Friday, November 24, 2006

happy birthday to Marc!

Today is Marc's 41st birthday. Somehow that definitely seems older than 40 did last year... Jill was generous enough to offer her babysitting services for the day -- so sweet, because Marc likes nothing better than going on dates, (especially long ones!) and we don't get out often enough.

We went to see Stranger Than Fiction, which I heartily recommend (shocking, since I normally can't stand Will Farrell). Then we went to Bajio's for a Mexican lunch. To round out the day, we hit Target, Costco, Banana Republic, and the Verizon store so Marc could upgrade his phone.

{On a side note, I discovered last night that Marc had been entertaining the fantasy of buying his new car on his birthday, but that didn't end up being possible. But happily, it looks like he will be able to get the new Civic he has his heart set on very soon! Woohoo! Very good news, because his 1988 Civic seems to be getting ready to bite the dust...}

Jill was here for over 6 hours! Yikes. I'm not sure she knew what she was in for, but I'm so grateful -- it seems like she is always serving me in some way or another.

Marc's best friend came over this evening to play video games. Max & Lucas got to join in, their fondest wish, I'm sure. Eva and I escaped for a little girl time. All we did was go to Wal-Mart, crazy that that's what I wanted to do!, but I had seen a pajama set in their circular that was really cute and only $10. I also ended up getting Max a cute winter coat for only $20 -- apparently just in the nick of time, since Jill heard it will be getting cold and possibly snowy early next week.

Anyway, I wanted to list my favorite things about Marc:
  • he is fun
  • he is a hard worker
  • he is ambitious
  • he is an excellent teacher
  • he is a very involved dad
  • he has great style
  • he has a beautiful singing voice
  • he has a very secure sense of self
  • he speaks his mind
  • he finds ways to make things happen
  • he gave me three beautiful children
  • he never runs out of ideas
  • he still surprises me
Happy birthday, honey!
{Sadly, I did not take one photo today...}


Tasha said...

What a great day! 6 hours with your husband sounds great! We watched a friend's kids tonight and they will keep Evie tomorrow night, so if Dave's schedule plays along, we will get a date too!!!

Great news on the car!

Hannah said...

Happy Birthday Marc! That Jill is so awesome to watch them all for 6 hours so you two could get some time away.

I have been on the fence about that movie but now I am feeling a little better about seeing it- thanks for the recommend.

Jill said...

That is kind of sad and surprising that you didn't take any photos today, but I guess it wasn't really like a birthday party, and since just the two of you went out it makes sense that you wouldn't have taken photos. (Though it would have been funny if you'd had other people take pictures of you both at the various locations.)

By the way, I knew what I was in for so no worries about the 6 hours. I was happy to help.

cjw said...

That sounds like a fun day! I love it that our family makes birthdays into an all-day affair! One tradition that we have is on someone's birthday we all go around and say what we love or remember about the birthday person, kind of like your list about all the great things about Marc. It's an excellent tradition, especially for scrapbooking!

Yay for the car and happy birthday to Marc!

Jennifer said...

Happy Birthday Marc! We share a birthday-he must be a great man! It sounds like you had a great day together. Jill is a great friend to help with your children but from her side of the story it sounds like she doesn't mind one bit.

Amie said...

We are lucky that Jill is willing to watch kids. She saves me all the time!

I am glad you had a good day with Marc, very exciting about the car and I am not a Will Ferrall fan either but your recommendation makes it an option for me.

PS - I just read through the recipes you sent, I am very excited to try them. Thanks!

Jenny said...

So sweet of Jill to donate her time. But that is what friends are for right? I have actually been wanting to see that movie but was wondering if all the funny stuff was in the previews.

Happy Birthday to Marc. Sounded like a fun 6 hour date. Bummer you didn't take any pictures of your fun outing.

Awesome news about the car!@!

Robyn said...

I can't believe that 88 Honda is still going. Gotta love those Hondas! I am sure Jill would say amen to that onto one.

Sounds like you had a fun day. You and Jill are so lucky to have one another.

I loved Stranger than Fiction and I have to say I like Will Farrell although Bewitched was awful. Elf is kind of a Christmas classic at our house. Love the 4 food groups.

Jordan said...

I just have to tell you, Michelle, what a darling little girl you have. I love when you post pictures of her! And bappy hirthday to Marc!

Amy said...

Happy birthday to Marc! It sounds like you had a great day. Too bad that he didn't get his new car, but I'm glad that there is one in his future! Now exciting. I can't believe he's driving an almost 20 year old car!

I'm glad that you liked Stranger Than Fiction. Your's is a recommendation that I can trust!

amy m said...

So glad that Jill took over so you guys could go out. She is so awesome that way. Happy late Birthday Marc.

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