Saturday, December 09, 2006

cookies, bows, and hair woes

These are the cookies I made for Hannah's cookie exchange. Although they are cute, I was totally disappointed in them. They were perfect for about 1/2 hour after I took them out of the oven. But after they had cooled completely, they were crunchy. I just do not like crunchy cookies, they should have been chewy. Blah. Kind of a bummer to spend so much time making them and then have them not be very good, plus I hated giving them to everyone knowing that they weren't good. But anyway.

These are the lovely cookies I took home from the cookie exchange. I definitely got the better end of the deal. For the record, my favorite ones were Jill's, Hannah's, and Jana's! (I still can't get over the fact that Jana found time to do this.)

I packaged up the cookies and the boys delivered them to our neighbors. So glad to have one more thing crossed off my Christmas to-do list! (By the way, I got these cute take-out containers at Michael's.)

I sent out my Pink Christmas gift yesterday. I think I was even more excited to send this than I was to receive mine. In any case, it's exciting all around! (Again, I can't thank Kristi enough for the early deadline -- I was so happy to have this done way in advance and not have one more project hanging over me in December.)

Julie dropped these by today while we were at our ward Christmas party. They were signed, "from your blogging friend Julie" which was good because otherwise I might not have figured it out! Thanks, Julie, I love fudge!

And now for the bad news. Yesterday afternoon I decided I was feeling bummed out and needed to do something just for me. So I decided to finally go ahead and chemically straighten my hair (I've had the product sitting in my closet for about 4 months now). Now I wasn't expecting that it would really get my hair straight, because let's face it, I have really difficult hair. But I was hoping that it would loosen the curl, maybe give me a little of that wonderful beach hair look that's been so popular; maybe improve the texture a bit, would it be too much to ask to have a little shine to my hair?

Well it was disappointing, to say the least. The texture is not improved at all. When my hair is straighter, it is easier to see that it is just like straw. (When I was a teenager I used to compare it to a horse's tail, which is no exaggeration.) It is straight-ish, but instead of looser curls, now I just have the same curl patterns without the actual curls, resulting in a very ugly kinky wave pattern. Basically I'm worse off now, because if I'm going to have any hope of not having a very voluminous frizz-head, I need to let my hair air-dry -- even though it takes hours -- and now I can't really do that anymore. I blew it out today and it looks exactly the same as it did when I would blow it out with my curly hair! It's no easier than before, only now I can't just let it go curly. ARRRRRRGGGHHHH!!!

So now what? Spend 1/2 hour blowing my hair dry every day, only to hate the results? I'm sure it was foolish of me to have even hoped for improvement, but I would just like -- just once -- to not hate my hair. (Please don't tell me you liked it the way it was, because it's too late for that. Plus, there's no way I would have ever been convinced that it was good then anyway...)


Jill said...

I never understand why you fight your gorgeous curls, most of us wish we had them--I know I do.

Your cookies did turn out very cute and tasty, though definitely crunchy. That's not a bad thing.

I LOVE the take-out containers you packaged the cookies in!

Amy said...

What a bummer about your hair! It was a brave move to attempt it, though. Can you take comfort in the idea that you did something gutsy, even if it didn't turn out? Probably not. It's too disappointing. At least you have some yummy fudge in which to drown your sorrows.

Your cookies look totally cute? Do you know why they turned out crunchy? I, too, am not a fan of crunchy cookies. It's always disappointing when a batch (or three or four) cookies doesn't turn out right. But, the upsoide is that you got your neighbor gifts out of the way, and in such a cute way! The takeout containers are adorable!

melanie said...

So sorry about your hair. Are you into looking for a new styling product to combat frizz or helps with curl? I could look for you the next time I am ordering product. Since I get it all at wholesale (I'm a stylist) it isn't anymore than the stuff in the stores.

I have board straight hair (not bragging here) and I hate the way it is. No bend, resistant to any curl at all and flat without lots of work. People with curl or frizz always say they want it but since I know the trouble it causes I laugh at them. Is that how you feel?

Your neighbor gifts are darling. I was going to start today but took the kids to see The Nutcracker on a whim. Maybe tomorrow after church for a Sunday activity.

Claudissima said...

oh michelle HAIR WOES! Can your hair revert back to how it was? or does it just take time? Have you thought of getting a straightner? maybe that will finish straighten it from your new wave curl? (i have a skinny straightner--but it takes a long time to do 40 min...) but when I went to see Jace in Sandy (my stylist) he uses a really big one and does my hair in half the time--I hAVE SO MUCH HAIR, but it was 138 (he sells one like the one he uses on me) and I was really debating it $$ (but it is a wonderful opportunity to get something you know will work...most stylist use something wonderful on you and then you end up trying to buy some comercial thing that won't do the trick). This days after my trip to Utah and after trying to practice in my atempt to look half way decent for Alfredo's family I am going to get it...(i actually wanted to get it for my trip to mexico--next wednesday, but didn't have the guts to ask jill to go buy it for me and send it!) which I wished I did, because seriously even though it is pricy it totally would cut my straightening at least by half the time...and it would not give me sooo many frustrations like I have now... but if you have it curly and it will staighten I totally love straightening mine and the one he sells works wonders.... (i have a natural curl--which I don't like that much) --i think it happens to everyone those who have curly want straight...don't give up...for me, my hair style is WONDERFUl if it is styled...if not it is just a ARGH>>>hair I hate it! why is it? that we have to struggle with things like this? You know I was trying to learn how to style my new pucky hair, and I burned a big chunk with the blow dryer....I am used to it all one lenght and with the long layers and layerd everywhere it is just like a nightmare.
Somehow, I think you are a step closer to having it "straighter." You know don't give up!

Tasha said...

Oh no! How long does the chemical straightening last? I do things like that all the time, I want it to work so bad that I go against my better judgement trying to make it happen.

Sorry Michelle!

Julie said...

Michelle, glad you got the treats. I happened to be at my brother's house and realized you live right across the street, so I dropped them by. Small world huh? Your cookie swap sounds like fun, but what do you do with 9 dozen cookies? I think I would have a sugar headache. It's bad enough having all this fudge in my kitchen. So sorry about the hair woes, I understand curly frizz frustration as my hair is that way as well. (I pull it up into a pony tail most days, as I have no time for styling.) Hope your hair recovers soon.

Amie said...

Your cookies are so cute, we can't tell they are crunchy from the picture.

Now I want some of those take out containers even though I don't know why.

Is it ok if I ask to see a picture of your hair? I'm not being rude, just curious - you've seen my hair, I understand the dilema! Do you have a straightening iron, I think they really smooth nicely and help the texture.

Anonymous said...

You are so funny about your cookies- I am a fan of the chewy ones myself, but yesterday Linc made sure to tell me twice how he wished I would make cookies like yours and to be sure I kept the recipe. So you have at least one fan out there. Love the take out containers- what a great idea.

Sorry about the hair woes. I was going to suggest the straightening iron as well, my younger sister swears by them. Maybe if you had someone help you straighten it? Like wait a couple weeks and then do it again with an assistant? I used to do my sisters all the time and it seemed to work better with someone else. So sorry Michelle. Way to go being gutsy though!

Laurie said...

Your hair looks so pretty curly that I can't imagine it doesn't still look good, but I'm sorry for your frustration!

TX Girl said...

I don't understand your disappointment with curls either. I would love hair likes yours- mine is wavy and straight, which makes for nightmare hair.

Your neighbor packages are painfully cute. Where did you get the boxes?

I would love the recipes from the cookie exchange. Did you trade?

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