Friday, August 10, 2012


Max turned seventeen on June 24th. Seventeen. I still haven't quite recovered from the shock of it.

We had a family party with a very Max menu: fried eggplant slices with soy/honey sauce, sesame-crusted salmon, Nicole's spinach/strawberry salad, fruit, and chocolate peanut butter cake.
The Denneys gave him this cow card, which he obviously loved. He loves cows.
He can never have too much dark chocolate.
A new t-shirt. We had to have a few gifts for him to open, but his main gift was a new iPod touch, which all the grandparents contributed to as well.
He's been wanting to try this soda for awhile, and he is definitely a fan.
The cake did not turn out pretty, but I remembered again that nobody cares except me.
Lucas is never sad when someone chooses chocolate peanut butter cake!
Apparently, Jack wanted to join the party. At least we were finished eating!
Much gaming ensued, Max's favorite.


Jill said...

I'm totally freaked out that he's 17!!! I'm also freaked out that he went from being a super picky eater to a super adventurous eater, what the?!

patsy said...

I really wish we could get Chloe & him together :)
She turns 16 the end of this month & they have so much in common...
What a GREAT kid-
Happy Birthday! said...

It is so hard to accept that my little Max-man is really 17!! Oh. My.

It looks like a grand celebration-good food and a great cake! He looks like a man-child now...oxymoron I suppose.

He's a wonderful young man-handsome, brilliant and talented. 17...*sigh*

Happy Birthday again, dear Max.

Tasha said...

Wow! When we started blogging it seems like we all had little kids and babies, I guess we kind of did. I can't believe he is 17!! That dinner looks AMAZING! You are such a good cook Michelle and I think the cake looks FAB! Kind of modern art. That cucumber soda looks so good, where do you get it?

Looks like a great party! You are a fabulous mom Michelle!

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