Thursday, May 29, 2014


We had one more lovely day while Bob & Mim were visiting and we decided to let Eva choose an activity. Unsurprisingly, she chose the zoo (the smaller one we hadn't yet visited).

Unfortunately, there was a demonstration that had taken over a bridge and a street, requiring our bus to let us off three stops early. (This is a common occurrence in Paris.) On the plus side, we walked along a pleasant stretch of the Seine, with gardens and sculptures, and... a little outdoor gym! I absolutely couldn't believe it when I saw a group of cardio and weight machines with people working out!

These little kids on a field trip were so cute, and I was dying at the contrast between their size and the tree they were gathered around to eat.

Two red pandas sleeping. I think they look more like raccoons or foxes than pandas, but what do I know?

darling babies

There are three giant tortoises that I remember from when we lived here in 1996. You cannot tell their massive size from this photo, but they are between 100-150 years old.

These birds were cracking us up by swinging from their beaks!

This camel was doing some serious mouth gymnastics to get at the plant outside its fence. Bob and Mim helped it out by pushing it closer.

snow leopard

Eva peering into the nursery at some baby birds.

Max and Lucas helping Eva to see the large, hairy armadillo.

cool display of different eggs

A caracal! We had only ever seen these on Wild Kratts prior to this visit.

I love the little house for the horses!

I had to take a picture of this olivier (olive tree). Obviously.

This is the outside of the monkey house!

Any outing can only be improved by a carousel ride at the end.

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Jill said...

I'm glad Eva approved of at least one outing!

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