at Christmas, as it would have been a great gift of love for us to give special service. I'm sure you will keep in touch with her more closely and there is always time to serve her now and in the future.

I've heard much about the movie but hadn't thought of being interested in it. If you recommend it, I'll have to give it another thought.

Amie said...

I love little kids lying on steps.

I hadn't even heard of that movie.

I love the image of watching the deer in the middle of the night.

A good reminder for visiting teaching... don't be hard on yourself though. I know it is a great program but I don't think there are many that really go to their visiting teachers first. Maybe I just haven't had any that have really broken the barrier to true friends.

Kim Sue said...

eva is too those tights :o)

everything pink said...

jeff came home with his military haircut the other day and they didn't cut the top short enough so he seriously had a mohawk - it was so funny.
that guy is going to look so forward to having a job where he can cut his hair anyway he wants.

that photo of eva is so darling

shannon said...

faux this a new word?--I'm so cracking up right now...
We've got a lot of "pretend dog" stuff going on here as well...I haven't quite figured out why my girls would prefer being a dog.--They are both totally into it though...
Sorry to hear about your visiting teachee...Don't beat yourself up about it...I hate it when I feel like I've dropped the ball, too ...I feel like I'm always doing that! I'm a rotton visiting teacher...I'm really working on trying to improve...
That's really neat about seeing the deer...nature is so inspiring!

Claudissima said...

Oh my Michelle...I must say that sometimes it has nothing to do with you on your end...being on the other end lately, sometimes you just don't want anyone to know or even be involved. You bubble yourself in a place that nobody really can reach. It is nice that you actually made contact with her and maybe the barrier is down some more that you can actually reach her. Love the photo of Eva...sooo cute and I was early to a movie the other day and stoped in to see this one, and it peaked my curiousity...I hope to see it soon thanks for the tip

Amy said...

Slumdog Millionaire left me breathless for two days! Such a good movie. I wonder if the book is any good? I've heard that it's very different from the movie--different stories/experiences. The main character's name is even different!

amy m said...

I've definitely felt that guilt before. It's hard because you can be making visits, but sometimes they don't tell you things and then you find out from others. Like when I got a call from one of the counselors in the RS telling me the woman I visit teach had back surgery a week before. I felt like an idiot. I think it's also hard when you're not in RS each Sunday because some things do get announced and you miss it.

I keep hearing things about slumdog millionaire and how amazing it is. I am tempted.

The croup is scary. I remember many a nights out in the cold with Bella.

Last week was my first week going to church in two weeks and it was a welcome. I can definitely tell the difference when I haven't taken the sacrament. Hopefully everyone will be better and you'll be able to go next week.

Fred/Dad said...

Congratulations to Max on his new calling! This is a young man that honors his Priesthood.
The picture of Eva on the stairs is TOO cute.
Good for Lucas and his interest in style....and his interest in the Super bowl. Hope he was cheering for the STEELERS!!

Hannah said...

I love that picture of Eva. Kaylee does that all the time.

The deer story is cute! Neither of my kids has ever woken up with croup, now I know what to do!

I love Lucas' new do. I am a fan of the fauxhawk!

That movie was awesome. I am glad you liked it.

rmt said...

I love the deer story! I bet Eva will remember that forever.

I'm sorry that you are dealing with croup at your house! I had it when I was 18, and I swear it's the sickest I've ever been. So I feel for little Eva.

I have heard so many good things about Slumdog Millionaire. Can't wait to see it.

charlotte said...

I love Lucas's hair!

I remember when John had the croup really bad, and Dad was out of town. Mom can remember better than I, but as an older sister, I remembered being really scared. Poor Eva :(

Amy said...

I agree with Jane's comment completely. I think I'll pass out if Aidan ever gets to the point of actually wanting to "style" his own hair. I'm sure it'll come, but that's some kind of milestone!

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