Thursday, June 19, 2008

best day of her life?

Eva and I went to Jill's for Creative Wednesday this week, since she is off on her girls' weekend now. Marc needed my van, so we took his car, and it was hilarious to hear Eva say, "I've never been in Dad's car before!" (I hadn't thought of it, but it's true. It's not fun putting a carseat in the back of a two-door car.)

Amie's kids Jessica & James were over, as well as the 3 kids that live next door to Jill. That's a total of 8 kids! Fortunately, they spent most of the day outside playing in the water. I don't think Eva has ever spent so much consecutive time outside (about 5 hours, I think) -- and I know she has never gone so long without needing me! She was so thrilled to be playing with the big kids, and I could not have been happier with that setup. Once again, I was left wishing I had a Jessica at my house...

So what did Jill and I do with all that time? We had Cafe Rio tostadas for lunch. We got to talk to Amie for awhile when she came back from her lunch and going to the temple. I worked on birthday tags and birthday cards:

Jill wrote cards and framed these 3 amazing enlargements of her typewriter photos.

I keep trying to get her to sell some of her photos on Etsy. Care to join my campaign??

Jill made Eva a ring with a stone out of Model Magic. Eva then wanted us to compare rings.

Hooray for Creative ___day!!! (when did I get so many freckles?)

While we were at Jill's, Marc took the boys to meet up with his friend Tim. Marc and Tim were friends during their freshman year at BYU and hadn't seen each other since, although they have recently reconnected through phone and email. (Tim lives in California and is a CHiP!)

Tim's family was passing through Utah on their way to Yellowstone and Jackson Hole, so they made plans to get together. Tim proposed taking the older kids and hiking to Timpanogos Cave, which was pretty cool because I don't think Marc would have ever ever done that on his own initiative (he's such a city boy), but it also ended up being a good experience.

Max said it was one of the hardest things he'd done in his life -- Lucas said it was definitely the hardest for him!

Doesn't Tim look too nice to be a police officer? He also has 2 boys and a girl, and their whole family came back to our house. We ordered pizza for everyone -- (news item: Lucas actually tried cheese pizza and decided that he loves it! Well, duh! What took you so long?!) -- and the adults talked while the kids had water balloon fights outside.

Hands down my favorite time of day.

you've gotta love this inadvertent photo op... -- I don't think he had any idea.

So, twice in one day, Eva got to play with a bunch of big kids. She was running around with them and was on top of the world. She even got to stay up until 9:30! I think it may have been the best day of her short little life.


Tasha said...

What a great day! Jill should totally sell those on Etsy. I've seen some good photos for sale there, but those are REALLY good. What's she got to loose???

I've often thought the same thing about an older kiddo when I've been at a friend's house and Evie takes to her and she is great with Evie, that it would be so great to have her move in for the summer!

Kelly said...

That is a jam packed day! I hope you got to put your feet up and rest at the end of it.

Jill should sell those on Etsy -- they are amazing.

PQ is in heaven this summer with all her sisters home to entertain her every whim. The bad part is, she doesn't want to take a nap because it's too much fun, but all the fun is wearing her out, and the past 2 days she's been a bear.

Anonymous said...

I think that would pretty much be the ideal day for Mya as well- and me because she would have been entertained ALL day.

Your cards look so stinkin' cute and Jill does take some amazing photos. Like Tasha said, what does she have to lose? She already has an Etsy shop set up! said...

I also agree that Jill should sell her pictures?; Why not?

Love the recap of your day! I have lots of freckles too.. just means you have been out enjoying the sunshine :o)

I also love your new blog header!

patsy said...

Really great day!
I love when the kids are engaged & really having fun. Summertime is magical.

I love to hear when people get together with old friends. I need to set that kind of thing up more-

Jill- those photos blow me away! where did she get the frames? amazing truly!

Claudissima said...

oh yeah, that car looks small considering all the stuff we carry with babies and plus our own stuff. How cool that you got to have uninterrupted time! I loved timpanogos caves, I still vividly remember hiking it twice I think, I was in awe at the park people, that sometimes they have to hike it twice in one day...they sure are in shape. How cool to connect with an old budy. BUT POLICE OFFICER....ayayayay!

Kim Sue said...

yeah for having the best day ever for Miss Eva...just what we can all wish for a long fun summer day with friends :)

Jill said...

That's so funny about Eva, I can definitely see why that would be the best day of her life. I'm glad it went well, having Jessica as a 2nd mom is super helpful.

everything pink said...

yes, jill should sell those!

that photo of you and jill is wonderful... i am so intrigued by the darling cards.

that photo of your favorite time of day makes me almost smell Utah. lovely

Natasha said...

What a fun-filled day with lots of friends surrounding you.

Denise said...

I love Jill's photos! I would buy them for sure. It sounds like another aweosme Creative day for you!

Amie said...

I'm glad Jessica was helpful with Eva I felt bad dumping more kids on your creative day.

This will be such a good post to go back and show Eva her "best day."

Lucy said...

How fun for Eva. I think that could possibly be the best day of her far. Good things ahead!

And I desperately need a Jessica at my house too. Amie! Can you clone her?

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