Wednesday, September 24, 2008

trip to Jessie's

I left late Friday night to fly to North Carolina. I was stocked with ear plugs, an eye mask, snacks, and a very good book.

Well, I couldn't sleep on the long flight. So thank heavens for a good book!

This is why they call it the red-eye...

The upside of having a 3-hour layover in the wee hours is that the airport is largely empty and so there are more photo ops.

And you might even catch a beautiful sunrise! (Atlanta)

Of course, it was all worth it! This adorable little girl always has her hands up by her head.
She almost never cries, and even when she does, it's more like a warning system -- something akin to a smoke alarm with low batteries -- one little ping at a time to give you a chance to react. It's quite endearing. Plus, she's unimaginably tiny, also very endearing.

My parents were still here and we overlapped for one day. Mom made a wonderful dinner. I went out shopping with her for a little while. I slept with Mom and we stayed up late (really late) talking in bed. It was like a sleepover of the best kind, especially since I haven't seen my parents since last Thanksgiving!

Dad trying to orchestrate a photo shoot with Smeagel. Mostly fruitless. But he's so accommodating, so involved, and so generous that when he makes a rare request, no one has the heart to turn him down, even if it looks hopeless from the start.

Bella and I have been buddies. Today I took her to Monkey Joe's, an inflatable climbing, jumping and sliding heaven.

The other day we went to the grocery store together. She brought her "silly guy" and strapped him in next to her in the cart. With that and a cookie from the bakery, she was good for a long shopping trip. We've eaten breakfast together, read a lot of books, and had some puppet shows.

She's still a doting big sister.

Yesterday, we went out to do a couple of errands. Timm wanted us to fill up the van before the gas stations ran out of gas, which has been happening here since Hurricane Ike hit the Gulf Coast. (We also stopped by the pet store and Target.) It proved to be too much for Jessie, so she took more naps today. Good call.

But just for reference, look at how tiny this girl is!

Only two more days...


Anonymous said...

That first picture of Fiona is SOOOO cute. I am so glad you are there to help and see little Fiona and actually just BE at Jessie's house. I can't believe you only have two more days. No way!

Alison said...

1. I want that bracelet in the photo.
2. I want to cuddle that baby in the photo.

Denise said...

I have that bracelet in the photo! (Thanks to Susan, of course.)

Thanks for a post! I've been dying to hear about your time with Jessie and the girls, and can't believe you only have two days left. Fiona is about the most perfect baby I've ever seen!

Neighbor Jane Payne said...

Oh, Michelle, she is so precious. I love this line, "She almost never cries, and even when she does, it's more like a warning system -- something akin to a smoke alarm with low batteries -- one little ping at a time to give you a chance to react." What a descriptive sentence.

I'm so glad you get to be there. I still treasure the babies and the time that I got to go be with with my sister.

charlotte said...

Every picture I see, my love for little Fiona grows. My favorite picture of is Bella doting over Fiona--that seems to encapsulate how I felt every time I've been a big sister. (For some blessed reason, I have specific memories of each of my siblings being born, even though I was pretty young each time.)

lelly said...

she's beautiful!!

the gas situation in western NC is really a bear. fortunately, we haven't really experienced it that much here.

hope you don't get wrapped up in any of our n'oreaster!

Liz said...

I love the first picture, with her little hands up by her head. So sweet. I think it is so great that you are able to be there helping Jessie!

Jill said...

Hooray for an update, I've been waiting all week!

I'm so glad you got to stay up late talking to your mom and having a sleepover, hopefully that will hold you over until the next time you can get together.

Fiona is so tiny and so cute. I love it that she emits warning sounds and not full-on cries. That's so endearing.

I'd like to see your dad's Smeagel photos, what a brave soul he is. I don't like to look at Smeagel for too long, I fear my corneas will burn. Ha.

crystal said...

She is a DOLL. And I love her name. Mine is only 3 mos old and already I miss that newborn stage. Sigh.

Smeagel is HILARIOUS. Best pet name. Ever.

Is that a Twisted bracelet on your wrist??? I LOVE IT. I must copy. Where'd you get it???

rmt said...

I am so glad that you are there with Jessie and Bella and Baby Fiona! It must be so nice for both of you.

Foina is so cute, I just can't get over it! I think she looks like Jessie.

I never thought I'd say this, but I kinda miss that freaky cat.

Natasha said...

At 1st I thought Smeagel was a pig on the couch, then I looked again and saw it was the hairless cat. What a pot - from that thing to sweet little Fiona. She is as cute and her name and I love the pictures of her. Bella looks like she is adjusting nicely to big sisterhood.

Susan said...

Fabulous recap!!! I, too, have been waiting all week! Your descriptions of how Fiona crys are perfect! I am missing that little one every hour. Keep having fun and take care of Jess and the rest of the family.

And, for the record for your friend, I might have one more bracelet in the store!

jenn said...

I LOVE them little!! I'm so glad you got to make this trip- I'm sorry it has to end! There is never enough time with sisters and BABIES!!

wende said...

oh my word, is there anything sweeter than a fresh baby? i'm so glad you have been able to visit, what a precious thing.

Robyn said...

Fiona is adorable! What a sweet baby girl. I am sure you loved every minute of your visit!

I have GOT to read that book. Everyone I know loves it!

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