Monday, June 23, 2008

just plain busy

I love that Jill has posted more than I have in the last several days, and she's been out of town! I haven't been out of town, I've just been busy. I can't say that I have much of interest to report, I just don't want to let another day go by with no documentation...

On Friday, Eva was invited to a "day camp" -- basically an extended play date at the park organized by an 8-year-old girl in our neighborhood (and her mother) to fulfill a requirement for her Faith in God award. Eva was so excited. Here she is with her first sack lunch ever:

Truly a thrill for her. If she's anything like her big brothers, this is just the beginning of thousands of sack lunches!

I got a phone call about an hour before day camp was supposed to end, informing me that Eva was ready to come home. I brought her home and put her down for a nap (except that she never went to sleep, a frequent occurrence these days...). When I gave up and got her out of bed, she was burning up.

There is a fairly common, yet strange thing that happens to my kids: they get fevers -- with no other apparent symptoms -- that can last up to a week. Ugh. She still has it, and has definitely been grumpy for the past few days. (And tired, since she hasn't been napping.)

This is not a good time for me to have an extra-needy toddler (not that it's ever convenient). Max's birthday and our anniversary is tomorrow. Jessie & Bella arrive on Wednesday morning, thus necessitating some major cleaning. Marc and I will celebrate our anniversary on Thursday. Marc leaves for Paris on Saturday. Max has his friend party on Saturday. Just a busy week.

Marc and I both had to teach on Sunday, but since we couldn't take Eva to nursery, we switched off going to church. I needed to paint my toenails before church, and as usual, Eva was most intrigued. She finally declared that she was old enough to have her toenails painted as well.

I acquiesced, because the request was just too cute. This photo cracks me up, because the point of view makes her feet look abnormally large, when in actuality they are super tiny!

Lucas has been making a shelf for his room at Cub Scouts. He did the entire thing himself and painted it to match the wall color in the room he shares with Max. He got to bring it home today and was so proud.

When Marc got home from work, he hung it above Lucas's bed. Now all that remains is to fill it with... books? treasures? I'll be curious to find out.

I couldn't go to Seven Peaks for our usual Monday outing due to Eva's fever, and Jill was good enough to take Max and Lucas with her. Disaster averted! I seriously did not know how Lucas was going to cope with the disappointment. He shocked me today by trying one of the water slides -- just last week he informed me he would never be going on them. The power of positive peer pressure.

Well, I've folded the laundry and cleaned the kitchen and wrapped the birthday gifts. To bed, to bed, sleepyhead.


Kelly said...

My kids frequently get mystery fevers, too. It drives me crazy!

You do have a busy week going on! At least it's lots of good busy (other than that pesky fever!). Here's hoping for a quick mystery fever recovery.

Amy said...

I hope Eva gets better soon so you can get your work done and enjoy all of the fun things you have going on. Summer is no time for sick kids.

I love the picture of Eva's feet. My favorite thing is the legs of her jammies--one up, one down. So cute!

Jill said...

I love that day camp idea, it would be great if that girl would do it more often (though her mom probably wouldn't be keen on that).

I'm sorry about Eva's random fever, I've never known such a thing except for your family...bizarre.

I hope you're able to do all that you need to do to prep for this busy week. Happy Birthday to Max and Happy Anniversary to you!!

Marie said...

I have tried to get my Aimee interested in fingernail or toenail polish. She will have none of it. It seems so little girly to want your toes painted. I feel like I'm missing something!

Dad said...


Elisa said...

A friend of mine has the same random fever thing with her kids! She calls it "our fever". She has 5 kids and 3 of them have it.

charlotte said...

Mystery fevers are definitely mysterious--no fun (for Eva or you). It does sound like a busy week for you--at least it will be fun though! And that's so exciting that Jessie and Bella are coming out.

Happy birthday Max! And happy anniversary to you and Marc!

Natasha said...

My kids don't usually get fever, but when they get flushed cheeks or ears, I know that sickness is coming on! Yuck!
Hooray for Jessie coming in soon.

Barb said...

Yikes, I lurked this post yesterday and didn't comment.
Right now I am supremely thrilled to have packed my last bag lunch today till school starts again in the fall, but I I completely understand the thrill of Eva's first bag lunch.

Amie said...

We have had the random fevers too. I usually think it is related to exhaustion and the body just needed to catch up for a minute.

I am surprised that it Eva's first nail polish.... I held off clear until Jessica was 2 months!

Denise said...

I love the photo of Eva's toes! I hope she's feeling better soon. Can't wait to read a post about the Sharing Bootcamp.

Amanda :-) said...

Yikes, you ARE busy!
By coincidence, I painted Isla's fingernails for the first time ever because she saw Erin doing hers and wanted to copy. Bless!
And Isla just got a call from the preschool teacher, to arrange a 1-hour taster session in July for her to start pre-schl in Sept.
They grow so fast! Eva's bunches look like proper little girl bunches, not baby bunches any more!

Cecilia said...

I hope Eva's gets better soon because I missed you at Seven Peaks this monday. I was hoping to get a self portrait with you, Jill and Amie...(my idols).

Tiffany makes me do her nails everytime the nail polish comes funny! She's definitely a girly girl.

Tasha said...

That is a busy week! I hope her fecer abates and that you can ready for your time with Jessie! That sounds so fun!

everything pink said...

the shelf is amazing!

and to have document first sack lunch ever is great!

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