Friday, October 17, 2008

Five for Friday

1. On Monday, Eva and I met Marc at BYU and we all got flu shots. I revealed our purpose just before we arrived on campus.

E: No! I don't want a shot!
M: Don't worry. It only hurts for a second.
E: But I don't like to get hurt!
M: Well, that's true. No one likes to get hurt. But if we get a flu shot, it will help us not to get the flu, which is a sickness that can make you throw up or have a fever and it can last a long time.
E: Yeah, and it's quick! I'll just say "ouch!" and then it will be over!

What the? I'm always shocked when my reasoning gets through and she is totally on board.

When we walked in, there were two little kids crying and crying. It didn't bode well. But you know what? She really did say "ouch!" and then calmly walked over to get her lollipop! She keeps us guessing. Of course we talked up her bravery and then I let her pick out treats at the candy counter in the bookstore.

{this was the slightly foggy, snowy view of Y Mountain, still resplendent in its fall colors}

2. Speaking of fog. Eva informed me yesterday that she can see better when she's wearing her sunglasses. I asked her if she ever has trouble seeing things, and she said yes, that when she takes her glasses off, it's harder to see because of the invisible fog. Invisible fog? This, combined with her new affectation of pointing and squinting is really making me wonder if she needs her eyes checked. Drat.

3. On the way home from Max's cello practice, we stopped at a house with piles and piles of pumpkins on the lawn. These $3.00 ones were giant! They also had ones for $2.00 and $1.00. I bought three to have on my porch (hopefully spray-painted a la Susan), and I will definitely go back for more to carve. It's funny how delighted the kids were to see the pumpkins on the porch, it's like it's more officially October or something.

4. Does anyone know what this groundcover is? I've seen a lot of it around the area, so I know it grows well here, and I think I might like to plant some. Unless, you know, it's like kudzu or something.

5. I started using Marc's dumbbells this week. It's been a long time since I did strength training, but I have always enjoyed it in the past. I have never used dumbbells, however. Here's the frustrating thing: both times I did it, it made me nauseous! Yesterday, I actually had to lie down for an hour after my workout until the nausea passed. What the? Granted, I get nauseous very easily, and sometimes it happens when I'm using the exercise bike, but it usually passes pretty quickly. This is not good. It definitely doesn't make me look forward to my next workout.


Kelly said...

I'm impressed with Eva's bravery and no nonsense attitude about the shot. Avery was not half that composed the other day getting her eyes dilated at the eye doctor.

The pumpkins are amazing. We went to a pumpkin farm yesterday, and PQ fell in love with a tiny pumpkin and named it Sophia. Today Sophia is soft and mushy and I'm not sure if Sophia has been abused or if Arizona pumpkins are just not hearty creatures.

Neighbor Jane Payne said...

The only time I got a flu shot, I got the flu. I decided I'd take my chances in the future :) Not very sound reasoning, not smart at all, it sounds like I need Eva to convince me to try again.

I do know what that ground cover is except I only know it by its nickname. I'm no help. Sorry.

I can't believe your sunglass stash! Wardrobe enhancement indeed.

deidra said...

My mom always referred to it as "Bishop's Weed." Apparently, she knew what she was talking about. See here.

Susan said...

Flu shots....I need one!

Sometimes when I work out (not that often, unfortunately), I get nauseous too! I think it might have something to do with blood pressure and sometimes arythmia. Anyway, I don't like it and it makes we leary of the next work-out.

That price for pumpkins....sweet!

Amy said...

Sophia has been abused, Kel because our pumpkins are alive & well. What has me gaping though is your pumpkin prices, Michelle. The large ones where we went were $10. They look so gorgeous!

Eva is someone I definitely want to meet.

Jill said...

Eva is so smart, I'm not surprised at all by her ability to understand your reasoning about the flu shot.

I need to buy pumpkins at this place you're talking about. I bought some tiny ones at Wal-Mart the other day and they ended up being $2.50 each. Lame.

I'm so leery of ground cover because it always seems to be totally invasive and just will not die. (This might actually be the purpose of ground cover.)

I don't know what's funnier to me, the thought of you using dumbbells or the fact that using them made you have to lie down for an hour! Good for you for exercising, but that's just funny.

Denise said...

What the?! Pumpkins at my Walmart are $4.98 each! And at Costco the really large ones are $6. Hence, I think this is the first year I don't have spray-painted pumpkins on my porch. I haven't completely given up, but I can't quite bring myself to pay that much.

Anonymous said...

That is a steal for pumpkins! We grew ours this year and I have wanted to get a couple to add but the prices are killing me.

Eva is awesome about that shot! I think I would have filled pockets with candy if my girls had that approach! I have had a flu shot twice and got the real flu both times- why?!?!?!

As far as the nausea- do you eat before? Do you drink a lot of water while working out? I find that if I do anything more than sip water I get nauseous. Good luck!

Amy said...

That Eva--so funny! I hope everything is alright with her eyes!

Jeremy and I both get nauseous when we begin strength training. It goes away--I promise! But like Hannah said, make sure to drink water while working out.

If you get your pumpkins spray painted, make sure to post a picture! We all will want to see!

rmt said...

Hooray for Eva! What a star!

I love pumpkins on the porch, too. They are just flat out pleasing.

Natasha said...

What luck! I paid $15 for pumpkins that big and they are already rotten!!
We got flu shots here too. Griffin was screaming and then stopped as soon as he received the shot and asked the tech, "What - that's it?"

Dad said...

Good for Eva!! Good way to boost the bravery quotient...
I get a flu shot every year. Mom and I had the flu at the same time in college, for a week...don't ever want to go through that again!!

charlotte said...

I love strength training--it's definitely one of my favorite ways to exercise. I feel that the results are easier to see! And Eva never ceases to crack me up.

Kim Sue said...

it is definitely not kudzu but you always want to be heads up about that...the last thing you need to do is spread kudzu to Utah!

Elizabeth said...

Do 8 Minute Arms on youtube. It is a great workout with the arm weights. But it only lasts eight minutes. There is also buns (my favorite) legs and abs.
You will have to put up with the 80's leotards though.

Claudissima said...

Oh my goodness look at those pumpkins....and the they are like 10 bucks....for a medium size....gasp...hey ,I think you should get your blood pressure checked, because that should not should check it on a normal day and then when you do the exercise, that doesn't seem right...any how, better cautious....I've been doing arms for some time now, the top is looking quite good but that flabby bottom on my triceps....ARGHHHHHhh

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