Monday, February 16, 2009

breaking news: we left the house!

Our President's Day started off with a bang as I took Lucas to the doctor -- ear infection. It's been bothering him for a few days, but apparently not enough to keep him home from school or church. So, another scrip for amoxicillin!

Marc's parents called this morning and asked if we wanted to meet up at the dinosaur museum at Thanksgiving Point. Marc was working, Max wanted to hang out at home, but Lucas was game and Eva was over the moon with excitement. She is majorly obsessed with dinosaurs and has been asking to go to the museum.

The low light conditions made for blurry photos, but -- hey -- it's my blog and I'm posting them anyway.

Both of the kids loved the sand and water tables where you can create dinosaur habitats. Dams, canyons, flash floods -- mayhem and destruction, the choice is yours!

This is for you, Jess. I'm pretty sure that "Weirdicus" is another name for these fish.

I was fascinated with this specimen of many many ammonite fossils (just a small portion to show detail).

Fascinated, yet vaguely repelled at the same time. Who can blame her?

Yes, folks, that is a woolly mammoth trampling a human. Does the fact that they're in skeleton form really lessen the terror in this image? (Luckily, Eva walked right on by this exhibit.)

Lucas looking at an egg as big as his head!

Lucas was determined to get this shot. At first Eva thought he wanted her to get inside the shark's mouth and ran away in terror. We eventually persuaded her to come back, but she
was a reluctant participant.

The only other thing that scared her was the 3D dinosaur IMAX movie. The ticket agent assured us that it would not be too scary for a 3-year-old, and yet, she was starting to whimper at the very beginning, just from the music.

Still, even without sitting through the whole movie, we were there for 3 1/2 hours! I don't know that Eva would have ever left willingly, but I pulled out the big guns: looking for a souvenir in the gift shop (Grandma & Grandpa's treat). Lucas chose a stuffed dinosaur and Eva chose a snake and some stretchy lizards.

We were all thoroughly exhausted by the time we got home, but hey! We actually left the house and did something fun for the holiday, so it was a good tired. (I can say that now that I've eaten dinner, the kids are in bed, and we watched House and 24.)


Jill said...

I am shocked that you left the house on a holiday! Good for you, that's progress (write that down in your next word of the year report).

Wow, 3.5 hours at the dinosaur museum, that sounds like a long time to me.

Becky said...

When we went to that museum during our trip to Utah for Thanksgiving we had such a good time! And I have to laugh because I took a very similar wooly mammoth/skeleton photo and posted it on my blog :) We also took some shark photos, etc. Looks like it was a lot of fun!

Hannah said...

Hooray for getting out of the house on a holiday!!! I like that you went even though everyone didn't want to go and didn't have to.

3.5 hours is impressive!

patsy said...

I love that museum!
REally fun going with G & Gpa. Good for you getting out- I am the opposite & HAve to get out or I get cabin fever.

charlotte said...

That sounds like a really fun holiday! I went to the dinosaur museum on a date once--it's a really cool! (And I didn't see the mammoth-trampled human. . . . I'm not disappointed about that one.) I'm glad that Lucas is feeling better and that Eva didn't have to go inside the shark mouth :)

Laurie said...

Your photos are actually quite good. It's very hard in that darkish place to get one without some blur. We went there for the first time last year and Jemma hid her face from everything for the first 20 minutes. It was exasperating, but she finally got over her fear and showed some interest.

Amy said...

I love outings like this & wearing the kids out is always vital to me having a good holiday.

Amy said...

We have never, ever spent that much time at the dinosaur museum. We usually top out at 1 1/2--so way to go! I love the shark, but both of my kids at some point have literally run past this room. It's scary!

Claudissima said...

I did not know that Eva was into dinosaurs...good for her. That place is magical, I love love love it. Good for you, and for the kids...they probably enjoyed it a lot. It is great for kids and soooooooo many things to see

Amie said...

In all the times we have been there I have never taken great pictures. Fun to see yours.

I am always surprised by what a great museum that is I always forget that it is more than just another Thanksgiving Point money maker.

Good for you for leaving the house... I need to do that.

jt said...

I've never been there! Sheesh- 8+ years, and I never went there. Maybe in July?
1. I love that Weirdicus Fish!! It's my mascot.
2. Mammoth trampling is disturbingly graphic. How is it that I can see his facial expression, when he has no face?

Jen said...

when i saw the human skeleton being trampled, i had to wonder: was this utah or alaska? :)

how great that you got out of the house!!! and wow- have you considered buying stock in pharmaceuticals? what a nightmare to have so many ear infections- for you AND him! poor kids.

Susan said...

Interesting day and WAY cute photos of the kids! Hooray for leaving the house! (That moldy, or something infested house.....)

tee hee.

Robyn said...

It does sound like you were there for a long time! You are a champ. I guess it's always easier when Gpa and Gma are there to entertain as well, esp when they're buying souvenirs! It is a cool museum, my kids love it. We really should go more often!

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