Monday, July 14, 2008

Jessie's visit -- a summary

Jessie & Bella left yesterday afternoon. I've been a little blue today, especially while looking through all the photos I took during their visit, but I decided I had to post this while it's still fresh in my mind...

18 1/2 glorious days together

1 trip to the cemetery

3 or 4 joint baths -- Eva modeled "taking a mermaid" for Bella (lying down on her back and letting her hair spread out like Ariel's, Little Mermaid theme song being sung in the background) and Bella actually did it a few times! Eva got frustrated with not having enough room to spread out her short little legs, but she still wanted to share her baths with Bella. What's a girl to do?

1 girl who was happy almost all of the time and managed to just crack me up.

1 outing to Seven Peaks -- yikes. We could only handle one!

1 water bug that Max caught in the wading pool. He put it into Eva's bug-catcher (favor from Bella's birthday party) and they brought it inside for observation. After 2 days, I announced that we would have to let the water bug go or he would die from lack of food. Eva was devastated that I was getting rid of her pet! I never would have believed that my little bug-o-phobe would want one for a pet!

1 unsuccessful attempt at watching the annual balloon launch. Better luck next year!

Many days of playing in the wading pool that Heidi lent us -- most of the fun seemed to be in scooping the water out and pouring it elsewhere.

A few rare moments of cooperation.

Many, many sparklers.

3 drawings in sidewalk chalk.

2 or 3 attempts at playing Bugdom (the computer game that Eva loves). It just caused too much strife.

1 restaurant game that Lucas made up and played with the girls -- downstairs -- for 2 hours one day (!), allowing us to watch Lars and the Real Girl (our new favorite movie) -- in our jammies, while eating caramel corn. Good times.

3 big containers of bubble stuff.

Only 2 rounds of popsicles! (we tend to forget about them)

3 nights of playing cards. We taught Lucas to play Contract Rummy one night, and then we taught Spades to Max & Lucas another night. It was a huge hit.

Many under-the-table kibbutzes.

Several trips in the van with all of us!

We managed to take a couple photos of the four of us, but it is remarkably hard to get 2 toddlers to look at the camera at the same time, especially without making weird faces.

1 delightfully kid-free day, thanks to Jill

20 trips back and forth to take Lucas to his acting class, and 1 recital at the end attended by: Jessie, Bella, me, Max, Eva, Grandma & Grandpa. Apparently the kid loves acting!

2 very swollen feet. Poor girl!

2 trips to Iceberg and 2 to Cafe Rio

24 layouts completed by The Master

1 maternity photo shoot yesterday morning -- how's that for last minute?

about 30 self-portraits of the two of us...

many time-outs (mostly Eva)

countless groans of frustration (mostly me)

innumerable snacks, cartons of yogurt, sandwiches, macaroni & cheese, etc. prepared

And I am anxiously awaiting our next visit... Love you, Jess & Bella! Miss you already.


Tasha said...

Oh Shell, I'd miss her too. There is nothing like a sister! Nothing!

Jill said...

This is a great way to post about your great summer vacation with Jessie and Bella! I'm so glad you took so many self-portraits.

Kim Sue said...

How fun to have so much time together. It is terific that Bella and Eva have each other too.

jt said...

I don't really know how to comment or what to say, at least until I do my own post in reply, my own summary. Somehow 2 1/2 weeks was not enough- even though I am glad for the respite of my own house, I want to be back at yours. Bella asked me this morning why we weren't in M'Utah, and after giving her some explanation asked her if she wanted to be home or back in M'Utah. She chose the latter, but when I asked her if she missed everyone, she still said no. I'm not sure she gets the concept...

Neighbor Jane Payne said...

I love the spt of the two of you, it is so pretty.

Hooray for sisters.

Anonymous said...

I love how you posted about this- I might have to copy as right now I am feeling a loss at to how to recap it all! It was such a great trip and kind of a whirlwind when you think about it. I want to see all the maternity shots! I love that one.

lelly said...

what a great recap, and great way to hang on to a lovely 18 1/2 day visit! now you must come to north carolina. absolutely :)

crystal said...

I LOVE that photo of Max & the flag & the sparkler! It's magazine-worthy.

I've been dying to see Lars & the Real Girl; glad to hear a review.

I have the major blues, too, after visitors leave. Chin up.

Denise said...

As usual, I love all of your photo documentation! What a fun time for you two--even if the girls were a handful. Thanks for the recap!

Liz said...

It sounds like you had such a great time with Jessie and Bella. A long visit is probably the best kind, because you get to fit more into it and have more time to relax and just be. I hope you get another visit soon!

wende said...

this was a fantastic post and that maternity photo is just beautiful - great job!

that last self-portrait is fantastic too! great post. i want a sister!

carlo said...

oh wow! the spt shows off how much you look alike-- and i have not thought that before!

love the fiber one on the menu game.

what a wonderful time you must have had...

ah, sister love.

Claudissima said...

oh wow...time is just too short when you have a good time. What a fantastic visit, I still think that she should have stayed the whole month....why not?

Diana said...

Your time together sounds so nice. It was so great having Jessie here. I'm glad you live in Utah so I can see her too.

Lucy said...

It looks like you sisters had a marvelous time and the girl cousins too. I'm so glad you had the time you had together this summer. Great memories.

Amie said...

There is no comparison to sister visits. I'm glad you guys had a great time together... hopefully next year the girls will understand the coolness of getting to be together!

everything pink said...

i am insanely jealous of that kind of sister relationship - something i know nothing about.

i loved how you chose to document all these photos and experiences.

that photo of the two of you at the end it so beautiful.

i have had fun catching up on your blog today.

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