Monday, December 04, 2006

weekend recap

On Saturday we all went to Marc's office. We don't go there that often, and the kids think it is a special treat! I had forgotten how much cool stuff he has in his office -- it really shows his eclectic style. Click here to see more photos.

While he tied up a few loose ends, Max & Lucas played with the "Boss Toss" toy Marc's sister gave him as a gag gift awhile ago. Eva ran up and down the halls. Who knew that looking around Dad's office and playing in the hall could be so fun?

I have tons of good mail to catch up on. Jill hand-delivered these cutest socks to me. Each pair is different, and they are soft and cozy. I love socks. I LOVE cute socks. I even like to sleep in them!

Melanie sent me a Christmas mix. It went straight into iTunes, and happily, there were several tracks on it I had never heard before! I don't tire of Christmas music, but it's fun to have something new.

Laurie sent me this cute decoration and gift tags. A great idea, since I always think I will makes lots of gift tags ahead of time, and then scramble at the last second while wrapping!

Tasha sent me this darling Kate Spade notebook and an actual letter! I honestly don't remember the last time I wrote (or typed) a letter. Cards, yes. Letters, no. A letter is an investment of time. I feel honored, Tasha!

Anne sent me this Pilates DVD. This is the type of thing that completely mystifies Marc. (You mean, someone that you don't even know, that you have never even met, just sent you a DVD?!) To which I reply, yes. That is a miracle of blogging -- you see, we do know each other! Thanks, Anne, I am definitely going to try it out, even though I am harboring a secret notion that Pilates is not for fat people. But since it is specifically for weight loss, maybe I can actually do it...

Amie's kids, Jessica & James, sent coupons for Frosties at Wendy's to my kids. Such a cute idea! My kids were of course thrilled to get good mail, and they love Wendy's, so I'm sure those will get used soon.

We went back to the dentist yet again this afternoon. The replacement retainer that they put back in Max's mouth on Wednesday broke on Friday. I sure would love to know what kind of corrosive substance is in his mouth that breaks down solder that fast. The dentist is stupefied and says that these things usually last for years. They took another impression of his mouth and will try again! The only good thing about it was that I had my camera with me this time, so I could take a picture of Max with the jar of straws!

Lucas came home today saying he didn't feel well. I discovered he had a fever. No other real symptoms, so that is good, I am crossing my fingers that he doesn't have this flu that is going around.

Can I just say -- I cannot believe how long it is taking me to do my Christmas cards. I totally simplified them this year: no stamping, no embossing, no ribbon! (I know, doesn't sound like me, does it?) I imagined they would come together really quickly and I could put them behind me, but no such luck. I worked on them all weekend, more today, and I still am not finished! One thing makes me very happy, though: printed envelopes! I can't believe I used to address them all by hand.

I'm off to work on them some more and I really hope I can finish them all tonight.


Jill said...

How is it that you ended up going to Marc's office? That's unusual. It was fun to see photos of it, much better than his cramped quarters in the old JKHB eh?

I cannot get over the amount of good mail coming your way! It's so fun to see it all, I'm so glad you're catching up on it. How rare and wonderful to get an actual letter, especially from Tasha. Everything is so thoughtful and nice, I love it.

Your Christmas cards are sickeningly cute. I was trying to explain them to Randy and I think he ended up being insulted that ours aren't good enough (well if the shoe fits). You may end up being an early-card sender yet. (Traitor.)

melanie said...

So funny about Marc and the Good Mail! Milo is the same way, he always jokes about why men don't do Good Mail. Makes me laugh.

Glad you liked the cd, and that there were new songs on there. Sometimes that is hard to do. You have a great load of mail and that makes us all happy for you!

Good luck on finishing your cards, I can't wait until you post what they look like!

amy m said...

Good luck with your Christmas cards. They are always so cute and elaborate. I hope you got them done. I just finished mine on Saturday. Still need to get them printed.

Love the socks.

Liz said...

I loved the pictures from Marc's makes me feel like decorating my husbands bare office.

I too LOVE socks! I sleep with them too, because no matter what, my feet are always freezing! Except in the summer!

I am not making cards this year, I ordered picture postcards. I just can't do it all this year, so it's super simple or nothing. Good luck finishing yours!

Diana said...

What luck in the good mail department.
I love the socks.
Good luck getting your Christmas cards done.

Jenny said...

Thats a whole lotta good mail. I hear ya on addressing the Christmas cards. Mine took WAY longer than I ever intended and I didn't add ribbon or anything whatsoever to them.

Cute socks--I love cute cozy socks too.

Claudissima said...

oh my gosh how cute all the mail you got.! lucky girl. Marc's office looks nice and I am imagening it is in the new cool is that! I too love to sleep with socks...when it gets hot I usually uncover my heel and keep the rest cards...I am giving up on them! good luck with yours...

amy w. said...

Those are some great packages! Fun, Fun! Christmas cards do take some time don't they? But oh so worth it! Good luck! And good luck on the Pilates too! I promise ANYONE can get results if you stick to it!

Tasha said...

Michelle- I knew we were kindred spirits, but now I REALLY know it. I always wear socks. In the summer I come home and kick off my flip flops and put on socks. I have to sleep in them, though sometimes I find them rolled up in my blankets because I take them off during the night.

I'm glad you got the letter.. I am a little dorky!

Kristi Brooke said...

i used to love to go to my dads office at the university when i was a kid.

i have heard rumors about your cards... i can't wait to see.

Jordan said...

Michelle, what does your husband do? It was fun to get a peek into his office, neat stuff!!

My husband is also "mystified" by the blogging world and how it connects us!

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