Sunday, September 07, 2008


On Thursday, Eva got this Olympic-style medal at preschool. I was there a little early to pick her up, and all the kids were walking up the stairs with matching medals. I complimented them, and they all started talking at once: "We walked on the balance beam! We went on the slide! Eva has one, too! We thought she was too little, but she did it!"

So, I got more information out of the other kids than she was willing to volunteer, but I could see that she was proud of her medal and even posed for some photos with it. Her teacher said she did great, so hopefully she won't be a problem student after all?

The second day of preschool was delightful for me -- I ran errands, put away my groceries, and vacuumed. When she got home, she played on the computer for awhile and I cleaned my bathrooms and did some laundry. I even found some time to get out some good mail and read. Delightful.

Potty training update: since I made the sticker chart 10 days ago, the girl has only gone 21 times. That's an average of twice a day! Only one accident, so she's staying dry, but... twice a day?? Should I be concerned? She gets quite angry when I suggest that she try to use the toilet, like when it's been 8 hours or so. Good grief.

On Friday afternoon, Lucas set up a game for Eva in the family room, consisting of multiple forts which are homes for each of them, a restaurant, a shop, etc. It includes good mail (he sends her money to use in the places of commerce and for daily "fees"), pretend sleeping and even sleep-overs in addition to the shopping and eating.

They played it for hours all weekend. It's hard to say who likes it more, Eva or Lucas! Eva is so thrilled that Lucas is playing with her, and I think Lucas is enjoying being in charge of all the details of the game. I'm definitely getting tired of the mess in our main living area, but I'm also reluctant to make them clean it up because it's given me a lot more free time!

Max auditioned on Saturday morning for the Utah Valley Youth Symphony. He is hoping to get into the Sinfonia, which is kind of an entry-level symphony that prepares them for the higher level. I hope hope hope he makes it because he really wants this and I think it would be a great experience for him! (photo of him warming up before the audition)

While we were there, we made some contacts and were able to procure a list of possible cello teachers. We were so sad that his teacher moved unexpectedly and we now have to find him a new one.

While we were at the junior high, Max showed me some of the places he took pictures when his digital photography class was let loose to shoot the class digital Rebels around the school. I thought this one was so cool I had to reproduce it for myself! That kid has got an artistic eye. (shot through a hole in a locker that is missing its lock)

Lucas informed me this weekend that his favorite drinks, in order, are:

1. root beer
2. amoxicillin

Yeah, that's right, amoxicillin. Which is convenient, really, considering how often he has to drink the stuff, but -- gross...

Today we attended a regional conference. It was held at the Marriott Center but broadcast to 175 stake centers! I didn't get to take very thorough notes, due to Eva entertainment issues, but I enjoyed the conference. The speakers were Marlin K. Jensen, Anne M. Dibb, Boyd K. Packer, and Dieter F. Uchtdorf.

I especially enjoyed Sister Dibb's talk about making hot, fresh rolls for the Young Women. She told them the reasons she wanted to make rolls for them were: 1 ) because she loved them, and 2) because she wanted them to taste the real thing! She was afraid they had only ever had counterfeits. I loved her take on the adversary's attempts to counterfeit every good thing. (not that store-bought rolls come from Satan!) But it resonated with me.

I finally booked my flight to go help Jessie after her baby is born. I leave in less than 3 weeks! It's seeming so real now.

Off to read more of my book club book and get ready for another busy week!


Neighbor Jane Payne said...

What a fun post to read, Michelle. And, OH MY GOODNESS, I think that shot through the lockless locker was so good.

Hmmm. Eva has a bladder of steel or blood that absorbs all extra liquid. Just think of the pull-ups she could have saved you (or did).

Your new header is pleasing!

Jill said...

Eva's bladder of steel is fantastic! Think of all the public restrooms this will keep you from visiting! Who knew?

The mess in the family room would drive me crazy too, but how lovely to her entertained so you can do other things. I hope you can sneak down to your studio to have some solitude in there.

melanie said...

I go back and forth with making them clean up the mess to letting them fly free with it. Usually it's camping around here and we have sleeping bags everywhere. Next time I'll just enjoy my alone time.

The amoxicillin comment made me laugh right out loud. So funny. And a bit strange, :).

I love Max's creative eye. I've always loved the cello, good luck finding the right fit in a new teacher.

Kim Sue said...

Good luck, Max, with the cello tryouts. Hopefully he will make it. He is a very tallented kiddo.

Lucus's amoxicillin comment is cracking me up. And I am so impressed how well he is playing with his sister.

lelly said...

tidbits... i need to do post like this.

i love max's eye for photography and have enjoyed his contributions to the takeout challenge.

how long will you be in NC?

everything pink said...

oh so much fun information to read

potty training - Sally Jane goes at 7:00 pm and not again until 11:00 am every day. And then maybe 2-3 times in the day. She is a camel, so consider it luck

Max - why should i be surprised that he would be brilliant look at his parents. the youth symphony and that photo. really amazing.

I hope to get back to commenting and catching back up with you and your wonderful life.

Becky said...

Michelle, there is so much about this post that is pleasing...thanks for making me smile so much this morning :) That photo of the lockers is amazing! And the picture of Eva with her medal is darling.

I love the forts, the amoxicillin comment, and so much more. thanks for sharing...

rmt said...

I love your new banner!

Isn't preschool wonderful? After you get over the initial anxieties, it is so nice to have that couple of hours to yourself (we're into our second year of preschool now.)

I wouldn't worry about how often Eva goes to the bathroom. As long as she isn't having accidents, I say, woo hoo! I'm thinking that as time goes on and she gets more comfortable with the whole idea, she might make the trip more often anyway.

That locker picture is AMAZING! He is very talented for sure. (How could he not be? Look at who his parents are!)

emily said...

I really like Sister Dibb's talk too. She was so happy, and her strong committment to and joy in living the gospel were so evident.

Good luck to Max! Auditioning is scary and risky, but also such an accomplishment. Way to go!

Claudissima said...

gosh I hope he gets in...specially when you want it soo badly.! That would be quite the experience. Tell him, that Alexei and jOrvik are rooting for him! Wow times flies and it is already monday! Potty training for Jorvik is still going on....trying to bribe him with anything that has to do with CARS the movie!

Denise said...

The mess would drive me crazy, too, but I'm getting better at letting it go when it pleases the kids and keeps them happily busy. How cute of Lucas!

John has always had a cast iron bladder--still does to this day. Don't know how he does it.

The thought of amoxicillin as a favorite drink is both disturbing and hilariously funny.

Amy said...

It's so fantastic that you get to go be with your sister when her baby is born. Those are some of the best together times.

I was stunned when I saw the picture of your Max with the cello. You have a grown man, Michelle!

Liz said...

Wow, that is a very cool photo!

I hope Max makes the audition cuts!

wende said...

good luck max! you're so brave! auditions make me want to cry.

plus, that locker shot was fantastic!

i have a bladder of steel too, i hate public restrooms and so jill's right, this will be a blessing!

Diana said...

Kira still only goes 3 times a day. I was worried when we first were potty training her but since she hasn't had a bladder infection the doctor said just be grateful for her strong bladder. Eva is doing great.
Your day sounds delightful!
That's so funny about the amoxicillin if Joshy could tell me that I'm sure he would.

Lori said...

Cool photo of Max's. Did he make it?

Exciting you get to go and help Jessie.

I also enjoyed Sister Dibb's talk. She was a little cheesy, but her idea was definitely a good one.

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