Saturday, October 25, 2008

six for saturday

1. This girl has decided that she will no longer respond to the name Eva. She is now Boo the Little Ghost. When we inadvertently call her by her former name, she gently corrects us. Each and every time.

M: Eva, come get your shoes on.
E: You mean Boo the Little Ghost?
M: (sighing in resignation) Yes, I mean Boo the Little Ghost.

It was kind of cute the first 4 or 5 times she did it, but we're going on a week now, and everyone's patience is running a little thin on this one.

2. On Monday night, we started a game of Cities & Knights of Catan. It took us four nights to finish the game, what with Mutual and homework and waiting until Eva was in bed. When I won on Thursday, Lucas proposed that we immediately begin another game. Marc won tonight, and we started another round. I'm not sure how long we can go doing this every night, but we're getting in some quality time with the boys!

3. It was red ribbon week at school and Lucas had crazy hair day yesterday. Fortunately for him, I haven't taken him in for a haircut yet, so there was a lot of hair to work with. Marc used four hair products to get it to do this, and I'm not sure if that includes the black hairspray they used at the end. Lucas now wants to wear his hair like this every day.

4. I invited Hannah and her girls to come over on Friday. With Jill out of town, I was afraid I would be sad without any semblance of Creative Friday. I worked on tags, cards, and good mail, and Hannah was a book-folding maniac. Eva could not have been more thrilled to have Mya as a playmate.

I made Robyn's pumpkin crumb cake. I loved it! It forms two layers: the bottom layer is like pumpkin pie filling, and the top layer is like crumb cake. I love pumpkin pie, but I'm not a huge crust person, so for me this dessert is a fabulous pie/cake combination. Max liked it, Marc didn't really care about it, and Lucas and Eva didn't try it. But little Miss Kaylee loved it!

5. I finished this book yesterday. Oh my. I couldn't put it down, I had to push through to the end, but I never wanted it to end. Even with my abysmal memory, I feel certain that Wanderer and Naduah and Takes Down the Lodge and Medicine Woman and Quanah and John Parker will stay with me.

This is one of those books I don't think I ever would have picked up on my own. I didn't think I had any interest in Native American stories. What a mistake that would have been. Thanks, Jess!

6. Marc and I have been working on our garage on Saturdays. Today was the third Saturday in a row, and I'm finally starting to see some improvement. That's how bad it is.

We have found many many "pointy words" (that's mouse turds, for those of you who haven't seen Stick It). It is so disgusting! Marc was mopping up the floor with ammonia and wearing the cute polka dot rubber gloves that Lisa P. sent me ages ago. He had to know I was going to document that! In his defense, they're the only rubber gloves I have, but why would I go back to plain yellow??


Jill said...

Eva's persistence will serve her well throughout her life, but I can understand how it would be tiresome for the rest of you.

Catanfest at your Chez Moi...who knew?

I think Lucas' hair looks cute like that.

Hooray for a Creative Friday substitute complete with a self-portrait and everything!

The cover of that book is heinous, did you find it hard to get over that as you read it?

I'm glad Marc had some foxy gloves to wear during your garage cleansing, does this mean you're finished?

marc said...

Well, now that Eva has just changed from "Boo the little ghost" to "Blue bug" (aka Wood Louse), at least we can be glad that it has fewer syllables.

As for the glove photo, hmmm, what kind of payback might be in order?

Neighbor Jane Payne said...

Yes, yes, you're right. Ride the Wind stays a part of your conversation for years!

I love the miscellany in your post, Michelle.

I just noticed your label "this defies comprehension." How funny. What a good label.

Neighbor Jane Payne said...

Oops. Rereading my comment, I realized I was misleading. I haven't finished Ride the Wind, but Calvin and many in my family did 20 years ago and they still talk about it on occasion. I think I'd better finish the story, I only think I know it because I listen to them.

charlotte said...

I love love love that book! Grandma recommended it to me, and I haven't read it in years. I really need to pick it up again. It is such an amazing book. I'm glad you love it like I do!

rmt said...

Boo the Little Ghost? That's so cute, but I can think that because I don't have to say it multiple times a day...

Lucas looks cool with his crazy hair. I like it!

I'm glad you were still able to do Creative Friday! Hannah is always great to hang out with, and one of the most creative people I know.

Good luck with the garage!

Anonymous said...

I loved that she didn't miss a beat with the name correction- no slip ups!

Crazy or no- I really like the funky hair on Lucas, he looks totally cute.

Friday was awesome, thanks for thinking of it and having us over last minute. It was a good reprieve from life. We look cute in the picture if I do say so myself!

I think that is one of my favorite books of all time. It has been a while since I read it and it has stayed with me for sure. I hope you read Follow the River- they were such good back to back books for me.

The gloves are most excellent!

Amie said...

Now I am curious and need to read that book. I love a book you can't put down even though you don't want it to end.

Eva is so funny. My brother once decided he was Peter the Ghostbuster and wouldn't answer to anything except Peter... it gave my mom a scare one time when she went to pick him up from the nursery and the leaders said they didn't have a "Bret" when she saw him run by they said, "oh, we thought that was Peter." I remember her telling us how happy he was with himself that he had the nursery calling him Peter. (Now... I am wondering how they didn't know who he was... my parents have been in that house almost 30 years... hmmm) We also went through a stage where Jessica convinced James he was Peter Pan and although he couldn't really talk when someone would say his name he would hit his chest and say "Pan!" Good times... I think anything in Eva's voice would be cute.

I love when I get to be the creative Friday substitute... really cute picture of you and Hannah.

carlo said...

oh boo the little ghost is so adorable...

again, b/c i am not saying it daily.

ellie often has varying names. i get confused as to which one we are on somedays

good work on your garage. we are working on the basement (actually, by we i mean me) and no pointy words yet. THANKFULLY!

love the gloves...need to restock my stash and i agree. who can go back to yellow?

Marie said...

Busy fun life. I love that Eva has to be a different name. My niece Brynlee was Mrs. Jumbo (Dumbo's mother) for a long time when she was a little girl.

When I read your tale of the garage clean out I almost am thankful I don't have one. Note I said almost.

Denise said...

That is an AWESOME photo of Marc with his glaring eye peeking through his polka-dot-trimmed work gloves. My garage is so heinous at present, I think it will take a month or more of Saturdays to make a dent!

I need to re-read Ride the Wind. I read it about 20 years ago on Grandma's recommendation and loved it.

Eva. Eva. Eva. . . .

Laurie said...

Great gloves!

And yes, I'm familiar with the characters that go on beyond the cute.

crystal said...

I AM CRACKING UP! We've been playing Cities & Knights all last week, too! (2 ongoing games...) Seriously. That is so weird.

I lost both times.

To my children, aged 7 & 9.

Robyn said...

You're not a crust person?! Should I read that over again... that really surprises me, with your cream pies and all.. hmm. I am glad you liked the cake anyway. It's so delicious!

I can't wait for my kids to get old enough to play Catan with us and have nights like that. Sounds like you had so much fun with them. I love Lucas' hair! He must think it's so cool.

Photo of Marc: Priceless

Susan said...

Eva! What a pill!! (But it does entertain the rest of us!!)

Lucas' hair is pretty hip! I can see something coming of it!

The game sounds too demanding at the end of a day.......although I've never tried it!

Marc looked like he was painting something my favorite designer accent----but cleaning the garage is pretty sweet!

A great accounting of entertaining happenings.

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