Monday, June 25, 2012

Sunday in Honolulu

We got to Honolulu late Saturday night and checked into our condo right off of Waikiki beach.

We didn't have time to buy any groceries, so Bob and Mim took us to breakfast at the Shore Bird.
It was fun to eat right next to the beach.
So many of the restaurants are open-air, and it's delightful to have the ocean breezes wafting in (I greatly appreciated the addition of fans). We enjoyed a breakfast buffet with fresh pineapple and papaya, fish, ham, french toast, fresh guava and pineapple juices, and the most marvelous coconut pound cake.
Eva was pretty freaked out by the presence of birds in the restaurants at first, but she gradually became acclimated to them and even (I think) came to enjoy them. Max was thrilled from the start, as he really loves birds.
Awesome views all around!
Bob & Mim told us they had called for a cab to take us to church. We were shocked when a limo pulled up! They loved surprising us.
We went to the Honolulu tabernacle. It is quite a beautiful complex. It was fast and testimony meeting, and we heard testimonies borne in many different languages. Gospel doctrine is taught in, I think, 4 different languages.
I love this open courtyard in between the different classrooms.
A view from this incredible window onto the grounds.
These giant banyan trees are pretty amazing. I had my kids go and stand by the trunk to show the scale — check out that circumference!
I'm told that the mossy-looking parts that hang down from the branches, if left unchecked, start growing into the ground and forming new trunks. Wild.
The limo returned to take us back to the condo!
Bob & Mim took us to Duke's for dinner. With a live band outside, it was quite the hopping place.
Lucas was happy with his cheese pizza, and Max was thrilled about his fresh fish medley in coconut sauce. I had the same dish, and it was amazingly good.
We don't usually swim on Sundays, but we had to at least step into the surf and wade a little. There's just nothing like the beach.


Jill said...

Bob and Mim are so fun, how did they even think to get a Limo?!

I am aching for a beach vacation!

jenn said...

If breakfast and church can be amazing, I can only imagine what else is coming!

I can't really imagine pulling up to church in a limo. Put that in the CRAZY fun category.

There is nothing like the beach. Amen.

Rebekah said...

Those have got to be the trees and reflecting pool from Elder Hallstrom's talk!

I always loved the open air restaurants there, but not the birds.

I can smell the salt air just looking at these pictures...

patsy said...

I love birds too- LOVE them.

The photos of this trip are so beautiful & clear.
The limo- what amazing grandparents. The ground of the church are breathtaking.
HOw fun to get your feet wet on the beach on a Sunday.
I love the ocean- what a wonderful Sunday.

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