Saturday, April 21, 2012

Easter in pictures

Marc gave me these cool square dishes from Target!

Blasted construction everywhere.
We went to Salt Lake to have dinner at Michelle's.

Eva hadn't been feeling the best and had had quite a whiny, miserable day. Until she got to sit on Grandma's lap and sing her songs. Then her spirits were miraculously improved.

An Easter egg hunt doesn't hurt, either.

 Nicole protested that they were too old for an Easter egg hunt, but Michelle declared that it was on anyway. I love that we have Easter egg hunt photos of these guys together since they were teeny tiny!

We celebrated Nicole's birthday with Italian cream cake. (And I forgot to bring her gift! Duh.)


Jill said...

I'm still getting used to Eva's haircut, it took me by surprise in these pictures!

I remember an Easter Egg Hunt with my cousins when we were about 19 years old and my cousin Michelle was a total spazz running around looking for the eggs because there was money in some of was hilarious! said...

I love the photos of the kids. Where have all those Easters gone...everyone looks too big.

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