Saturday, January 31, 2009

Creative Friday

Eva had a make-up day of preschool yesterday, which made for a very calm and quiet start to Creative Friday. She was in a good mood when she got home, so even though she didn't take a nap, we were still able to talk and be productive.

I made a loaf of Hannah's bread, but apparently I didn't let it rise long enough because it was a tiny, personal-size loaf -- kind of like a bread bowl -- it was very tasty, though! Truly the easiest bread recipe in the world.

This photo of Jill, though blurry, cracks me up. She's irritated because she got ink all over her hand and her writing smeared. I hate it when that happens.

It's only appropriate that the queen of good mail has this much postage! Jill made a huge stack of cards and wrote several as well.

I worked on thank you notes and birthday tags. I haven't kept very good records and I can't remember when I started sending these out... I think it might have been March birthdays last year? I don't really want to repeat, but that means I have to come up with a new idea! (not my strong point)

Doesn't Jill look cute? (I always want to be the one with half of my face showing...)


ala said...

I would like to try that bread recipe. I love easy (and tasty).

I hate it when ink smears but I am left handed so there is often a stain on my pinky.

Cute sp. Half of my face is always a good idea.

charlotte said...

I got your email, and we would love to make valentines! I would have emailed you back, but your email wasn't saved as a contact in my address book, and my email account just erased all of my emails from the past week. So, just email me again so I can actually save your address this time, and we'll work out a valentine time! :)

Neighbor Jane Payne said...

Inspired as always by your creativity, Michelle, AND your sparkling stove top. My goodness it has a shine!

amy m said...

warm homemade bread has got to be one of the best things. I need to try Hannah's recipe.

I too hate when my ink smears. Glad you guys got so much accomplished.

Anonymous said...

Michelle... I am blog stalker (creepy, I know) but was wondering if you sell your b'day tags? They are very cute.

HOOP said...

Michelle,thanks for visiting my blog. I am new to this!
I can't wait to read your recipe blog also because I love to cook too.

Susan said...

Sounds like you'd better reeeealy start to sell those tags! I have noticed multiple requests!

I would be in line myself!

Sounds like a fun and productive day. Yea.

Claudissima said...

OHHH i LOVE THE last photo and it is kind of magical in that it looks like jill has curly hair and you have straight hair, what a combo!, a while back I was watching a show and the girl had straight hair, and the crown part of the head she left curly...well like 10 long curls over the straight hair, it was very cute! Love the photo....and the ink...that is funny someitmes that fountain pen will do that to you!

carlo said...

love the tags. (oh i love them!)

your bread is just too cute.

Jill said...

The bread was so, so good! I could have eaten the entire loaf, I'm sure of it.

I hate it when I smear ink like that, I'm not even a lefty!

My envelope of postage makes me happy, and I appreciate the fact that you think it's grand too.

I'm loving your super macro shots. said...

new idea nothing! those tags are amazing and if i got them every year for the rest of my life, i would be a lucky woman.
if it ain't broke don't fix it.


Anonymous said...

I am so glad you liked the bread. I can't stop making it. It is just too good and easy to stop!

I love your macro shot. And the picture of you and Jill- you two are onto something taking them at the start.

wende said...

oh please - repeat repeat! i love your birthday tags! a gift that cute is deserving a round two!

rmt said...

You both look cute! I love your lipshick shade.

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