Friday, July 04, 2008

balloons were a bust

Yesterday we got up with the sun to go to the annual hot air balloon launch.

We thought we'd be okay to arrive around 7:00, but it turns out, that was just wishful thinking. We got there at 6:50 and all the balloons were already in the air!

By the time we parked and walked to the field, they were long gone. I was holding out hope that they would return for the target dart throws...

Max and I walked over to McDonald's to get some breakfast, and I have never seen an eating establishment in such a state of chaos. We were able to order right away, and then we waited for almost 1/2 hour to get our food. By the time we got back to the group and ate, we were pretty much the only people remaining.

(One balloon returned while we were at McDonald's, so Jessie was able to get a couple of photos. Good grief.)

I was having a hard time getting over my disappointment at missing everything, but the kids took it in stride. We also ran into Hannah, her kids and her mom.

Hannah and cute Kaylee

Bella with one of the frisbees that were passed out to all the kids.

At least we were all together, and nothing can be completely awful when you're with people you love.

Note to self: next year, leave the house at 6:00, go through the drive-through at McDonald's, be on the field by 6:30!!


Jill said...

I'm so shocked that the balloons were already gone that early! We always get there around that time and have never missed them. (Randy thinks it might have to do with the warmer weather or something, that they may have needed to take off when it was still cool outside.)

Amy said...

Bummer! Not the kind of learning experience you want to have. At least next year will be better.

marc said...

Too bad about the balloons, but at least everyone looks happy in the pictures.

Natasha said...

I would have been bummed too. Jill definitely would've missed it too since she didn't get up until 5:37. Like you said, at least you had family with you! My patience would have been totally shot if I had to wait for "fast" food that long!

wende said...

i'm sorry that you had to get up that early just for disappointment! sheesh! and what's up with mcdonald's taking forever? seriously, how hard is it to slap together an egg mcmuffin?

i love you blog, i'm sorry i haven't been a queen commenter lately.

your new floor is so beautiful, i'm trying to not be green with envy whenever i see it in your photos!

rmt said...

"Nothing can be completely awful when you're with the people you love..."
Love that statement.
But I am sorry that it didn't turn out the way you planned!

patsy said...

great attitude- I would've been so bummed- I'm glad you are having fun with your sis.

Denise said...

Ditto RMT's comment about being with people you love!

We stopped at a McDonald's on our way home from Santa Fe to get a soft serve cone and after waiting for at least 20 minutes, your mom went to the cashier and asked for a refund. This, after being told that "We're out of cones," and "We're getting low on hot fudge." We should have taken that as a sign.

Liz said...

What a big disapointment after getting up so early! I hope you make it in time next year!

carlo said...

wow, that is an early start to the day!


just playing catch up.

love seeing the pics of jesse and the kids. does eva look older this summer is it my blogger MIA taking over?

sorry about the mice, er, scissors reappearing. crazy

and I. LOVE. THE. FLOOR! Too cool. and just what I would expect your house to look like!

Jana said...

Sorry to hear. I'm glad that your kids were calm and still happy. Cute picture of you and your kids!

Hannah said...

It was a let down, but still fun to see you guys and experience what we did of it. Next year...already made a note about the time on my calendar!

Amie said...

We went last year and I thought it was very cool and too fast for how much effort it is to get there. I will remember to go even earlier if we attempt it again.

At least you have cute pictures!

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