Saturday, June 07, 2014

Monday flânerie

At one point, I had had all I could take of smotherhood, and I went out alone. I had no plans, and no one to negotiate with, and it was delightful.

I walked past the Eiffel Tower over to Trocadéro, hoping for some good photo ops. Nada.

I decided to go to the Champs Elysées. Of course I saw a group of kids on a field trip, as seems to happen everywhere I go.

I went to Publicis, the awesome, upscale drugstore. No photos.

And then to Ladurée.

I was tempted by the pastries. Marc had bought some for his students the day before, and he ended up with the one that looks like a strawberry (he proclaimed it amazing).

But in the end I couldn't resist the macarons.

Of course I had to go to Sephora. This one is the biggest and the best.

cool display of my cute grandma's perfume

How pleasing is this?? I had to buy a few body wash scents to try. Among the options: vanilla, chocolate, caramel, mango, peony, verbena, lagoon, strawberry.

I also ate my favorite sesame camembert sandwich at Paul and watched some very mediocre street dancers, at which point I decided I was satisfied with my flânerie and returned home.

metro vending machine for your viewing pleasure

fancy metro station!

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Jill said...

I am so happy you got to go out on your own (and I hope you get to do this a few more times before your trip is over). It's so liberating to just go wherever you feel like going and not have to factor anyone else's opinions!

P.S. I've never had Macaroon!

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