Friday, September 21, 2012

12 on the 12th | September

This isn't so much a 12 on the 12th as 12 photos taken recently. That's just how it's been.

1. Playing Telestrations with Marc's family. Much hilarity ensued.
2. Our shower head has had a leak for some time now. Marc asked a friendly neighbor if he had any plumbing experience, and he ended up spending most of the day helping Marc to replace the fixtures (our plumbing was old and they couldn't find replacement parts!).
3. Two of our light bulbs in the bathroom were burnt out and very difficult to replace, so I had gradually gotten used to it being very dim. Marc was able to replace one of them, and I finally unscrewed the fixture and replaced the other. Now it is almost unbearably bright! It's weird what you get used to.
4. Marc gave Max and Lucas a tutorial on using his weight bench. Lucas has made it part of his routine.
5. Last Saturday, I went to a costuming workshop for Lucas's current school musical, Beauty & the Beast. This bejeweled, beribboned mask with sequins and feathers is the boy's version!
6. The whole school cafeteria was filled with women working on costume projects, and extension cords dangerously crisscrossed the room.
7. The lovely boutonniere I made for Lucas to wear with his tux in, I assume, the finale.
8. Once again, my studio has become simply a repository for bags and boxes that have nowhere else to go. I had to excavate my desk so that I could access my sewing machine to work on — you guessed it, costuming.
9. This is not the first picture I've taken of Max doing homework at the computer in an origami-like post, but it never fails to amaze me.
10. Eva had a powerful hankering to make cupcakes on Sunday. (Lucas was lobbying for chocolate/peanut butter, which led Eva to divulge that she is not such a fan of peanut butter, which led us to question her true identity as an Olivier.) We settled on chocolate chip cookie dough, and Marc declared them to be the best cupcakes he had ever eaten. They were pretty fabulous. (I eliminated the cookie dough filling and mini cookie garnishes to save time.)
11. Jill invited us to Landon's big night football game on Tuesday. It was so much fun! I hadn't been to a football game in years, and I always enjoy an outing with Lucas. Also, Jill brought movie theater popcorn and m&ms in bags specially decorated by Whitney.
12. Although I know he was distressed by their defeat, we hoped that he still appreciated all of his fans being there. I love that Landon and Lucas are such good friends.

Another costume workshop is on deck for tomorrow!


Jill said...

This was a fun way to get a life update!! Thanks so much for coming to the game, it meant a lot!

Denise Wood said...

I'm intrigued by this "Costume Workshop" idea. Tell me more! Sheesh--you'd need a workshop full of willing volunteers to costume that show.

And, your kids are looking far too old!

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