Saturday, October 18, 2008

Creative Friday

We had a kid-filled Creative Friday yesterday, and with the added chaos of that and a neighborhood dog's incessant barking, I was feeling a little less calm and serene than usual. Fortunately, Creative Friday cures a multitude of ills.

Jill brought me 3 presents: a sweater from her, like one of hers that I had admired -- she bought me one ages ago and has been waiting for sweater weather!, a book from Amie that she noticed was on my to-read list, and a cute container of embellishments from long-lost Lisa. How fun is that?

Jill announced that she now has "cutter's elbow". This totally made me giggle. Apparently her elbow is suffering from overuse as a result of all those good mail labels and now she is in need of a special cushiony pad or some such.

Did you know that I hold my pen/pencil all wrong? Well, I do. Look at that clench, it totally goes against my peaceful ways. I have a callous on my fourth finger, which has substantially decreased now that typing has largely supplanted my writing by hand. But when I do write a lot, it hurts.

I finally cut apart these labels from Jill. This kind of cuteness makes me want to send mail! (I had no "cutter's elbow" issues.)

I just love the way Jill's shirt matches her pretty eyes in this photo. I think I'm going to try to be blurry in all my self-portraits from now on! My skin is definitely improved by it.

Jill will be out of town next Friday, whatever will I do?


Jill said...

I had already forgotten about my cutter's elbow woes, I seriously need to start bringing a mouse pad or small pillow to cushion my elbow against the table...who knew?

I remember the callus you had on your finger back during your note taking days at BYU, isn't that funny? Everyone probably has laptops now and have carpal tunnel instead of calluses, that's just weird.

charlotte said...

That's such a great SP! And you hold your pencil like I do; Mom says I look like a special needs kid. I'm glad there are more people who hold their pencil like me!

amy m said...

I think I hold my pencil like you because I also have a callus on my fourth finger. Those labels Jill made are so so cute and I love the ones you made that she showed on her blog.

That is such a cute sp of the two of you.

a day of creating and three thoughtful gifts on top of it. What a great friday.

Amy said...

MIchelle, I think you and I may have the same grip for writing. I hold my pens all wrong, too. I used to have the biggest callus, but like yours, mine has largely gone away thanks to typing.

Like I said on Jill's CF post, that is a really nice self portrait of you two. You both look really good!

Kim Sue said...

I know you will miss Jill and it will not be the same but I bet there would be lots of takers on substituting for one CF. Too bad I would have to buy one REALLY expensive plan ticket to be able to show up! said...

I saw this SPT picture on Jills blog (She will be upset that I did not comment) but it is a beautiful picture!

I love to hear about Creative Friday from both of you!

wende said...

cutter's elbow, that is pretty good. i am remembering the big callous on my fourth finger growing up but like you it has gone away due to typing. i haven't thought of that in years. apparently handwriting is a dying art form, but typing is just too easy to quit!

you are too hard on yourself in your sp photos, your skin is beautiful even when it's crystal clear. you both are beautiful!

rebecca said...

I want a creative Friday buddy. Every time I read your recaps, I get the teensiest bit jealous, but mostly just happy for you that you have time set aside each week with a friend, with some lunch, with some projects. Love it!

Susan said...

I think this is seriously the most adorable self portrait of the two of you!

I too, am so glad that you have such a friend. When I get old(er) and retire, can I also be invited??! Maybe I can pick up on some of the tricks of the trade. I don't know about that.....I think there might be a serious learning curve!

Darling photo and darling friends. Can't get much better!

Denise said...

I long mocked Charlotte for the way she holds writing instruments. I can't believe you do it, too! She does look like a "special needs" kid!

You and Jill are two of the most thoughtful people I have ever known. I love the SP. "Cutter's Elbow?" Tell that one to House.

rmt said...

I hold my pens EXACTLY LIKE THAT! And I have a pesky callous on my fourth finger as well. I don't know why I feel excited about this little thing we have in common, but I do. Great minds think (and evidently write) alike, eh?

You both look beautiful in your SP. I've been admiring Jill's shirt, too.

Cecilia said...

You and Jill are so darling! I so admire your friendship!

Your SP looks gorgeous...Jill shirt is beautiful!!!

crystal said...

I strongly suggest making a cardboard standee of Jill. You're going to be lonely.

I MUST buy gift tags from you! (featured on Jill's blog) They are tres chic.

Also tres chic...the SP & your outfits. oh la la

April said...

You guys look all dolled up in your SP...kind of gorgeous, actually.

My son holds his pen the exact same way...I used to worry about it...but you have put my mind at ease. Clearly you can be an oh-so-fabulous-grownup even if hold your pen "the wrong way" (as his English teacher says.) Ha!

patsy said...

So sorry jill will be away this week!
everyone is right- those tags- so darling.

Now that you mention it I used to have one of those callouses too!

Your friendship is inspiring :)

carlo said...

i told jill that i love that color on her, too!

your smiles are so cute

Diana said...

That's a beautiful picture of you two.
Anytime I read about your creative fridays it just makes me happy. It sounds like such a nice pleasant stress releasing time.

Claudissima said...

darling labels, darling picture, darling goodness and I want to come next friday how about that....too bad we are 500 miles away....zut alor

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