Wednesday, July 30, 2008

trip to Oregon -- Gleneden Beach

We arrived at the coast on Saturday afternoon and checked in to our timeshare condo where we would spend the week. The accomodations were great -- each family had their own unit with two bedrooms, two baths, a full kitchen, and a family room. We all had a great view of the beach. There is just nothing like being able to look out at the beach whenever you want to, and hearing the roar of the surf. I love it.

The condos are built on these bluffs overlooking the shoreline. It's not really as precarious as it looks in this photo! (skewed perspective from down below) As you walk down the stairs to the beach, you see many warning signs about how climbing and digging on the bluffs precipitates their erosion.

Despite the warnings, there were carvings everywhere we looked. Mostly just people's names and dates, but also interesting things like this face.

And even Spongebob -- man, he's everywhere! While the carvings were interesting, it was sad to think about the bluffs gradually getting smaller and smaller.

Of course I had to coerce Marc into a beach self-portrait. I had totally forgotten how cool it is on the Oregon coast -- so different from the others I've been to. It was in the low 60s and very windy, so we needed sweatshirts or jackets most of the time.

the water was frigid! (not that that would keep them away, but it did limit them to wave-jumping -- no swimming at this beach)

The big kids spent a long time making their own tide pools. Since Gleneden Beach doesn't really have any shells (isn't it interesting how different beaches have such different characters?), they gathered agates, rocks, crab legs, and the like.

Eva was more interested in sand castles, and she definitely kept her distance from the surf!


Marc's parents, our generous benefactors.

Marc, showing off his glaringly white legs. Not too different from his white jacket!

We went to sacrament meeting on Sunday. Boy were there a lot of interesting musical numbers in that ward! When we returned to the condo, I broke out this puzzle that I bought at least ten years ago and which was still shrink-wrapped:

It was awesome! It's a jigsaw puzzle that is also a crossword puzzle. The crossword clues are on the back (not that they helped that much), and the completed jigsaw shows the crossword answers. I love doing puzzles, but never do them because they take up so much room. And because I become obsessed with them and can't do much of anything else. I spread it out on the bar, and Max and Michelle would come by and help me from time to time. It was the perfect vacation activity -- I'll definitely do that again on future trips.


Amy said...

So far I am completely envious of your Oregon trip. Well, except for the carsickness. I could do without that. But everything else sounds so fun and restful. What a great family trip!

Liz said...

We always do puzzles at Christmas time...maybe because my dad gets a new one every year. Fun to do, but so tedious at times!

Liz said...
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Barb said...

Those Oregon beaches sure are cold.

patsy said...

gorgeous pictures!
the puzzle looks really hard but fun. I have never been to the oregon coast- it looks like a great place to visit-

Jill said...

This looks like the perfect place to stay for a vacation! I want to go!

I'm glad you coerced Marc into a self-portrait. Why does it seem out of context to see him outside? Perhaps his glowing white leg is an indicator.

The video of Eva is amusing.

marc said...

Nice. A self-portrait AND my glaringly white legs immortalized in the blogosphere. Maybe I should do a photo challenge about transforming white skin into a tan with photoshop.

lelly said...

i love having a good puzzle set up. i actually have a puzzle board - which *seems* like it would make good sense. only, in order to move it anywhere else in the house, you have to tilt it. NOT great for puzzles. i'm like you, i get totally obsessed with them!

Kim Sue said...

I love jigsaw puzzles too. We always got a new one for Christmas so we would work it between Christmas and returning to school. But vacation is a great time to have one out.

Claudissima said...

marc's comment is funny.....I think a challenge where you can get rid of all your aging and widening would be cool....or just plain having legs all in the same nice hue! I am finding my knees are getting a bit darker than the rest........wellthis can open a whole new pandora....but how cool. This vacation looks awesome, specially when there is something different from an ocean, or mountains, or flatness...etc., etc., I don't think i have done a spt with alf in a long long time....

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